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  1. Complete flip here. Rain almost all day yesterday and its raining again today. Garden is green again and the lawn is back to its winter state of being under water.
  2. looking at the current radar images its groundhog day x 3 here
  3. Another dry day here yesterday. All the storms passed to the N S E and W of here ?
  4. Still not much rain at all here. Will be out watering the pots again tonight. May catch a shower on saturday by the looks of it, but standard fayre for here up to now from an easterly flow.
  5. Some rain here overnight, but nothing significant which is what is needed at the moment. Looks like a slight chance of a shower over the next day or 2 before a greater chance of some rain friday night into saturday before it seems to dry up again. Forecast Looked at the rainfall radar from last night and the shadow effect was really in play for this part of the NW.
  6. Yes agreed. Any kind of E in the wind direction for us here and you can more or less forget about rain. Even in the cooler spells we managed some sun to take any chill off the temps. Just like Damian said above, at the moment there doesnt seem to be any half way house, its either bone dry or your left wondering when the rain is going to stop ...... nothing in between.
  7. Interesting reading the above .... since the start of the covid lockdown (end march) its been notably dry here in this part of the NW. Little or no frontal rainfall, we had a thunderstorm late March i seem to remember but as for prolonged rainfall nothing of any note since the floods in Feb. Looking at the forecast for the next 7 days there's no rain on the horizon either. Reservoirs - well below normal levels
  8. Wet, mild, windy and miserable sums it up for me. Did not see 1 flake of falling snow here. Admittedly we never get much lying snow here, but to not see any at all is a bit rare.
  9. Agree 100%. They've systematically ruined the W/NW side of Preston. No proper infrastructure being provided, schools, doctors, community areas ..... roads as they were before the houses etc etc. And as you say there will be problems when we get rainfall like yesterday. Just to add to what i was saying before i've found the river data : River level information for River Ribble at Samlesbury - GOV.UK FLOOD-WARNING-INFORMATION.SERVICE.GOV.UK Check your risk of flooding: get current flood warnings, river and sea levels, check the 5-day forecast or use flood risk maps
  10. https://www.blogpreston.co.uk/2020/02/roads-closed-fields-flooded-and-a-cancelled-concert-storm-ciara-takes-its-toll-on-preston/ For sustained river levels yes 2015 was worse, but the speed and severity of the rise in the river level this was much worse. I've not seen the road down to samelsbury closed before by the police due to flooding, let alone both slip roads onto and off the M6 at jn31. I think it was more the speed which the river rose that caught alot of people out ..... there was water in places i've never seen water before. Now that could have alot to do with all the new houses being built as well and a lack of proper drainage but thats another story entirely.
  11. Quite a storm today really. We are still seeing the effects here at the moment. River Ribble has reached its highest ever recorded level at 17.30 of 6.42 meters at the Samelsbury gauge. M6 has been closed on and off all afternoon, Preston station remains shut and fhe main rd from Preston to Blackburn is closed as the bridge crosses that crosses the river is deemed unsafe. Numerous properties and businesses are flooded - I've never seen anything like it in my lifetime.
  12. Wouldn't be surprised to see it intensify again as it moves out over Morecambe Bay. Theres a few cells N/NW of Barrow at the moment. Nothing here other than light rain a few rumbles. The storm to my East just died and pretty quickly too.
  13. I'm just N of Carnforth and its thundering here .... no rain yet although its not far away looking at the sky.
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