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  1. Light snow with some thunder and lightning!
  2. Well it’s 1.9°C here, so we’ll need some evaporative cooling!
  3. Very wet and sleety, even in the heavy showers, not going to see any more lying snow now I don’t think.
  4. Radar starting to pick up now. Snows wet now but still nice fluffy flakes.
  5. Just had a driving lesson in the snow, very interesting! Roads getting covered quite quickly and hills are nice and white
  6. If we get some good heavy showers, you might be on with a chance, re evaporative cooling. Just got to hope the temp doesn’t rise too much during the day.
  7. Ah the best kind of snow! Proper flakes and no wind! Looks like postcard scene
  8. Proper big fluffy flakes and settling on everything! Lovely! I would say it looks drier than what we had on Tuesday/Wednesday!
  9. Chill out dude! You had a bit to drink? It was off topic anyway lol!
  10. Uppers have been downgraded slightly on the 18z unfortunately. I’m just expecting a wimpier version of Tuesday, so will have to go up on the hills if I want to see any lying snow. Time to look towards the next spell I think, though we might be waiting a while!
  11. Yeah quiet until the early hours now, maybe if we’re lucky we can get a few breaks in the clouds to drop the temperature.
  12. Heavy sleet in that last shower, radar doesn’t look the best though.
  13. It’s trying to stick! Nearly at the edge of the precip though now.
  14. Temperature has been steadily dropping, now 1.1C with big wet flakes!
  15. Have about an inch and a half, but temperatures rising, definitely looking a bit slushy now.