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  1. Well, the latest Metoffice 16-30 day continues to offer some hope later in August for those wanting more hot weather....
  2. Exactly, the weather does not have to 30C+ in summer to be good!
  3. Looks like it will be a while before we can enjoy some more comfortable nights........
  4. Sounds about right ref school holidays. Temperatures this coming week look far more bearable than the second week of August last year!
  5. Yes and hence why it often gets wheeled out in the winter!
  6. That happens a lot these days with predicted temperatures to upgrade during hot spells! Won't be at all surprised if London hits 33C Sunday, in fact I will be more surprised if it doesn't!
  7. This has happened in recent winters too when the op goes mild and against its ensembles, only for them to follow suit later. However, plenty more twists and turns to come and I would say at this stage, a period of warm/summery weather is odds on, albeit (hopefully!) not too hot.
  8. I think a comfortably above average July is now likely and my CET guess of 16.5C in serious trouble already!
  9. I personally don't think it's been a bad summer so far IMBY, although admittedly I'm not a heat lover. However, it's not like we have been in a 2007/2012 type pattern.
  10. Could be far worse for heat seekers with this update!
  11. Hopefully CC, but latest update (worth a read) in the stratospheric thread suggests the possibility of a short E-QBO period with the W-QBO perhaps coming back in time for winter! It's by no means nailed on, but there have clearly been strange things going on with the QBO since 2016!
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