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  1. A lovely funnel cloud, certainly. Not sure that it reached ground level, though. Nice spot.
  2. Lamps will be gone before the end of September if today's result is anything to go by.
  3. Pardon me for intruding, but there are reports of a tornado near Hale/Manchester airport. Any truth in them?
  4. Sorry mate. It's a debate. We're all entitled to our opinions.
  5. Despite the claims of Piers Corbyn and others, no serious scientific study has found a clear correlation between solar activity and earthquake/volcanic eruption levels. No 1- or 22-year pattern is visible.
  6. Don't let's start with the personal insults again, please. There has been no correlation between the current solar minimum and cold winters in this part of the globe. The prolonged chills and heavy snowfalls of 6-8 years ago occurred when solar activity was relatively high compared to now. Anyway, how do you destroy a question?
  7. A fan might help, to speed up evaporation. Count yourself lucky; it's 25 °C in my bedroom. I am not counting on getting any sleep at all.
  8. And Gravesend, which has habitually been one of the stations that has recorded high temperatures, has been decommissioned, so we were told a few pages back on this thread. Daft cost-cutting.
  9. Given that Sky were predicting record temps, I'd say Gravesend 39.8 °C
  10. This from a friend in Eastbourne. He said it went on for a couple of hours. Lucky thing. There was nothing here in London.
  11. RIP Paul Darrow, best known to those of a certain age as Kerr Avon from Blake's 7.
  12. It would have cost millions upon millions to install unobtrusive fire safety systems, such as sprinklers, in such a historic space. I don't know what they do in France, but when I've been on cathedral tours in the UK, there are fire extinguishers all over the place in the roof spaces where there is a lot of wood. If the fire at Notre Dame had started during the day, it might have been spotted and put out. As it was, at night, there wasn't a cat in hell's (possibly an inappropriate turn of phrase) of stopping the fire before it caught hold in 900-year-old timbers. Some of us quite like historic buildings...
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