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  1. joy www.spaceweather.com A solar flare from a new-cycle area. I much prefer sunspots to snow.
  2. Well, they wouldn't be, would they? The transmitters will have been destroyed.
  3. Sadly, a couple of weeks ago, I suspect. The weekend's rainfall took down a lot of leaves. See what their website says
  4. I am not sure that any model is to be trusted 5-6 months out. Most of them can't be trusted past about three days.
  5. Basically, we are at a very low solar minimum, as indicated by all three readings. Some here hope that this means that we will get a very snowy cold winter. It hasn't proved to be the case over the last few years. Thermosphere - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Thermosphere - overview | UCAR Center for Science Education SCIED.UCAR.EDU
  6. More than 500 people misunderstand climate change « RealClimate WWW.REALCLIMATE.ORG A consensus is usually established when one explanation is more convincing than alternative accounts, convincing the majority. This is also true in science... These people have little or no history of climate research and many have links to "think tanks" that are committed to denying the effects of AGW. They are going to start lobbying both the UN and the EU.
  7. Ireland looks most likely, although I am expecting a bumpy ride on my way to western France on Thursday.
  8. Lots of lightning and thunder, and heavy rain today. Weather reports are always welcome. Stuff about the wife's cooking less so. I am sorry that I have upset you Tom, but this is a weather forum. I have had to learn to abide by the new rules, like everyone else.
  9. What the Met Office is calling a "band of organised showers" is now overhead. After about 40 seconds of heavy rain, we now have light drizzle.
  10. A beautiful day out in Oxfordshire on a big red "proper" bus. The max of 26 °C was a welcome surprise for this time of year. Sorry, Ben, but we need rain, and soon. The grass is in an even worse state than it was at this time last year. I'm less worried about the "Benny Hill" aspects of some posts than by the fact that they are straying away from anything related to the weather and are utterly tedious.
  11. A lovely funnel cloud, certainly. Not sure that it reached ground level, though. Nice spot.
  12. Lamps will be gone before the end of September if today's result is anything to go by.
  13. Pardon me for intruding, but there are reports of a tornado near Hale/Manchester airport. Any truth in them?
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