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  1. Evening all, soon be time to come out of hibernation....Everyone had a good summer? It was a summer of two halves here, beautiful up until the kids broke up from school, then mediocre with intermittent grimness.
  2. Morning, much better start to the day here, sunny with a clear blue sky, hooray! Courtesy of Facebook and their memory thing....apparently this time last year we had a covering of snow. Personally speaking, I'm in 'let's get on with spring' mode, any snow can now wait until next winter.
  3. It started vile, showed all the signs of staying vile and it didn't disappoint. It's rained all day with light levels akin to very early morning. Hope tomorrow is better.
  4. It looks like snow here too but it's the overnight hail storm that's the culprit.
  5. Morning all, what a night! Sounded like Doris had brought in her big brother to finish the job properly, woken by the noisiest of hail storms. Huge hail stones too, most of the garden still covered by a layer of them, looks like it snowed.
  6. Drove into Bristol at about 12.30 and it was absolutely tipping down with snow, huge flakes too. Lasted until I dropped down the other side of the Mendips where it turned to sleet, then rain. It was a real demonstration of the big difference height can make to these situations. Blinking freezing now.
  7. Morning, it was snowing quite heavily here at about 1.30, settled on the cars but nowhere else. Overnight low of -1.9, currently -1.4 with everything frozen solid, lovely clear blue sky.
  8. A pretty picture taken yesterday of Hallgrímskirkja church, Reykjavik during their wonderful snowfall (50cm). Jammy beggers.
  9. Sleeting well here, turning to snow in the heavier bursts.
  10. Evening, it's a rather chilly 0.1 here with a DP of -2; theoretically if anything falls from the sky, it should be white and fluffy. Now watch all the showers give us a wide berth :-(
  11. Afternoon all, we've had everything bar the kitchen sink thrown at us today, particularly grotty during the heaviest of downpours and feeling distinctly chilly in the wind. METO have withdrawn their promise of yesterday for heavy snow tonight, replaced it instead with a rather lacklustre sleet symbol. If we can't have snow I'll happily take full on spring, bored with it all now.
  12. Morning all, it's a beautiful morning here, clear blue sky and bright sunshine We had a slight frost overnight -0.1. not particularly cold but low enough for the car needing to be de-frosted.
  13. That's my darling sons fixer upper - allegedly. To date it's merely resulted in parts being stripped off for mates cars. Grrrrr. He's in for a shock, planning application for that end of the garden goes in soon, he'll have to move it then or face it being buried in the footings. Cheeky sod left home years ago but is lucky enough to have a soft sod for a mum.
  14. I'm hoping it was empty....didn't hear any screams.