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  1. "May contain flashing images".
  2. Geography. Move to Norway, Canada or Nepal if you want winter white stuff.
  3. © Cathy Lowne

  4. © Cathy Lowne

  5. © Cathy Lowne

  6. © Cathy Lowne

  7. In and around Amersham, swallows are already doing their lining up on the phone wires prior to heading back south thing. I am hoping that this means that they bred early and the chicks don't need feeding any more but fear that for the second year in a row it means that many of them have failed to breed.
  8. Given that solar activity is minimal, the corona should be absolutely stunning for those lucky enough to see totality.
  9. The crack in the Larsen C ice shelf that forced the closure of Halley VI seems to be accelerating:
  10. Giant explosion from the big spot of a week or so ago. Not sure if this should be in one of the related threads, but what the heck. Given that the downturn in solar activity towards the end of this cycle - after a pretty boring time sunspot-wise over the whole cycle - hasn't delivered seven-foot snow drifts in Eastbourne and white-outs in Norfolk, have any of those amongst us who think that there is a direct provable link between lack of sunspot activity and snowy winters in our neck of the woods got any explanations for the lack of apparent correlation?
  11. That beauty was unexpected. PM, given the latitude and messy polarity on the magnetogram (see soho link), do you think that 2644 is still old cycle or the beginnings of the next cycle?
  12. Live updates from the Brisbane Times website:
  13. They are now all BBC employees. Their contracts were transferred. As far as I'm aware, Nick, Phil is still there. Or has he left in the last couple of weeks?
  14. Rob's still at AJE, although he's back in the UK for a couple of weeks at the mo. I'm working with him on an antique double-decker bus (probably this one: at the weekend. Yay!! )
  15. For all the great innovative rock and roll he performed, it's still this one I will remember him for: