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  1. Love the charts! As said above the models are starting to agree on something definitely cooler than of late! I just hope it keeps edging closer and closer as the runs go on and not staying in FI and playing with us for a few weeks like it's done countless times!
  2. i think it did that earlier this year when it kept reverting back to an atlantic dominated theme because that's its general setup but the atlantic took a while to take back over!
  3. Chucking it down and heard some rumbles of thunder! It feels like an evening in the summer! Not mid October!
  4. It's on! Been on for 2 days now! Hadn't looked at the weather for a while and this forum, came as a surprise yesterday when it never got warm!
  5. Can't wait for this autumn to get underway! For the first frost on the car's in the morning! I hope we get an early snowfall! Have we ever had a september snowfall?
  6. Me and my friends were also talking about this about 2 and a half hours ago! All of us were at the pub and it had got dark at 20:45 we weren't expecting it to get dark until around half 9ish completely forgot how the nights are starting to draw in! I'm glad someone started a thread an now I know it wasn't just us who'd noticed.
  7. Can anyone tell me what it could be like between the 14th and 18th december in newyork because thats when im jetting off there to do some christmas shopping?... i would like some snow
  8. what does the end of the peirod mean ???
  9. fnx 4 welcoming me i thought your were implying that lets just leave it now lol i love it to happen
  10. i wernt seyin stop disscusing it i was just wondering i were hinting does anyone think it mite happen this year ok
  11. y r we talkin about this are we expecting it to happen again??
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