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  1. Yup, as great as this has been it is so frustrating seeing so many showers going North and South!
  2. Yeah you're right - I'm just hoping the MO have it right this time for this afternoon but as it stands areas like Fife are the ones taking a pounding. Great pics from those areas!
  3. I would have agreed wholeheartedly with that about 5 minutes ago but snow getting a bit heavier here now hopefully an indication of things to come but I'm inclined to think the Glasgow area will miss the worst of it.
  4. Yeah, I'm just down the road at the top end of Cambuslang and it's just a slushy dusting for now. Fingers crossed for an improvement later! Great to see how well others are doing but also frustrating to be so close to the proper action and yet just missing out!
  5. I think that sentence refers to the warning in place for parts of England and Wales, not Scotland
  6. I walked the dog about half 5 when there was just a little bit of snow on the grass and cars but by the time I left for work at half 6 there was a blizzard and a few cms of snow already - it's the fastest I've seen it fall in years in the Glasgow area! The roads were treacherous too and no sign any gritters had been out despite the snow and ice warnings
  7. I really hope your wander involved driving about the countryside on your motorbike a la The Snowman
  8. Given the downgrade overnight in the forecasts I didn't expect anything! Been snowing here since around half 6.
  9. There is also a Met Office weather warning out for snow tomorrow: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings/#?tab=map&map=Warnings&zoom=5&lon=-3.50&lat=55.50&fcTime=1388793600 That seemed to come out of nowhere! Great deal of uncertainty around it though.
  10. I've been on this forum for years - ever since the "Slow Watch" days for those who remember that - but very, very rarely post as I don't have a clue when it comes to reading charts and just like to see what the snow chances are! Since the Scottish thread was created, I've basically just ignored the model thread as this thread is so friendly with extremely informative posters, such as Lornezo, LSS and CMD. I must say however that at times there is an anti-English sentiment running through some of the posts and I completely agree with BMW and Lorenzo. I'm not saying that people mean for it to
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