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  1. Christ. Watching that radar is like pulling teeth! Just melts away mid channel, reminds me of watching imported storms in the summer!
  2. If anyone wants sobering up here is a day 7 forecast chart from January 2017 and what actually occurred!
  3. It’s nuts in Ashford right now. Imagine a burst of heavy rain, now turn it into snow, impressive! More to come yet!
  4. Lol, I’ll never get bored, had a blast today but when you run your own business it all becomes a bit more serious.
  5. Well, looks like another pasting for us in Ashford again! Hoping for another inch or so but to be honest, bunked off today I’ve got to get s..t done tomorrow!
  6. Looks like all the gravy for the far SE for the next few hours. Long night ahead yet and we await the exact placement of the CV zone yet.
  7. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from this set up in Ashford, right on the SE side of the higher risk area and winds looked too Easterly for us out here further east. However, wind direction is a bit more NE and showers seem to be lining up and I’m a bit more hopeful. Limited time offer though as winds are expected to veer more east then SE. Need to pile in those showers while we can, 0.5 Kentimeters in the last shower!
  8. Evening all I’m booked on a fishing trip launching from Dungeness on Sunday. Really hope the wind gets up and it’s cancelled because the thought of standing on a rocking boat in freezing temps is not my idea of fun! Come on easterly wind, blow and bring snow, I don’t wanna go (fishing)!
  9. Speaking as a resident Ashfordian we do best in a NE wind. Current outlook is good but maybe not as good as it could be. The extreme nature of this event though would suggest that the diffence between Lyminge and Ashford will be negligible the key diffence being altitude, not a big factor in this situation. That would give you the advantage in more marginal outlooks though.
  10. Hello all! Thought I'd pop in, don't post much these days but I'm always watching! Here in the far SE it looks great for flurries (love that word) of snow streaming in off the North Sea, models are consistently showing a feed of showers clipping the region and as these are shown on the precip charts that gives me great encouragement as I've often seen these set ups produce without much precipitation being modelled. If I'm being fussy I'd like a bit more strength in the wind to decrease modification time over the sea and get those showers packing inland and queuing up offshore. As it stands though I think Sunday morning through to Monday evening should see a period of intermittent shower activity for Kent, SE Essex and East Sussex (depending on strength of wind) which could lead to some significant local accumulations if they prove persistent and frequent enough, that detail is still a little way off, would be nice to see a trough in the flow, these sometimes only appear first on the radar and it will soon be time to watch that! For those further N and W, fingers crossed the front has enough oomph to get to you, but if not, try not to loose heart, it just means the cold has penetrated further west, which is a good thing!
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