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  1. Pea soup here. There's sheep in the field at the end of my garden, can't see them, just hear them - quite eerie, ghostly baa's.
  2. Hi Khodds, fair to middling, ta. You? Silly season is approaching :-) I do so hope we'll have reason to be excited this year, the muck we've had to endure today can clear off again, let the North wind blow.... I'll message you about the snowflakes.
  3. Greetings Knocker, I'm not so easily deterred.... Determined not to be thwarted by the possible lack of cold this coming winter, I've prepared for a snowless winter. My garden will be full of icy snowflakes this Christmas, I've made them out of fused glass.....
  4. Afternoon all, is it too early to come out of hibernation and start patiently waiting for scenes like this?
  5. Blimey what a wild night! Haven't investigated the end of the garden yet but the trees appear to all still be there, can't say the same for the fence though, lost some more of that. Looking at the flashing lights on the digital clock it looks like the power went off at some point, thankfully all back on now. Now dry and breezy.
  6. Cool and cloudy here too but doesn't feel as cold as yesterday. Regardless of weather, it's the weekend
  7. Oh what joy, I can hardly contain my glee - hopefully I'm far enough south to get the high pressure instead. Thank you for being kind but I am a genuine thicko when it comes to this model malarkey, it's all just blobs and squiggles.
  8. Thicko question.......does this mean we can look forward to wet weather again?
  9. Bloody freezing here too. The fog cleared to reveal a thick blanket of cloud, what a contrast to yesterday! Spent most of the day sat on the tractor, so cold I resorted to hat and gloves and yet yesterday it was just a t shirt time. The joys of a variable spring eh.
  10. Morning all, the day started well with frost, sunshine and few clouds, certainly had me fooled that we were in for another glorious day like yesterday. Sadly not to be, fog has rolled in and it's now like looking out the window at a November morning. Deep joy!
  11. And I'm the exact opposite, cold, biting winds with frost spell disaster for Magnolias If you're still around Fergie...when you say temps a bit below average, any idea just how much below?
  12. After such a promising start it turned into a dull day, clouded over about lunchtime and it's been total cloud ever since; really rather chilly without the sunshine.
  13. Morning all, another lovely sunny morning here. A sharp frost to start but that's already cleared, blue sky with only a little haziness and the nippy wind of yesterday has gone so should feel warmer today. Another beautiful spring day coming up
  14. Thank you. I never got as far as the shady parts today, started with the sunny, dry bits, by the time I got to the shade the tractor had given up the ghost - belt came off the cutting deck and as it's the first time out since it was serviced, I'm not a happy bunny.
  15. It's been a lovely day here, bit hazy this morning but that soon cleared, bit of a nip in the wind though. Spent the day giving lots of the grass the first cut of the season, I think it's probably the shortest spell ever between last and first cut as I didn't stop cutting until December and blimey has it grown since then. Thanks to the mild, wet winter there's an absolute abundance of moss to contend with too - deep joy. More of the same weather for the rest of the week?