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  1. I was born the same year as Katrine. I nearly died of measles when I was two. None of those illnesses is trivial. They are all potential killers. Those parents who decide that it is not worth getting their own child innoculated because enough other people will get theirs done to prevent a widespread spate of infection are just plain selfish.
  2. Sorry, JB, but I have to disagree with you, on several points Activity at solar max has an effect on the Earth's atmosphere and therefore a direct one on the weather in the area of the UK five-six years later? Wow. I don't think any serious solar physicist has ever claimed that the variation in emissions/activity during the solar cycle (x-rays, uv radiation, sunspots, solar flares, etc.) doesn't have any effect on the climate, or, to be more accurate global weather patterns over a 22-year cycle, it's merely that the effects of AGW are swamping the 0.2 °C change that can be attributed to the sunspot cycle. The number of cosmic rays that get to Earth always increases during solar minumum. That's been observed ever since we've known about cosmic rays. All of the major meteorological bodies' climate models take into account the sunspot cycle and other such variables.
  3. In case no-one's already posted this link: https://www.wunderground.com/cat6/Weirdly-Quiet-Sun-May-Get-Even-Quieter-and-BTW-Earth-Still-Warming?cm_ven=cat6-widget
  4. Madman. I spent half an hour on the phone to him once (before most of you were born) taking dictation for his forward to a book about his equally mad muse Anna Piaggi. I wrote it down syllable by syllable (qualified 90 wpm shorthand typist) and he changed his mind about seven times accusing me of getting it wrong every time.
  5. Proper big flakes now in Kensal Green. It's settling on the grass, but not the road or pavements, which are too wet.
  6. My suggestion is "No-one knows anything beyond five days, just enjoy what the atmosphere throws at us."
  7. The Met Office really should stop the Express linking to their site in order to promote Rao's utter rubbish.
  8. That we could stop talking about winter in early September!!!
  9. November-like? It's been about 20 °C here, so not Novemberish at all. I am happy that my lawn is showing signs of green and relieved that the high temperatures that made me feel ill have disappeared for a few days
  10. Intermittent rain out in the Cotswolds, a nasty breeze, and bloodly cold compared to the last few weeks.
  11. Take no notice of the scare-mongering idiots. Six hours of drizzle/moderate rain for me today, followed by half an hour of torrential stuff with three crackles of cloud-to-cloud lightning. The temperature in the flat has dropped four degrees in two days, yay. It's now down to 24.8 °C, after being 32.5 late last week. The weeds in the front lawn are looking annoyingly perky already.
  12. I doubt any farmer who hasn't got their wheat/rapeseed harvest in yet would agree with that.
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