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  1. I mentioned it not because the symptoms could be confused, rather that those symptoms, itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing will likely increase the risk of the virus spreading.
  2. I visited my mum and my grandmother in law yesterday. My mum mentioned her hay fever has kicked in and I have woken up this morning with itchy eyes and caught myself rubbing them. it occurred to me then that hay fever symptoms will probably increase the spread of Covid-19 simply because of all those itchy eyes, runny noses and sneezing. That’s not helpful!
  3. Coronavirus is responsible for around 15% of colds.
  4. Sun coming out in Ashford. Angry looking towers to my east. Let’s see...
  5. Not sure we have the topography for that to happen here in the UK. It's not just about difference in air mass temperature. It's about having a very warm and moist air mass that is capped by dryer air aloft, building masses amount of CAPE which is unleashed when the cap is eroded by the strong upper winds. Like a shaken fizzy bottle and the lid comes off! We just don't get that special mix of conditions and nor are we likely to as it has more to do with geography than climate change. However the mechanism you describe could result in more flooding events. Anyway I'm eroding the thread! I'm not convinced on any electrics today however large rainfall amounts over a local area are a real risk. On top of the deluge this morning is why we have an Amber alert.
  6. Christ. Watching that radar is like pulling teeth! Just melts away mid channel, reminds me of watching imported storms in the summer!
  7. If anyone wants sobering up here is a day 7 forecast chart from January 2017 and what actually occurred!
  8. It’s nuts in Ashford right now. Imagine a burst of heavy rain, now turn it into snow, impressive! More to come yet!
  9. Lol, I’ll never get bored, had a blast today but when you run your own business it all becomes a bit more serious.
  10. Well, looks like another pasting for us in Ashford again! Hoping for another inch or so but to be honest, bunked off today I’ve got to get s..t done tomorrow!
  11. Looks like all the gravy for the far SE for the next few hours. Long night ahead yet and we await the exact placement of the CV zone yet.
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