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  1. My suggestion is "No-one knows anything beyond five days, just enjoy what the atmosphere throws at us."
  2. The Met Office really should stop the Express linking to their site in order to promote Rao's utter rubbish.
  3. Crepuscular Ray

    Winter wonder is coming!!

    That we could stop talking about winter in early September!!!
  4. November-like? It's been about 20 °C here, so not Novemberish at all. I am happy that my lawn is showing signs of green and relieved that the high temperatures that made me feel ill have disappeared for a few days
  5. Intermittent rain out in the Cotswolds, a nasty breeze, and bloodly cold compared to the last few weeks.
  6. He needs aversion therapy. Garden hose is a start!
  7. Take no notice of the scare-mongering idiots. Six hours of drizzle/moderate rain for me today, followed by half an hour of torrential stuff with three crackles of cloud-to-cloud lightning. The temperature in the flat has dropped four degrees in two days, yay. It's now down to 24.8 °C, after being 32.5 late last week. The weeds in the front lawn are looking annoyingly perky already.
  8. Give it time. Storms from across the Channel often perk up after dusk.
  9. I doubt any farmer who hasn't got their wheat/rapeseed harvest in yet would agree with that.
  10. Absolutely. My parents are under orders to stay inside when possible, open windows only on the shaded side of the house, keep all the curtains shut, drink lots of water and do nothing strenuous. Dad (89, with a pacemaker and increasingly frail) is fighting me (obviously, I am only his daughter and know nothing) but then admits defeat after about ten minutes in the garden. Only 25.5 °C in the bedroom? It's not been below 29 in mine for weeks!
  11. 30.7 °C in here. No point attempting to sleep, yet again. At least I got two nights' sleep earlier in the week.
  12. Hosepipe bans imminent in many areas.
  13. Two hours of heavy rain in Kensal Green yesterday evening. I was tempted to do the Gene Kelly puddle jumping thing on the way home for the bus stop. Most of it ran away and flooded the Bakerloo Line, but enough got into the nooks and crannies to trigger a major flying ant episode this evening. The pavements were black with them at one point.
  14. Crepuscular Ray

    World Cup 2018

    From half-time on, they seemed to forget everything Southgate had taught them. Hopefully, the FA will read it that way rather than sack him.
  15. It says something about our weather enthusiasm that the title of the thread is about your worst ever thunderstorm and the responses are all about their best ones.