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  1. Indeed it isn't that unusual. April 1989, late March and early April 2008 gave snow to a fair few places and there are plenty of other examples, too.
  2. The only problem is, March 2013 was exceptional. Still time for crunchy snow in March yes but the chances are pretty slim.
  3. Sadly, this month reminding me of February 1994 didn't last for very long. No repeat this year that's for sure and last weekend's cold snap wasn't a patch on that of mid-February 1994!
  4. No surprises there. Too late for a February revival now!
  5. The closest I can think of is 1995. February had a CET of 6.5C and March 5.6C. OK, not really a cold March as it was only 0.1C below the 1961-90 average but it was still a lot colder than the February it followed. The start of March 1995 was wintry and parts of Central Southern England had a fair bit of snow on the 2nd and the month finished on a wintry note, too.
  6. Excellent. You shouldn't be disappointed!
  7. Going abroad next winter for some 'proper cold'. Fed up with disappointment here.
  8. Yes, it's looking odds on that February will be above average at this stage.
  9. They were not a patch on the mid 1980's. I found the cold winters of 1995/96 and 1996/97 (1st half) very frustrating indeed, seeing little in the way of snow IMBY. The cold winters between 2008 and 2013, however were a different story altogether I'm pleased to say!
  10. Currently light snow here. Heavier to the east.
  11. Had some snow at home early this afternoon but it didn't settle. So, I decided to take a drive up to the North Downs and took some photos near Caterham. Not a bad covering and kind of got my snow fix!
  12. Nowt here this morning . Currently grey and damp with drizzle/snizzle.
  13. Had a few flurries of snow this afternoon, but didn't settle. That's probably my lot for this winter now!