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  1. Yeah Gav has done a little explanation on the new ECM Seasonal: https://www.gavsweathervids.com/flash.html
  2. That's similar to what the ECM Seasonal is showing for the winter months, lots of northerly blocking!
  3. So the ECM Seasonal is out for the Winter months (apologies if it is being talked about elsewhere, I couldn't find anything) and I wonder if what it's showing is linked to the Solar minima? Constant Northerly Blocking! I guess if that's what it shows every year then we can discount it completely! https://www.gavsweathervids.com/flash.html
  4. As Steve says, looks to be in transistion, so starting off eQBO then during Jan(?) turns wQBO
  5. A few drops of rain here in Crawley/Gatwick, that'll probably all we'll get here!
  6. It's actually raining! I've forgotten what it looks like! haha! A shower developed right over Crawley in the last half hour and gradually heading north.
  7. Yes it does, that's what (IIRC) what caused us to have the record temps and heat (and in France) in 2003.
  8. Chucking it down here in Crawley, looking very grey and murky!
  9. There does appear to be some activity in the channel now
  10. Apparently it's snowing in Rouen in Northern France, so cold air wrapped up down there. I wonder if that will head north to cover our region with any wintriness?
  11. Sleety here in Crawley/Gatwick
  12. Damn it! Just outside, probably be looking to my north and getting extremely jealous! haha!
  13. A lovely snowy scene here in Crawley, been pretty heavy for a good half an hour with light snow for an hour before that. Not sure how long it's due to last but a nice way for this cold spell to end!
  14. Some proper light snow here in Crawley/Gatwick now.