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  1. Can confirm here in Tilgate (south side of Crawley) there is some light snow floating about!
  2. FYI - here at Gatwick we've got about 3cm of snow on the ground!! Kidding! We have drizzle...awesome ;o)
  3. heavier now here at Gatwick - some horizontal movement going on!
  4. based on looking at the lamppost light from my Office, appears to be snowing here in Crawley
  5. It's 3 miles from my office to home! However if we get deep snow next week then hell yeah I'll walk it!
  6. I'm here! Work in Crawley, live in Tilgate - cycling home around 6pm tonight so should be fun!
  7. No, not the same model suite - the one yesterday was using the EC long term outlook - so essentially covering Jan and Feb - these as Ian F alluded to showed HLB again. What Matt tweeted was about the NAO from that model which showed to be negative for Dec/Jan. Todays tweet is from the EC Ens. Hope that helps
  8. Interesting stuff Steve and thanks for your explanation as to your "mood" yesterday! Question I have, and this is to anyone really, is why has it all gone Pete Tong? Why are we not on the brink of a decent cold spell? If it's been answered elsewhere then forgive me :o)
  9. Lucky for you I don't! Anyway moving on, let's hope the Op today picks one of the -10 runs for the 12z!
  10. Oh right! For some reason I read it the other way haha! Cheers for clearing up
  11. GP's comment in question: The last para from current UKMET guidance: "However, there will probably also be some milder, unsettled interludes too, and as we head into the New Year this may become more of a feature in our weather". I would be selling this position right now. ---- Based on GP's above comment I think he meant to say "wouldn't" instead of "would" otherwise that would make it sound like he agrees with the Met guidance?
  12. So you mean he should only post stuff that is going to happen in the next days? He's not saying it's going to happen, it's a possibility just like every other long range chart/means that gets posted on twitter (Cohen,Ventrice etc) it's no different. I say thanks to Matt for his thoughts!