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    wincanton south somerset
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    weather, ebay, cross stitch kids having fun

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  1. hi, coldfingers

    sorry took so long to reply!

    you sound just like me, my hubby thinks im mad as well lol, as im always watching weather and like you volcanoes, nice to meet someone with similar interests, hope you are keeping well, love kerry, (short for kerensa lol)

  2. kerensa

    cloud pictures

    in this album i am putting my cloud pictures
  3. Hello Kerensa.

    I am 60 and still mad about weather and geology. Hubby now knows that if it snows or a volcano goes off then he becomes a widower for the duration. I am lucky I married a wonderfully understanding man. Even if he knows I am mad and bad.

  4. kerensa

    wincanton snow 2010

    this is our snow 6/01/2010
  5. kerensa


    pictures of anything
  6. hi, it was real snow, it was a rubbish camera! lol, i think there was lightining before it started
  7. happy new year to you too, i hope its a good one!!

  8. hi, in my blog i was saying about our big ghost koi fish, well here he is :o
  9. hi, im getting storm withdrawl symptons, they have all missed us lol

  10. lol http://nwstatic.co.uk/forum/public/style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/huh.gif good ones
  11. kerensa


    and another
  12. kerensa


    here are my storm clouds
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