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  1. Sorry, have been away and forgot! A very late 16.1C from me please.
  2. Sorry to sound pedantic, but my guess was 14.7C. Thanks
  3. Late again! I will go for 14.7C please.
  4. Familiar story!
  5. Never a right time of the year for warm records to be broken IMO, but I am a coldie at heart!
  6. Not more warm records under threat!
  7. There we have it. 1st month of 2016 to return a colder than 1961-90 average figure.
  8. Oh dear, late! I will go for 12.3C please.
  9. Well, neither of those events delivered anything for me.
  10. I think I will go for a near average 8.3C, please. I have done quite well so far in 2016, but will this continue for April?
  11. Didn't something similar happen in 1998?
  12. Better than 2013/14 but up there with the stinkers of 1988/89, 1989/90 and 1997/98. However, as others have said, the 2nd half was a bit more interesting but delivered diddly squat down here.....
  13. I'll go for 5.7C please. Bang on the 61-90 average, but rather cold compared to the recent average.
  14. That looks like the best update yet (for a coldie) from the Metoffice in three years! Hope it comes off, they have been pretty good this winter IMO.
  15. About time, although after this winter, I'll only believe it when I see (feel) it!