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  1. Nothing even vaguely interesting to report from here, last saw the sun on Saturday when down in the New Forest, since then it's been unrelenting grey and drizzle. I suppose there has been a little variation, the drizzle has made it all the way to full on rain a few times, then back to drizzle, through to more like low cloud mist, then back again. DREARY. Any glimmer of hope of some dry weather in the near future? I've got loads of digging to do and it's far too claggy at the mo.
  2. Oh don't worry, they've got warmer coats than mine - I'm not talking fur, double layer thermal ones with waterproof exterior. They're working strain spaniels and climb the walls if they're not taken out. The cocker though has hip dysplasia, the vet's advice when he was a pup was to see how he went and only replace if they caused him trouble. Touch wood, daily green lipped muscle supplements, not letting him run off lead for hours and keeping him warm and dry has so far paid off, he's 8 and there's no trace of arthritis which is what causes the pain with dysplasia.
  3. Slate grey sky, a stiff breeze and temp of 1.4 with a 'feels like' temp of -1.5; hope my dogs are suitably grateful that I still took them out for a walk, despite the fire and ginger cake being far more appealing.
  4. Morning all, all a bit grey and meh here with a bitingly cold wind; temp 0.4 but it feels a lot colder than that. I did wake up with hope this morning, pulled back the curtains only to find just green outside. It was a late night last night, up to Worcester for the evening (where it felt a lot warmer), it was snowing lightly here when we got back at about 2am, by the time I went to bed at 3.30am it was snowing quite well, proper big flakes, not the teeny ones we had all day. Sadly, it clearly died out fairly quickly.
  5. Afternoon, it's snowed here all day, imagine opaque drizzle and you'll get a pretty good idea of the intensity, there's nothing settled though. Shock, horror, the gritter has been through the village, that NEVER happens; can only mean one of two things....either there's the mother load coming through tonight or the salt yard is so full they've got to get rid of some pronto or get into trouble for over-ordering. Temp-0.6 dew point -2.9 so it's still cold enough Khodds - the only time you're too old for sledging is when they've nailed the lid on your coffin.
  6. Morning all, glad more of you are getting some snow It's white up here on my hilltop, admittedly you'd struggle to measure a cm but it's settled on everything bar the road, and it's still snowing Temp -0.9 dew point -3 so hopefully it'll be white for a while longer. What a lovely start to the weekend.
  7. It's dry and clear here now, ended up with just a dusting but it's twinkling nicely in the moonlight.
  8. On a different note, Ross Poldark was filming in wells today; that's the fourth time our paths have crossed but missed by a tiny margin, soooooo unfair.
  9. As a consolation prize it's a lovely starry starry night with a stunning full moon.
  10. Oooo, he wouldn't dare tease like that, well at least not do it and get away without serious punishment. On the plus side, it is getting cloudier here.
  11. Just had a look at the radar, doesn't look likely we'll see anything here as the current band is too far east. Possible the second wave currently in the midlands might be far enough over to hit here, that's if it doesn't run out of steam before it gets this far south.
  12. Hubby reports it's snowing in central Bath, not a glimmer of anything here.