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  1. Wouldn't be surprised to see it intensify again as it moves out over Morecambe Bay. Theres a few cells N/NW of Barrow at the moment. Nothing here other than light rain a few rumbles. The storm to my East just died and pretty quickly too.
  2. I'm just N of Carnforth and its thundering here .... no rain yet although its not far away looking at the sky.
  3. .... And you are further inland than we are here we seem to be in our own little micro climate as far as snow is concerned in this part of the country ..... thats why I hate it when the media in general use terms like widespread and countrywide. I mean its even snowing in Newquay ......
  4. We were on the very northerly edge of the ppn from tuesday night. Left a cm here and there - some of which is still around this morning. There's hardly any snow at all north of Preston, but all the hills to the east of the M6 are snow covered and the lakeland fells all look well covered. We've had more snow over the past 7 days here from showers that we got over the whole of last winter - admittedly not alot by some folks standards but for here up to now its been a snowy winter
  5. No idea why thats there ..... If that euro 4 is to be believed its game over for those of us north of the m58.
  6. That counts as a major snow event for this part of Lancashire
  7. I feared that .... but the fax chart doesn't really tie in with the forecasts - for here at least Its a case of wait and see.
  8. Seems strange as the wind direction for here changes to WSW then SW after midnight.
  9. It is .... but they need to set up in the right pllace for us .... the optimist in me says we'll get the showers .... the realist looking at the wind direction says we need more of a NW not the SW thats forecast into tomorrow.
  10. I fear that after the will it wont it snow of today those of us further north in the region may also miss out on the fun overnight as well. Those ppn charts and the latest met office forecast do not bode well for those further north. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcw1fe28j#?date=2019-01-29 https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcw1fe28j#?date=2019-01-30
  11. An improvement on rainy sleet .... we have niether here. I like to keep it simple .... its raining
  12. Unless of course if you live between preston and lancaster
  13. Showers already starting to move into Scotland and N Ireland. Mostly snow looking at the radar as well.
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