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  1. Yes, his name was Tom Presutti. He emigrated to New Zealand I believe.
  2. Well, I would but you did say 'most' to be fair!
  3. That would be down to the warm anomalies in the north east Pacific which have been a semi permanent feature since 2014. North America is the place to be for a cold winter now.
  4. My 17.7C could be in with a shout after all then....
  5. I agree today felt the hottest so far. Another sleepless night ahead.....
  6. Actually I’m looking forward to be able to go out for a walk and not be sweating profusely within a few minutes! A good nights sleep would be nice too. Each to their own but I cannot understand how people can enjoy this weather.
  7. Mother sun, please help our warming planet!
  8. Yes, it's not been so bad in this part of the country!
  9. People flying into Heathrow are going to think they've landed in the wrong country!
  10. Oh I could. My long term plan is to move to Scotland.
  11. An upgrade for heat lovers there. I hope cooler and more changeable conditions do become established towards the end of the month. Would be nice to have a cool September, following a hot August similar to 1995.
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