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  1. In Reddish atm so don’t know the speeds, but the wind is loud enough to wake me up. Rattling through the house.
  2. Rain shadow effect for some of us.
  3. Thought there might be seeing as it’s 2.3°C and heavy rain here at 175m
  4. Someone’s going to get lucky under that streamer!
  5. Currently in Reddish at about 80m asl. Some flurries coming down, giving a little dusting.
  6. Well we didn’t get very low last night, down to -2.8°C this morning. But we’ve managed an ice day, just. A max of -0.3°C, temperature tumbling down now.
  7. I wouldn’t get too excited yet. They’re still unsure how far north it go so just covering a wide area.
  8. A nice covering this morning and coming down nicely. Just hope the showers can continue for a bit longer!
  9. Still coming down nicely, around 3cm so far on the grass. Roads are fine though if slushy, through Uppermill.
  10. Yep dropping steadilyz starting to stick at 175m in Greenfield. Proper belting it down.
  11. Yeah that’s probably the colder air coming in. Just trying to stick to the grass now.
  12. Heavy wet snow but not sticking. Hopefully will be soon though as an hour ago it was 1.6°C and now it has steadily dropped to 0.9°C.
  13. If there’s going to be a decent break in precipitation before the front tomorrow, hopefully we’ll get some decent clear skies to drop that temp.
  14. This shower currently hitting us is a beaut.
  15. Ahh heavy, thick fluffy stuff! Covering to all surfaces!