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  1. Evening all, after a lovely day of t shirt weather spent in the garden, it occurred to me that 20 years ago today I moved into this house after battling through a foot of snow here in the mendips. What a contrast! Hope you're all keeping safe and well.
  2. I'm beginning to wonder about this theory of warmer weather slowing the spread of the virus. I know seasonal flu dwindles as the weather gets warmer, but it's warmer and drier in both Italy and Spain, it's not making any difference there. Back to the weather, wouldn't be surprised to see snow before it finally warms up a bit, countless times down south we've had a good 6 inches late in the season, sometimes very late and into April. It can be cold enough but it doesn't tend to last more than a day or so.
  3. Oooo, yes please. Longing for spring here.
  4. Mike Lockwood's theory that a quiet Sun promotes northern blocking and a southerly tracking jet stream doesn't seem to be stacking up this winter. Disappointed ? and tired of working in the rain.
  5. Turned into a lovely day here again, bone dry after the snow finished this morning - quickly melted. So was that winter's last hurrah? I'll be glad to see the back of it and head into spring now (yes I know I'll get giddy if it snows) but let's face it, probably more chance of winning the lottery than being plunged into the freezer this winter. A whole season without a crunchy walk in a white landscape, no mesmerising flakes to watch falling and making a thick carpet, no snowball fights, no sledging and the only snowman to be seen is a needle felted one I made. Hurrumph sums up my verdict on this winter. What I imagine polar bears would do if they had carrots and coal.....
  6. Not enough to make a snowman but I reckon if I scooped up every flake off the lawn I might get enough for a snowball.
  7. Morning all, woke up to snow falling and it's still snowing and beginning to settle. There's a definite white tinge to everything here ?
  8. It's been a glorious day here, biting wind and chilly but DRY and sunny. Many more of the same please.
  9. Quite a lot of showers here, all falling as snow. Unless there's a warm sector, pretty sure anything that comes here overnight will be white, not wet. Bloody typical, snowing now my head"s in spring mode. Sick of winter, it's barely stopped raining since September.
  10. And it's stopped. Was quite spectacular for about 15 mins, very heavy, couldn't see down the garden kind of intensity.
  11. It's snowing here, coming down thick and fast. It's the kind of snow where if it keeps up like this, it will settle, despite the wet ground.
  12. Lol. I do check in to see what's going on but not having a weather station, or any kind of measuring equipment, the best I can ever add is a visual check of what's going on here. This winter I think that would have amounted to a daily 'bloody raining again!' Home from work near Bristol where we had a couple of heavy sleet/snow showers, I've found snow still on the ground at home, only in the shade but still surprised it's here.
  13. Morning all, it's rather breezy here on the mendips but as yet, not very wet. Highest gust so far has been 58mph, recorded at Downside School just across the fields from me. They've got a beautiful avenue of very old beech trees, one came down in a storm before Christmas, if the winds get as high as some forecast for later today, I fear they may lose more.
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