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  1. Can see that to the east of gone dark towards Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire
  2. Can clearly see something is firing up over Lincolnshire way as per usual it has gone dark In that direction.
  3. Strikes showing around Bristol way hope that is correct and there is something brewing and pushing further north east.
  4. Feels Absolutely horrific here to say the least on the border with Sheffield the humidity is ridiculous how we have not had a storm yet I do not know.
  5. We had gunshot thunder to the North East of Chesterfield was a a great lightning display too totally caught me by surprise.
  6. That is what I thought was strange I didn't even know any storms were around didn't watch any weather forecasts was out in Chesterfield and just one look to the south and south east and it was pitch black I said to my lads looks like we were in for a big storm wasn't expecting anything like we got though that was brilliant.
  7. Wow the Sheffield Storm shield well and truly obliterated some of the best lightning I have seen in many a year gunshot Thunder the lot.
  8. Kitchen sink just been thrown down here went for a drive up ringinlow Road in Sheffield it was 2c at the top after the heavy shower of hail and sleet came through winds buffeting the car was quite a squall it had settles on the grass and roads at top but melted quickly.
  9. Most definitely I have never seen charts like that here I dread to think if that ever verified in winter would probably be looking at -5 to -10c in the day and -20c and below in some areas at night. Thankfully we won't get anywhere near that cold but talk of 3 to 4c maxes in Northern England and 0c in Scotland in April is baltic with -10c windchill as far south as London that will feel utterly vile 🥶
  10. -20 uppers in April? I have never seen a chart like that directly over us in winter nevermind April.
  11. Surprisingly had heavy snow Marsh Lane for.about 5 minutes big flakes about an hour ago.
  12. -21.6 in Kinbrace according to the weather station on wunderground.
  13. Literally Blizzard conditions 5-10 Miles away can see the hills disappearing.
  14. So frustrating the heavier showers have passed just 5-10 miles to the north
  15. Shame the shower that is passing through Buxton now which passed through here in Dronfield North East Derbyshire isn't passing through your end you would have loved the intensity of that it was nearly a full on blizzard.
  16. That was very heavy shower totally covered the roads between Marsh Lane and Coal Aston was near on blizzard conditions at Lowedges and Meadowhead when i passed through was not expecting that.
  17. That is exactly how we ended up with 2ft of Snow in 2010 in Dronfield North East Derbyshire was an absolutely epic snowfall. The band of showers were very narrow but extremely heavy.
  18. We had over 2ft here in North East Derbyshire we were stuck under the mother of all streamers that was a very narrow band of snow but it was just constant and very heavy we were only forecast 5cm so anything can happen it is case of radar watching.
  19. Got stuck under a streamer measured over 2ft in the back garden in 2010 when we got stuck under a constant streamer that was unreal just how heavy it was my car was buried for over a week as it was that cold it didn't go anywhere.
  20. Why not? These things come unexpectedly i was living in Dronfield Derbyshire at the time we were forecast around 5cm but got stuck under a never ending streamer that was a very narrow band of heavy and persistent snow I measured over 2ft of snow in the back garden the pictures I took show this. It doesn't take a full frontal system to deliver a huge fall of snow if you get stuck under one of these streamers from the east cold air coming over a relatively warm sea it a recipe for heavy falls of snow. I wouldn't bet against these streamers occurring again where will be the sweet spot
  21. A few weeks back it was 0 in Buxton and a Blizzard yet 20 odd miles away in Chesterfield it was 10c the tempreture drop was dramatic too it went from 10c down to 1 in about an hour and half or so.
  22. Absolutely banging it down on Derbyshire South Yorkshire border in the valley everything covered so can only imagine what it is like higher up already.
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