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  1. One thing I’ve been thinking about this week. It’s amazing how we managed to reached 37°C back in July after just a couple of days of heat. When you think back to 2003 there was quite a build up to reach the record, now it doesn’t seem like much effort to reach these temperature. I definitely think we’ll see 40°C in my lifetime.
  2. Been mostly cloudy here for days. Just need some sun for mental health and to be able to do my butterfly surveys!
  3. Glad some of you are getting storms! It’s been frustrating for us in Saddleworth see the showers develops just a few miles further on, it’s mostly been dry this week here.
  4. Looks like we won’t get any thunderstorms again here. Pennines ripping them to shreds.
  5. While others have had a very wet day today, we’ve been dry and cloudy. We’re desperate for rain now, if only to prevent fires. Got my fingers crossed some of the rain reaches us!
  6. So glad the rain ended up further north. We need all the rain we can get here.
  7. Glad of these showers tbh. Despite the rain of last month it has dried up very quickly and we are into fire risk season.
  8. Settling snow level must be near 300m. Very heavy sleet here and howling wind.
  9. Well to be positive at least some of us are now seeing falling snow actually inside of winter haha. Didn’t think it would happen this year
  10. Some nice flakes in the last shower and starting to stick with a slight dusting here at 180m.
  11. A couple of showers of heavy sleet that has left some slush on the cars.
  12. Not very successful so far. A few short heavy graupel/sleety showers which had left a little dusting here and there but not seen anything in the way of proper snow yet. Still the hills are white which is one of the few times I’ve seen that this winter!
  13. Woke up to check how it’s going, pretty disappointing so far. Just windy and not even a dusting.
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