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  1. Hmm, crunch time perhaps for the long range seasonal models?
  2. Hmm, looks like one ensemble has gone off on one there. Lets hope it has not picked up on the correct trend! Although the 'others' do look like they are chasing it! However, all subject to change of course.....
  3. Classic Dad rock album Dire Straits Brothers in Arms very much brings back memories of winter 1985/86!
  4. Classic from Foreigner, January 1985!
  5. Here you go, one from December 2009/January 2010.
  6. Yes and two of the three winters that followed were pants! 17/18 was saved by the February 18 SSW. Those long range seasonal models cannot be ignored and remain bullish.
  7. I would be very happy with that indeed! However the models seem trending the wrong way ATM.
  8. That’s because winter is fast approaching! Have the early promising signs let us down yet again?!
  9. Whilst I do see certain similarities to November 2009, this month so far has been much colder, albeit not exceptional. November 2009 had a CET of 8.7C, but the weather saw a big turnaround come mid-December! However, I think the blocks were building during November that year. As to what happens this year, it's a bit like the current economic climate - uncertain!
  10. It can go mild next week as long as we're plunged into the freezer during winter! Seriously though, it's proving to be a very interesting run up to winter that's for sure!
  11. Something's going to have to give very soon me thinks!
  12. Could November finish around average after all?
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