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  1. Thanks. Pics still not great but have added in an angle poise lamp with a daylight bulb, better than they were.
  2. I live in the soggy south west, we webbed footed folk need to stick together.
  3. Thanks, getting ready for the Christmas Fare season. My version of impending Armageddon…… we had two field fares in the garden today. Not a common sight at all, last seen here in 2010. Just saying
  4. What a glorious weekend it's been, not that I've been out in it much, far too busy sewing at this time of year. The forecast next weekend....that'll be a bit of a shock, doubt we'll see anything wintry down here but it'll be a lot colder than of late and it has inspired me to make a snow queen this weekend, so not all bad.
  5. My idea of heaven. I'll be less impressed if we get stuck in a very soggy rut for weeks on end.
  6. Morning all, given that one of the known impacts of a quiet sun upon our weather is to encourage long periods of one type of weather, whether it be hot/cold/wet/dry, couldn't it be argued that we're already seeing some impact from the current quieter than usual solar cycle? Let's face it, the summer we had and the current autumn isn't our usual mediocre weather.
  7. Morning all, it's a beautiful morning here, a bit of a nip in the air but dry and sunny.
  8. I know what I'd really like to see this winter, thick, thick hoare frost. It seems to be rarer than snow but it looks so pretty without the disruption that snow causes.
  9. I absolutely love the stuff too, but to be honest, other than a December sprinkling/inch or two to add to the seasonal feel, it can jolly well stay away until Xmas Eve. Then and only then can it fall deep and crisp and even. It can do what it likes in January.
  10. It was a bit grim, good old Mendip murk. Look on the bright side, we wouldn't have moss and fern covered walls without it.
  11. Right all you lovely people, despite personally not being ready to accept summer is over, let alone admit to it being autumn, it's apparently time to plan for winter. There's no time to waste so go out and stock up on shovels, rock salt, bulk buy bread, dried milk and lots of Gin, winter is coming and it's coming the week after next. We're going to be up to our necks in snow from then until Easter, Armageddon IS coming. Don't forget, you heard it here first ….. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/news/somerset-news/severe-snowfall-end-october-somerset-2112807?fbclid=IwAR0G3P_RDsHHhI_kNopgqPwXQ3v5V-qli49gbF8rXKNHCm4yiWFc7kttqLU
  12. I see, thanks for making sense of it for me - I'm guilty of skim reading stuff (appalling habit) so I often only take in/remember bits of stuff. Still foggy here, don't know how widespread it is but I suspect as soon as I drop down off the Mendips it will be clear. Downside of living on top of a big hill, it's quite often foggy but it's really just a low cloud base. Very mild again.
  13. Isn't his theory based upon the speed of the spread of snow cover. not just the extent? Or have I got that completely wrong?
  14. It's very foggy here, surprised to see it when I left college, slow drive home. Properly autumnal.
  15. Can I go back to bed please? This really isn't a day worth getting up for, dark, dank, cool here. I know we've got to have rain, I know autumn is a season with lots of beauty but when it's like this I long for cold, clear, crisp winter days or bright, hot, summer ones. Just yuk!!