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  1. Decent amount of snow coming down here - the final curtain 😭
  2. Pretty decent stuff falling right now and that’s before the gift from Coatbridge arrives!
  3. I should catch that as it moves westwards! Fingers crossed anyway haha
  4. Oh yes here it comes! Looks about an hours worth coming in the next 10/15 mins hopefully and it looks like it could be fair dump too! Pray to blobby and blobby will duly deliver
  5. Live footage of the blob giving a pasting to the central belt right now FullSizeRender.mov
  6. The same bloody colour as the radar!! I knew it. It’s been staring us in the face and we never knew until now. To be fair I think Mr Blobby doing the forecast would make more sense than most of them
  7. Classic example of perpetual blob precipitation enhancement.
  8. Is it just me or is there a much more organised band forming due west to Glasgow and beyond towards midnight?
  9. I’m looking the look of these blobs making their way through to my neck of the woods. Praise be to Mr Blobby, the and only.
  10. All these juicy blobs and they are just edging past us here at the moment. Hopefully we can get back on the blob for the rest of the day. Wait - that doesn’t sound right??........
  11. I don’t even remember but it was a lot! Just check these icicles out too. Pretty sure the night king used one of those to kill a dragon 😅
  12. I like our use of the word “blob” here - can we vote to use this in a technical context moving forward? “Lots of blobby blobs expected to move in westwards overnight with a potential for more sustained blobs as the blobbiness intensifies.”
  13. Was looking at that there - looks like it’s forming into a more organised band as it moves West. This could end up being close to 2018 if things progress at it looks as they may over the next 12-24 hours!
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