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  1. Discobarry if possible. It's just easier to sign in with Facebook password as i remember that one.
  2. Same here, brief sleet and wet snow shower. Hopefully more later.
  3. Hello mods. I was wondering if you could link my discobarry account with the Facebook ac I'm signing in with as I always forget my DB account and I want all my warning points back. thanks, Aaron.
  4. Sleet and very wet snow in heavier bursts, otherwise just rain at the moment. We are at around 260m. Very blustery.
  5. I'm pleased to of had nearly two weeks of laying snow, anything else will be a bonus now. :)

    1. Fozfoster


      Yep been lucky in warwick too and maybe more tonight

    2. lindy2017


      well and truly snowed in now after last night...

  6. Thats way more than 3/4ft, his 4x4 will be over 5ft!
  7. ....North Yorkshire, AMAZING!
  8. I wouldn't personally care if Scotland became independent, we can still go there and the Scottish could still come to England. I don't see what the Scottish see as a benefit of leaving the Union and the Salmond bloke is a proper creep.
  9. The contrast is amazing! sunny and 10degrees in northern england, a couple of hundred miles north there are 30cms of snow! and more!
  10. Snow in West Yorkshire this morning, Very heavy for a time!

  11. I guess my thread got deleted then? why???

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Paul


      I can't find any evidence of your topic being deleted or created DB. Maybe an error somewhere caused an issue, so best bet is to repost.

    3. disco-barry


      Ah so somebody else saw it....

    4. Paul


      No not at all, if it had been deleted it would be in the trash, its not.

  12. -5 maximum today! -7 now, brrr.

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