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  1. Morning all, lovely sunrise this cold and frosty morning, feeling wintry out there.
  2. What a Happy Christmas that would be. Dear Santa, I promise I've been very, very good..... Fellow excited weather watchers, if you thought Santa was watching and would put you on his naughty list for getting irritated with each other, would it make you shrug your shoulders and think 'never mind, it's just an opinion that's different from my own'?
  3. Afternoon, actually saw the sun here today which made such a nice change, now back to cloudy again. Feeling noticeably colder and quite breezy too.
  4. jethro

    Crafty people

    You're a star, thank you. Never done anything other than a house before, the train could go horribly wrong, but if I don't try, I'll never know. On the plus side, grandson is only 2 so he'll never know if Nanny messes it up and he gets a house instead
  5. You do realise that when you post pics like that, the background of the page glows green over here with the collective envy?
  6. Morning, not felling particularly chilly here but it is dry Still grey with 100% cloud though.
  7. jethro

    Crafty people

    Morning Gingerbread guru, I need your help..... One of my grandsons is obsessed with trains and I want to try and make him a gingerbread train for Christmas. I'm thinking if I cut a bean tin in half lengthways to make a semi circular tube, I can use them as moulds to drape the gingerbread over the outside to bake them, make two half round tubes to sandwich together with icing to make the engine. Do you think this would work or would the gingerbread slump and slide off in the oven? Any hints/tips? Is it a really silly idea?
  8. It's stayed dry here but clouded over to greyness AGAIN. Tree's all down, having seen the amount of rot at the base, I'm feeling less guilty and more relieved that it's down before it fell down. Wonder if we'll ever see another dry SUNNY day here again before next summer, feels like an eternity since the last proper one that lasted all day. So bored with this greyness.
  9. Morning, a lovely dry start to the day here and what promises to be a dry day too Tinged with sadness for me, perfect tree felling weather which is just as well as they're coming to fell my huge Sycamore today Don't want it to go, will miss it, but it's been condemned as dangerous so has to go. It's what shelters me from the worst of the weather so when it's gone and the blizzards come, there'll be nothing to stop the snow burying my house According to Facebook memories, we had snow a year ago today, not a lot, just an inch or so.
  10. jethro

    Crafty people

    Thanks. I don't name them but a lot of folk who buy them do, sometimes they email me to tell me their names, recently one of the big mantlepiece fairy reindeers was named 'Lady Colette' - apparently it just suited her.
  11. Time to start being Orthodox and revert to the Julian calendar, January 7th seems like a much better idea for a white Christmas.
  12. Morning, currently dry here with glimmer of blue sky between the clouds, very breezy. Hoping it stays dry, not confident it will though.
  13. If that was accompanied by heavy snow, I'd be a happy bunny. Had more than enough of all this mild, wet muck.
  14. jethro

    Crafty people

    That's beautiful. Here's my last fairy of the season, this one is for my daughter. Just got some Christmas bunting and a baby tweed coat to make, then I'm packing my sewing machine away for a few weeks.
  15. jethro

    Crafty people

    I'm not at all surprised, it's beautiful.