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  1. James M

    Ladybird invasion.

    Haha! No they aren’t carrying stds (not any that would affect us). It might stem from the fact that some carry a fungal disease that affects other ladybirds. Suffice to say I’ve seen a lot of bull in the media today about them. They are harmless to humans and can only give a slight nip sometimes if you pick them up. Now they’re not particularly great for our native species, but that’s another matter.
  2. Yep I’m hoping there will be enough to sleep into the peat somewhat.
  3. Most of the showers and thunderstorms have completely missed us today. The fires on the moors have even started smoking again because of the wind.
  4. Heavy shower just gone through, short lived and no thunder.
  5. Sweet blessed rain! I’ll never take you for granted again
  6. Yep a bit frustrating watching that lot to the west and south. Tomorrow looks like a decent chance for some heavy showers though, fingers crossed!
  7. Ahh it’s expanding, excellent. Granted it’s going to take a lot more rain to dampen things down properly, but it’s a start!
  8. We’re having a moderate shower! Yipee! Struggling to just reach the burn area though, come on just a little bit further!
  9. Horrendous round here. Can’t thank the emergency services, locals, peak park, uu, rspb and everyone who’s been up there all day enough. Early start tomorrow, I’ll be on site keeping the way clear at Dovestones for emergency services and trying to stop the bbqs (yes there are still people trying to bring bbqs) Fingers crossed it can be got under control tomorrow.
  10. Yep, I was worrying about fires starting up again after all this dry weather. Apparently this one started yesterday and was put out, but the peat has been smouldering and reignited today. Once it’s gets in the peat it’s very tricky, it’s going to take a while to tackle
  11. Anyone got access to good quality satellite images? We have a big moorland fire here today and you can just see the smoke on sat24, wondered if you can make it out clearer. Would be interesting to see.
  12. It's slowly edging this way but it looks like the most intense energy is staying put! pffft!
  13. Cell over Manchester is struggling to get going and looks to be decaying atm. Wish I was under that one north of Clitheroe!
  14. One storm very close, can hear distant thunder. No luck here at the mo.
  15. Looking at the latest metoffice video forecast, some heavy thundery showers might move into the region tomorrow. Though looking at charts and the metoffice own precip charts, they don’t agree hmmm.