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  1. I was going to go for a warm May but with the models showing a cool period at the end of April, I decided to for a closer to average 11.6C. Should have stuck with my gut instinct.......
  2. After experiencing ten years of above average temperatures, many thought in 2007 it was unlikely that we would see a prolonged colder period again especially after experiencing the exceptional warmth between June 2006 and April 2007. Things then started to change as we moved through 2008 leading into the colder 2009-2013 period, so you never know what's around the corner with our weather. However, as our globe continues to warm, sadly colder periods will become less likely and if it wasn't for the imminent solar minimum, I would say there was a good chance of topping 40C in the UK within the next five years. Still may of course!
  3. There is nothing stopping this long run of warm months!
  4. Oh dear. I do not like the sound of this part of the forecast!
  5. Another warmer than average month in 2017 although not as anomalously warm as February and March. Remarkably dry for many mind.
  6. Whilst the models are showing a cool period ahead, given how they have continuously downgraded any colder spells since November I'm going for a rather conservative 11.6C for May. However, it would be typical that colder spells actually come off during late spring and summer!
  7. Not surprised either. Difficult to get genuine cold spells in recent years, especially from these so called 'Arctic blasts'.......
  8. Good to know that someone is experiencing a below average month!
  9. Those who want a cold winter for 2017/18 do not want to see another very warm and dry September! Anyway, late spring and summer to think about for the time being.
  10. I expect that 'near record cold' will continue to be put back and downgraded.
  11. As expected, the cold spell has been watered down to 'average temperatures'.
  12. It wouldn't surprise me if this spring turns out be one of if not, the warmest on record.
  13. April 5th 1989 and April 6th 2008 are the two snow events for me. 1989 was better because the snow stayed on the ground all day with traces still remaining after 3 days, whereas most of the snow had thawed by early afternoon in 2008. Have never witnessed a snow event in May.
  14. I expect that will probably get watered down closer to the time.