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  1. Hello all! Thought I'd pop in, don't post much these days but I'm always watching! Here in the far SE it looks great for flurries (love that word) of snow streaming in off the North Sea, models are consistently showing a feed of showers clipping the region and as these are shown on the precip charts that gives me great encouragement as I've often seen these set ups produce without much precipitation being modelled. If I'm being fussy I'd like a bit more strength in the wind to decrease modification time over the sea and get those showers packing inland and queuing up offshore. As it stands though I think Sunday morning through to Monday evening should see a period of intermittent shower activity for Kent, SE Essex and East Sussex (depending on strength of wind) which could lead to some significant local accumulations if they prove persistent and frequent enough, that detail is still a little way off, would be nice to see a trough in the flow, these sometimes only appear first on the radar and it will soon be time to watch that! For those further N and W, fingers crossed the front has enough oomph to get to you, but if not, try not to loose heart, it just means the cold has penetrated further west, which is a good thing!
  2. Ridiculous! My wife is a gardener and the knife edge slider scenario is proving to be a nightmare! 180 plants arriving Monday at a key customer, 12z says heavy, cold rain=no go. 18z says lighter, more wintry precipitation=go! people will be called in to do the work and need to be notified on if it’s a go or not. Tomorrow. This is the real impact. I’ve been model watching for more than a decade but s*** just got real!
  3. That's it. I'm done. Can't be bothered now to chase winter. We've had nearly two weeks of bone chilling weather here in Kent and I'm fed up with it. Can we have spring now?
  4. Nice bit of updraft action in Ashford today!
  5. Snow!!! In Ashford. See you all next year!
  6. Cold and dry, good, maybe I can get into the paddock and finally finish building my polytunnel which I started back in Dec. It's been wetter than an otter's pocket out there and I'm fed up with wading through slop!
  7. Nice convective day down at Sandgate today.
  8. Back in the dawn of time of strat discussion we referred mainly to this chart and OMG I don't remember anything this bad! This is your cue ( more modern experts) to say this is just one dimension and tell me why we still have hope for this winter?
  9. Great effort, well constructed forecast. All hopes for cold on a SSW for Christmas then!
  10. Fall streak hole

    My wife took this picture of a fall streak hole today over East Sussex. Just thought you lot may like to see it! More about them here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallstreak_hole