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  1. Covering of snow at flash in the Staffordshire moorlands.
  2. Wow what is the wind chill factor for that then I wonder
  3. It was snowing 2 hours ago at Ringinglow in Sheffield it will covered at the top. I put up a video on twitter of it.
  4. It has been bordering torrential rain for the last hour if it Carrie's on like this for several hours there will be some flooding issues of that I am 100% sure. The rain was that loud it woke me up and I am hard of hearing so that tells you all you need to know about how heavy it is.
  5. A big storm about 6 miles south of me formed out of nowhere we are on the very edge and it is going to miss here I wondered why I could here thunder again.
  6. Saw several flashes of lightning some loud booms of Thunder with what sounded like constant rumbles of Thunder to my south west from Dronfield. Had a few very brief torrential bursts of rain that lasted all of 30 seconds.
  7. Thunder and lightning here in Dronfield Derbyshire in the last 15 minutes along with torrential rain. Nice surprise considering we very rarely get any here at all.
  8. I was travelling towards buxton about 45 mins ago could see all the big flashes out that way.
  9. I saw some huge fork lightning bolts bolts from that cell from the hills in Sheffield
  10. Norton Lees weather station went to 35.2c at one point i think the all time record in Sheffield has easily gone along with the July record being smashed.
  11. Local weather station over 35c and heat index of 39c to say it feels horrific here would be understatement never felt anything like it.
  12. I was amazed that we broke the storm shield i actually heard loud thunder and saw countless flashes of lightning overhead in Dronfield it is a miracle i didn't think the rain was anything to write home about it, surely tomorrow night should be far worse with heat triggering far more severe storms you would think we are forecast 35c in Sheffield tomorrow.
  13. It is miracle I am out of that club now some big bolts of lightning and booming thunder here last night Dronfield Derbyshire
  14. The main route through Baslow was flooded the water was halfway up my car wheels I just put my foot down to get through it all. I saw several forked lightning bolts from Dronfield over towards Baslow area as I was travelling out via Owler Bar.
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