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  1. Make sure you get your money’s worth too - that’s your copyright!!
  2. Some fairly heavy snow here now. Even I’m beginning to want a bit of a thaw now
  3. People that do it are saints, I’ve got no patience at all, I’d tell them to [email protected]@k off
  4. Also I don’t get what they are bothered about? There is UHT milk in the other aisles and you can get other things instead of bread such as part baked rolls, toast pockets etc it’s just about being creative. It’s amazing, there was no milk in the local Morrison’s, yet the UHT milk hadn’t been touched. I was delighted at the snobbery
  5. Looks like it’s moving northwest but also looks like it’s becoming more organised as it moves up. Maybe some Prozac will help before providing your husband with the forecast?
  6. For those on the west and central belt, this band moving north is beginning to look interesting. Looks like it’s picking up strength as it moves north.
  7. Nothing worse than getting caught with camelsnow
  8. To be fair I think I did my fair share of spamming you at one point
  9. You never know I might be tempted back into a return. Maybe Can’t believe I’ve been a member on here since 2006 though!
  10. Actually looks like the band might be picking up some intensity again - some convection going on perhaps?
  11. I’m not sure if much is going to come of this front moving from the south. Looks like it may be losing intensity as it moves up.
  12. Just need some to come across south of Glasgow
  13. Looks like there is plenty more to come as well!
  14. Edinburgh looks like it is getting a bit of a pasting right now. Anyone there that can confirm?
  15. Noticed this too. Let’s see what comes of it