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  1. Missed the CET competition in September which I think was the first month missed since joining Netweather, 10 years ago! For October, I feel the general above average temperatures will continue and I will go for 11.5C please,
  2. Well, that would be nice but more it's more likely to in January. Mind you, if the latest Met Office contingency forecast comes off, the UK could well be filling up with snow come December!
  3. I've seen worse updates for coldies from the Met Office contingency planners forecast at this time of the year.... Fingers crossed is all I can say!
  4. Let's hope that come January, the UK is filling up nicely!
  5. I think it's a safe bet now that September 2016 will be the warmest since 2006.
  6. Right, just about in time. 17.2C for me please. I feel August could be rather humid and unpleasant.
  7. Sorry, have been away and forgot! A very late 16.1C from me please.
  8. Sorry to sound pedantic, but my guess was 14.7C. Thanks
  9. Late again! I will go for 14.7C please.
  10. Familiar story!
  11. Never a right time of the year for warm records to be broken IMO, but I am a coldie at heart!
  12. Not more warm records under threat!
  13. There we have it. 1st month of 2016 to return a colder than 1961-90 average figure.
  14. Oh dear, late! I will go for 12.3C please.
  15. Well, neither of those events delivered anything for me.