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  1. At this rate, I'm going to have to empty the rain gauge before I go to bed and again at about 3 a.m.
  2. Peeing down in Hailsham for nearly an hour, and there is now thunder in the distance.
  3. Dungeness was utterly gorgeous today out looking at the sound mirrors and Derek Jarman's cottage garden. It certainly feels like there is something in the air, but so far nothing interesting appears to have made it nearer my bit of East Sussex than the Cherbourg Peninsula.
  4. Lovely afternoon in Hailsham, not far from the Sussex coast, with a spread of mackerel sky at one point. The view from the train window out of points south of London Bridge of the shower clouds to the north helped me to calm down from my first encounter with "Mind the gap between the train and the platform" in over a year.
  5. Sorry mate, we're all entitled to our opinions. It's far easier just to accept the weather as it comes than describe it as being wrong or unacceptable.
  6. Tough. The weather takes no notice of models, our arbitrary expectations of what weather should be like at given times of the year and is subject to that annoying Patagonian butterfly. Here in East Sussex, the morning was sunny if chilly, the afternoon mostly cloudy with showers. This evening, it is mostly clear again and the wind nowhere near as strong as forecast. I have, however brought the bedding plants that I haven't yet got round to planting indoors, just in case.
  7. The weeds appear to be doing better than the plants I actually want to grow. I wish I had Hammersmith and Fulham Council's remedies for the former: a flame thrower and a steamer.
  8. According to spaceweather.com, SC 25 might peak earlier than projected, in 2024. www.spaceweather.com
  9. There was a brief flurry of large wet flakes here in south Hailsham just now, but nothing settled.
  10. I can't see anything more than sleet happening here on Sunday morning (I'm also in Hailsham at the moment). If anything more wintry does fall, the ground is so soggy, it will melt.
  11. According to spaceweather.com, it might even have been X-class.
  12. http://www.independent.co.uk//img/shortcut-icons/icon-192x192.png Growing ‘heat blob’ from Atlantic driving sea ice loss in Arctic, study says WWW.INDEPENDENT.CO.UK Amount of ocean heat delivered to the Arctic has increased markedly since 2001, according to research I'm not entirely sure about hot salty water sinking beneath cold salty water, but that's possibly the Independent's take on it rather than what the original paper actually said. The Independent does not really get science.
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