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  1. Some lightning around the Bourne area. Though I think it is going to be too far east of Grantham for me to be able to see anything.
  2. A repeat of last night seems almost too good to be true. That being said, it looks good, and the sun is out and it's really warm and humid right now. Fingers crossed
  3. I am closely watching the system moving up from the north of France. Any chance we might have a repeat of last night?
  4. It was basically the 'perfect' setup last night. The storm never seemed to get closer than about 12 miles from where I live, which meant those who don't like storms could sleep in peace as there were no rumbles (or the quietest rumbles you've ever heard), while I could be outside with the camera (for two hours), without fear of rain because there was none
  5. In my experience, the best storms are not the ones forecast, but the ones that catch us by surprise
  6. It's almost dreamlike. So eerie (for all the right reasons). Not so good when it decides to focus on a courtyard when the biggest storm in the world is overhead though
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