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  1. I live in the snow starved south and haven't seen any notable snow IMBY for five years! However, fortunately on December the 10th I didn't have to travel far to find some, plus I saw a little snow on my travels up north this week, so that's something. However, while I think it's probably unlikely the south will see any significant snow this winter, I haven't quite given up hope just yet.
  2. How? Ok, little sign of a prolonged cold spell, but it doesn't look like they're forecasting prolonged periods of mild south westerlies either!
  3. Thanks very much for the reply Ian and Happy New Year to you too. I'm glad you're still confident about the cold spell(s) materializing. A three week spell of bitter easterlies would do me!
  4. True, but wasn't most of Europe very mild in the run up to that epic January 1987 big freeze, whilst Scandinavia was intensively cold? Not that I'm suggesting any such big freeze is on the way!
  5. Hi Ian What are your latest thought on the mid to late January period? Do you still expect a cold spell to occur? Thanks Don
  6. Well, the weather Gods have taken the Michael out of us coldies yet again! Never mind, one day they will be nice to us.........
  7. Late! Very difficult but I will go for 4.2C and 90mm please.
  8. Yes, a definite improvement in both updates today. Although they do not expect any sustained periods of cold weather courtesy of high latitude blocking, there is plenty of interest, especially for those who live in more central and northerly locations. However, as we've seen during December, this has included parts of the south at times, too.
  9. The updates are a bit late today. Perhaps they are having to re-write the forecast as they now expect a big freeze to kick in?!!
  10. They probably wouldn't even notice a cm of snow, let alone talk about it!
  11. I think we all have a good idea as to how the rest of winter is likely to pan out. Never mind, there is always March and April.......
  12. I think the fact of the matter is we are likely to see another mild January.
  13. Not a particularly inspiring update for coldies! Lets hope the outlook changes, otherwise we could be looking at another lacklustre winter.