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  1. Hurricane Ophelia

    Very strong gusts here now funnelling through the valley. Into the high 50s at a guess
  2. A lovely red sun here, Saharan dust?
  3. Everything’s got a yellow tinge this morning. Eerie skies
  4. Hurricane Ophelia

    Absolutely fascinating seeing such a well defined hurricane so near. Part of me wants it to track a bit further east to experience it, but I know it could potentially cause quite a bit of damage.
  5. Frost watch season 17/18

    Down to 2.1°c this morning, first ground frost of the season. Car needed a bit of defrosting!
  6. First ground frost of the season, down to 2.1°C. Car needed a bit of defrosting!
  7. Couple of flashes of lightning just now!
  8. Flash of lightning and some rumbles here in Saddleworth just now.
  9. Hoping for a thunderstorm tomorrow, hopefully they won't miss us this time.
  10. That and they are 600m+ above sea level
  11. Nearly at the end of this bit of precip, so will stay up until it finishes, I'm expecting any after this will turn sleety.
  12. 0.0°C and still hammering it down, up to about an inch now edit: oh wow!! 50p sized flakes, the heaviest I've seen for a while
  13. Hammering it down, 1cm so far.
  14. Wow it never ceases to surprise me how fast it can go from soaking wet to white!
  15. That was a fast drop in temp 1.1°C now and heavy snow starting to stick!