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  1. I thought so. Last June at 16.0 must have got very close to being the warmest since 1976, if it wasn't for the cool down at the end of the month?
  2. Must be highly likely that this June will be the hottest since 1976 now?
  3. Don

    What beer are you drinking?

    I don't drink. EDIT: If you believe that, you'll believe anything!
  4. Looks like our nice little run of below average months has come to an abrupt end!
  5. Just 0.1C out, although I was hoping for a downward adjustment! However, although we've had colder Marches, I think March 2018 was the most snowy I've personally ever experienced.
  6. Well, I move home on the 13th, so some dry weather would be welcome!
  7. Just in time! April looks somewhat uncertain, but I will go with a CET of 8.5C and 90mm, please.
  8. Looks like my guess of 5.0C for March was slightly high but pretty close! Great to see another colder than average month.
  9. Currently nothing falling here! EDIT As soon as I said that, down it comes lol!
  10. Could this reach north Hampshire?
  11. They've been doing this since midday!
  12. This looks to be a let down. However, not bad considering it's mid March!