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  1. I'm clutching at straws....I'm moving in a few weeks, I'll no longer be living on top of the Mendips (currently in rental house at 870ft asl) I'm going to have to get used to being almost at sea level, a mere 100ft asl. To add insult to injury, the Mendips rise to almost their highest point just 1 mile from my new home. I'll be able to see the snow on the hills whilst I pray for it to fall on lower levels too. Hoping there's at least some truth in old weather lore.
  2. Greetings all from the top of the Mendips, was sunny for a bit today but clouded over again now. All the hawthorn around here is covered with so much blossom it looks like it snowed. Earlier in the year the blackthorn was just the same. If weather lore is anything to go by, we're in for a hell of a winter Is it the same where you all are?
  3. Morning everyone, long time, no speak.... It's been relentlessly frosty around these parts but yesterday surpassed even that. Thought you might be interested to hear it snowed in the Mendips yesterday afternoon, not just a few flakes floating around but proper, laying snow in Priddy. Bonkers. Cold end to April as snow falls on the hills around Wells WELLS.NUB.NEWS It has been a cold end of April and snow has fallen on the hills around Wells today (April 30).
  4. I fear you may be right. For me though it's not based on a feeling or a hunch, it's based on sods law and an element of trepidation. I moved into this house nearly 21 years ago, April 4th 2000 - there was a foot of snow that had fallen overnight, getting removal lorries around the lanes in the Mendips was a bleeding nightmare. I'm set to move again, sometime in early March, this time heading even higher up to the Mendip plateau 260m asl. Sods law dictates there's a high chance we'll face the same nightmare. I'll be praying for warm, dry weather. Once I've moved, happy to be snowed in.
  5. Ditto. Just looked in the Ireland thread.....big mistake! Just think what could have been if it hadn't gone north. Harrumph.
  6. I can confirm, we have reached the dizzying heights of cornflake sized flakes now. Just looked at the radar, looks like it won't last long. Can you tell that I'm hungry.....just baked crystalized ginger cookies, wait for them to cool? Fat chance.
  7. Snowflakes now the size of rice krispies. Can they make it to the size cornflakes?
  8. Afternoon all, snowing steadily here on the Mendips, only trouble is the flakes are the size of breadcrumbs. If it keeps this up, might have a covering by Easter.
  9. Evening all, just watched Fergie's forecast, his advice is take everything with a pinch of salt for the foreseeable. Might get milder at the weekend, might not, might snow, might not, currently no clear way forward. Personally, I'd be surprised if the cold caves into the milder weather from the SW without putting up a bit of a fight. Deep cold is usually quite difficult to shift unless there's a large push from the Atlantic and what's currently seen as incoming from that direction isn't a big, strong low pressure system.
  10. Wish the onshore wind would pick up a notch or two from the SW, blow that big blob up over us all. All that snow sitting off the coast of Cornwall just going to waste. Wonder if any snow starved Cornish men think 'sod it' and set sail when they see radar pics like that, reckon they'd get quite a covering on their boat if they did. There's a fair chance I'd be off in a pedalo if I saw it.
  11. Morning all, it's been snowing here on and off all morning, what managed to get below the fence line before being blown who knows where has settled well. Accumulation so far after hours of teeny flakes....2mm. Looked at the radar, seems to be promising more but reality on the ground here is if it wasn't so cold it would be a drizzly day. Easterly's are always a bit of a let down here, the cold promises so much but reality is not a lot makes it all the way across from the North Sea and unless we get lucky with a rare channel low that doesn't bugger off to France, we're stuck in cold no mans land. It's been about what I was expecting from this week.
  12. You've got to be a hardy soul up here that's for sure. And I'm moving higher up the hills to Priddy, got to throw in huge amounts of Mendip murk up there, low lying cloud that shrouds the hill tops. Quite a heavy graupel shower here at the mo.
  13. Morning all, there's the odd fluffy white bit floating around in the wind here; biting wind though, making it feel bitterly cold. I have never been more grateful for lockdown and not currently working outside gardening, it's blinking freezing. Working at home hoping for snow, whilst being snug and warm is so much nicer. Judgement on whether or not we'll all get lucky snow wise this week? I've consulted the oracle and he says odds are favourable for a bit of snow, but odds on a dumping....long shot.
  14. Morning all, nowt exciting happening here, unless you count my snowdrops in full bloom which I find exciting, they're my favourite flowers. It's grey, damp and a bit breezy, doesn't even feel cold. I know the mad thread is ecstatic when an easterly sets in but personally speaking, they don't do a lot for me. Over here in the west we just end up grey, cold with a smidgeon of snow if we're lucky, very very rarely does it result in copious snow here. Those historic battleground events are more elusive than beasts from the east, more myth and legend than expected weather. Will this time be any different?
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