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  1. It's slowly edging this way but it looks like the most intense energy is staying put! pffft!
  2. Cell over Manchester is struggling to get going and looks to be decaying atm. Wish I was under that one north of Clitheroe!
  3. One storm very close, can hear distant thunder. No luck here at the mo.
  4. Looking at the latest metoffice video forecast, some heavy thundery showers might move into the region tomorrow. Though looking at charts and the metoffice own precip charts, they don’t agree hmmm.
  5. Showers and thunderstorms have come now where near here today so far, it’s been glorious and 24°C
  6. Heavy showers moving through and leaving a covering, down to -1.8°C. Looks like a good streamer is heading this way soon!
  7. Coming down heavy now and starting to stick!
  8. Don’t give up already! The showers haven’t even got here yet! This band was forecast to struggle to get over the Pennines.
  9. Starting to turn to wet snow and sleet here now, but really struggling to make it over the Pennines! Currently 0.9°C
  10. Ooh just inside the Amber warning here. Going to be pot luck who gets direct hit by the streamers! Exciting times.
  11. Quite astonishing having two cold easterlies in within a couple of weeks of each other and in March! Like buses....
  12. Going to be out planting trees in Heyden Valley near Holme Moss tomorrow, hopefully there’s some nice drifts left. #goodbyesnow
  13. A few tiny flakes falling in the wind.
  14. James M

    North west regional discussion

    Ah back to “marginal” and “hill snow”. Goodbye snow, see you next time!
  15. James M

    North west regional discussion

    Anyone in Manchester getting any light snow? If you run the animation and look carefully you can see through that bit of annoying anaprop.