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  1. Just been out to Bakewell and back drizzling all the way had no problems on the roads so far temps ranging from -1.5c to 0c on my journey. One thing that is very noticeable is the windchill it feels absolutely vile out there today.
  2. Like i said yesterday i think this will come down to nowcasting and a degree either side or slight difference in uppers/dewpoint could be the difference between a damp squib an ice rink or a snow fest for a time all on a knife edge a forecasters nightmare and also a nightmare for travellers.
  3. My advice would be to stay tuned to the forecasts as it all looks up in the air at the moment it could come down to nowcasting really as the forecasts have changed 6 or 7 times in the last 2 days.
  4. Was strange this morning when i came to my car this morning the temp was showing at 0c yet everything was absolutely soaked yet i woke up around 2am and it looked like there had been a slight dusting/covered in frost but it was hard to tell.
  5. We saw over 2ft of snow here in Dronfield Derbyshire in 2010 looking at that chart which is the kind of chart i have not seen since then we could need digging out again my car was buried for over a week i couldn't get anywhere.
  6. Was listening to capital earlier they mentioned something about snow in Yorkshire next week, have they been quoting the express.
  7. You are right about that and what i found with 2007 was just how heavy that rain was too it was like a tropical monsoon.
  8. How many hours is it forecast to rain for ? could we end up with another 2007 event?
  9. Try living on the edge of Sheffield watching storms go in every direction except over you never known anything like it, we haven't had one Thunderstorm here all summer yet places 10 miles to the south in Chesterfield have had several you could not make it up, to say it was frustrating would be understatement.
  10. Painfully hot never experienced such a summer here with temps peaking at 33c which was unbearable we get that type of tempreture very rarely though it has occurred twic in the past few years still very rare we ever see temps as high as 33c it was the longetivity of the heat & dry weather that made is so exceptional never known a summer with so many days above 20c it must be a record up here i dare say.
  11. Sure does i cant believe how many relationships and strong friendships have been formed in that time i have just just learned that a couple that met through the group have just got engaged to be married i have jokingly said i should be the guest mc I am just glad it is helping give those a lifeline that really need it and long may the group continue to grow
  12. Thanks Tom 2.05 Beat the Bank Goodwood 3.25 Southern France Curragh 3.40 York Ebor Crowned Eagle
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