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  1. At least the monthly CET would finish close to my 14.6C guess! However, that would be a great shame, particularly after such a more seasonal first half than we've been used to in recent years.
  2. Autumn thoughts

    Well, I would take a repeat of November 2009 (albeit less wet due to flooding issues that month), if we were to also get a repeat of December 2009 and January 2010 to follow!!
  3. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    Hmm, there's a rather strong trend emerging from these long range model outlooks isn't there. A long winter holiday to Canada might be a good idea for cold lovers this year.........
  4. Yes and unfortunately the GloSea 5 is not on its own with both the latest CFSv2 and EC seasonal models also pointing towards a similar pattern for winter.
  5. Autumn thoughts

    Latest CFS 6 month look ahead from Gavs Weather Vids. Continues to look pretty grim for those who like it cold!
  6. I don't know of any publications but it is explained in Gavs Weather Vids Winter updates.
  7. The Seasonal Forecast Thread

    Yet another update that couldn't look any worse for a cold lover. Have to laugh really!
  8. Congratulations with passing the Advanced Diploma in Accounting Ian and good to see you back. Thanks for the autumn forecast, very detailed as always!
  9. There is a connection between active hurricane seasons and increased chances of northern blocking during the following winters. However, just one piece of a very large jigsaw!
  10. Indeed, look what happened in 1995. Following the warmest August on record, September was unsettled and not particularly warm. Summer then made a return during early October with temperatures well into the mid 20's. October 1995 was one of the direst and warmest on record I believe?
  11. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Oh I hope not! I think I did see somewhere a few months ago that a new cycle sunspot had appeared.
  12. August 2008 was the worst I have ever experienced. I was on holiday in Cornwall that month and the weather was absolutely diabolical! It actually returned a slightly above average CET of 16.2C which I think was a result of mild nights?
  13. Solar and Aurora Activity Chat

    Just in time for autumn and winter!
  14. I'm not complaining and glad I was wrong!
  15. Second month in a row where I have been too high with my CET guess. Would be great if I end up being too high for September as well but probably not! August was the coolest month of the season correlating with a front loaded summer (for the southern half of the UK at least).