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  1. Evening all, are you all enjoying this scorchio weather? I've been pondering on something and hope you clever people here may be able to solve my conundrum..... In the winter my bedroom is never cooler than 18c and I sleep with a thick, winter duvet. Last night with all the windows wide open and the fan on, it was probably no lower than 15c overnight and yet, even without any covers at all, it's too hot to sleep. How can this be? It makes no sense.
  2. There's another huge one at work on the pergola and that's usually a bit later than the other one, couldn't tell you which variety either of them are. The perfume though.....oh it's heavenly, love a nice still day, it fills the entire garden when there's no wind.
  3. Evening all, just popping by to say 'hello'. Hasn't it been a cracking day, more of the same please. Busy time of year for us gardeners but perfect weather for it today. My flowery bower at work is now the best coffee break spot with the wisteria in full bloom, it smells heavenly. The building site from last year is now a sunny terrace and the new lavender hedge I planted in the autumn is bursting with flower buds, despite the cold of the winter trying to finish it off, the back planting of alliums are all out and the hedgerows are perfect fluffy drifts of cow parsley. Oh how I love this time of year!
  4. Hopefully it will stay away, either way I'm going for a home day and nanny duty, much nicer than a grotty weather day at work.
  5. Brrrr, it feels like winter out there, bitingly cold wind.
  6. Morning, relieved to see the threat of sleet and snow has been removed from the forecast for tomorrow.
  7. I'll be closer to crying than laughing, seriously, it can sod off. Cold weather this late in the season can cause so much damage to gardens and crops, I'd rather have a bumper fruit crop than see snow now. It's not a serious threat, is it? We're not really going to get snow, are we?
  8. No, no, no, no, no. It's not happening, it can sod off, it's not bloody welcome until at least 1st December.
  9. Poor you, it's not so bad around here, seriously fed up with all the wind though, poor tulips are getting battered to pieces.
  10. Today has been mostly wet, the only variation was intensity, often really heavy rain; thankfully dodged the lot by pricking out and potting on stuff in the greenhouse.
  11. Aw thank you. My world has gone a bit bonkers so don't have a lot of time, not only is it a really busy time of year but it seems I'm going to be moving in the next few weeks too. We got planning consent to build a house and the intention was to build it whilst living in our current home, then sell and move into the new one. Sorting the finance was proving a bit of a headache but we finally got that all sorted and were just about to start setting the wheels in motion when we got a knock at the door.....A neighbour wants to buy our house, cash buyer so we'd be really stupid to turn it down - fantastic news :-) However, it's thrown all the plans into complete disarray and we now have to find a rental property pronto - easier said than done when you've got two dogs. Looked at buying a static caravan to put on site, can't get it down there, renting is proving to be a nightmare, currently considering building a timber cabin and putting everything into storage (oh my god, that's staggeringly expensive!). Sods law dictates if I end up living in little more than a garden shed for a year, next winter will deliver the mother load of snow for weeks on end. So, if anyone knows of a rental house in this area, that accepts pets, I'd be eternally grateful. Frost????? Seriously???? No, no, no, no, no, pears, apples, plums, cherries all covered in blossom around here.
  12. Evening, just stopped by to check the forecast and I've been accosted by Robomod telling me I'm not an active member anymore. Got to post something in the weather section apparently...... It's April, it's showery I've been busy, making gardens flowery The wind, it's still cold But the weeds, they're getting bold The clouds, they're looking glowery
  13. Afternoon, just stopping by to grump, hurrumph, grumble and moan....where's our promised spring with a touch of summer this week? All we've had is autumn, not seen the sun since Saturday, it's blowing a hoolie and feeling distinctly chilly out there. Not impressed.
  14. jethro

    Bridging loans, advice needed, help!

    Thank you for taking the time to try to help. I think we're probably caught between a rock and a hard place but ultimately it will be worth it. It'll come down to an exercise of a large spread sheet and taking whichever route makes the most financial sense. I've just got to conquer my fear and trepidation of anything which has the term 'bridging' attached to it, the prospect of compound interest strikes the fear of god into me.
  15. jethro

    Bridging loans, advice needed, help!

    Having had four estate agent valuations and with them all coming back with the same advice, I'm inclined to accept their opinion. Anyway, it's really not as simple as sell first, then build. There isn't room for a caravan without making huge problems with the build, so that leaves us with no choice but to rent. It's really difficult round here to find rental property that will allow two dogs and rental prices are astronomical. To order the timber frame you need a large deposit at order stage, then another huge chunk mid construction of the frame before final payment before it's delivered. Before you can even think of doing that, you have to have completed the groundworks first, no timber framing company will accept an order based on drawings, they'll quote but won't make, until the groundworks can be measured by their engineers. The groundworks will cost roughly 30k, plus another 10kish to get water/drainage/gas connections from the road to the site. If we take the route of selling first, before setting any of these wheels in motion, it means a bare minimum of 12 months renting to get it up to the shell and water tight stage. Given that the estate agents say conservatively it will knock 20k off the value of this place, add on the average rental cost around here of 14.5k per annum, and we're up to a huge figure in excess of the bridging loan figures we've been quoted.