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  1. Latest CFS 6 month look ahead from Gav's Weather Vids. November and December look absolutely ghastly and as Gavin P says, shades of 2015! A long way off but this model needs to quickly back away from this scenario over the next few months if you want it cold!
  2. Really not liking the look of these charts for autumn and they seem to be picking up on the same signal. An 11C plus CET year anyone?
  3. I need to book that holiday to Canada for January 2018!! It will be five years next winter since I've witnessed a decent snowfall
  4. I know this is open to debate, but summer weather lasting through September has really not boded well for the following winter if you like it cold, particularly during the last 20 or so years. Again, a bad sign IMHO.
  5. Trouble is, those charts show the positive NAO increasing the closer we get to winter. Obviously, too far out to take seriously, but does not look good from that July update.
  6. Oh, I don't know about that.
  7. Eventually, yes. Hopefully the hot weather will cause the rails to buckle!
  8. Well, that's when the train departed and since then it's gathered pace!
  9. There's just no stopping the above average temperatures this year. It's been like a runaway train!
  10. Late! 17.1c please.
  11. I'm still in with a chance for this month. Thought I had gone too low yet again.
  12. Felt surprisingly muggy today but have had some some showers this evening.
  13. It's been plenty warm enough down here today.
  14. Looking fairly likely at this stage.
  15. El Nino looks to have lost its way for now. Hopefully we won't see a winter similar to last year but wouldn't be surprised if we experience another duffer unfortunately.