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  1. Another dry warm sunny day here. Not as hot as the past few days. No rain in the forecast for here until at least Tuesday/Wednesday, looking like a pleasant weekend too. Enjoy
  2. Quite often see charts along those lines posted in winter relating to snow cover and snow depths. Has been remarkably dry here for weeks now, with no real frontal rainfall on the way for at least another 6 days.
  3. As is often the case with a N/NE wind direction, very little in the way of rain here up to now. Dry dull and cloudy in the main.
  4. Hail and snow showers here on and off for the last hour. Hadn't expected even a shower out of this so a bit of a surprise. Must be more of a n/nw rather than the usual straight northerly.
  5. Rain has arrived here. What a difference 24hrs makes.
  6. It's a nailed on cert that the heavy rain forecast for tomorrow will arrive just the way it seems to happen for us. Its quite bright at the moment will get another walk in for sure this afternoon before the mild muck gets here.
  7. Time to dust off the deckchairs . Our boiler has already decided its had enough, second day running I've had to defrost the thing, and it's one of those new fangled condensing boilers, the ones that never freeze up. Going to move the outlet pipe as its exposed to the E wind, that's where the problem is.
  8. Same. We actually have the lightest of light snow falling here.
  9. A vapour trail, can't remember the last time I saw one of those
  10. For decent frontal snow here we need it to be realy coming in straight from the Irish sea ideally placed straight up and down the coast in a n/s line and as long as the cold pool in situ is cold enough .... bingo. That's what happened in 1996. You're right, anything from the sw is a non starter here. Fizzles out before it gets here or splits ending up going up the coast heading towards the s lakes.
  11. Another impressive build up of snow overnight here. Can't wait for the weekend
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