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  1. This is near Merthyr in Wales right now just seen it on Twitter gives those on higher ground here hope i reckon.
  2. Derbyshire_snow

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    It is in Dronfield too covered all surfaces again.
  3. Not much snow melt at all here in Dronfield bar the roads where it has been gritted still 100% cover
  4. Those moaning in Shopshire and Leicestershire don't be greedy you have had loads of decent snowfalls this winter this is the first real dumping we have had here and we have i would say between 20-25cm so far and still snowing.
  5. -7 with -12 Windchill and Snow falling wow never thought i would see that happen unbelievable have about 15cm+ where the wind hasn't got to it. What's happend to this Storm Emma thought we were in line for a direct hit?
  6. Derbyshire_snow

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Very strange i am at around 150m just south of Sheffield and it was all snow here.
  7. Once got caught in Thundersnow between Owler Bar and Fox House near Sheffield it was unbelievable it was pitch black it was some of the heaviest snow i have ever seen and the winds picked up so strongly that it started buffeting my car it became a a very hairy experience i thought i was going to get stuck at one point.
  8. Derbyshire_snow

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Is that a wind up Rain i n Huddersfield? it absolutely hammered it down with hail and heavy snow here in Dronfield Derbyshire right on the border with Sheffield.
  9. very slushy covering here mixture of hail but turned to snow and at one point everything was covered after a couple of heavy showers passed through but thawing rapidly now.
  10. Could tell that here in Dronfield TM that the sustsained winds were far stronger for a start and the gusts were nearly enough to knock you off your feet at times.
  11. The wind here has easily been worse than what it was with eleanor i went on the school runs i would hazard a guess that gusts must have been pushing 60mph even down here.
  12. Derbyshire_snow

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Been snowing in the Hills of Sheffield for about 2 and a half hours proper snowline about 11pm was around Owler Bar. Was sleeting all the way back to Dronfield and still sleeting now shame it aint 1c colder would have had a few cms by now.
  13. Derbyshire_snow

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    Where the hell did this lot come from i thought we were done for this morning so took kids out Sledging to Buxton it started snowing lightly didn't think much of it. As i got walking across the field with my lads it startwd picking up i stayed about 45 mins until i realised it was getting heavier and made a decsision to leave. It was settling on the roads stopped off to get some more petrol a nervy drive back over the A6 with heavy snow blowing across the road. Managed to get over the A6 which was getting dicey at the top and then on the way back between Baslow and Owler Bar the roads were getting bad with blowing snow drifting and blowing snow will be a big problem on the tops later i dare say. I was relieved to make it home to be honest that will teach me to write things off too soon.
  14. Derbyshire_snow

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    If all elee fails go up to the top of the snake it looks like Lapland at the minute.
  15. Derbyshire_snow

    Yorkshire & E England Regional Weather Discussion

    One i would like to forget took me 2 and half hours to do 20 min journey and had 2 bumps along the way