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  1. Can see the rain clouds in the distance from the North East where I am and down towards between Saltburn and Staithes
  2. Had a video call it was absolutely bouncing it down hailstones Thunder and lightning in Hartlepool too roads were like a river. Sunshine and breezy here lucky sods
  3. Hail thunder and lightning in Hartlepool and torrential rain just had a call.
  4. had nearly 70cm my car was buried for a week not bad considering they only forecast 5cm We got stuck under what seemed to be a never ending streamer and 10 to 15 miles either side they got nowhere near as much as here. Was incredible but we never seem to get any thunderstorms overhead here.
  5. That is what caught my eye as I was looking through. Have there been any reports of any Tornadoes.
  6. was over 34c officially here but my tempreture gauge on my car was showing 35c at my house and 36c at the bottom of Eckington and Halfway in Sheffield I cant even recall it doing that when it was actually 35c here last July.
  7. Is it my imagination or does it look like there is a hook on the radar
  8. Anymore storms heading for Sheffield? it is still 22c humidity 85% it feels horrid.
  9. Living in Dronfield at the time i became used to seeing storms over the hills looking towards Apperknowle and seeing storms go over the hills towards Dore/Ringinglow way been incredibly frustrating over the years cant remember last time i had a storm directly over me. This was the closest storm we have had for a long time it drifted north east east over Rotherham could see huge bolts of forked lightning over towards Rotherham with a lot of flashing in the distance it was pitch black.
  10. It is strange but anyone that lives between sheffield and Chesterfield there are certain areas that storms seem to skirt around just to the east or west.
  11. It is all out to the east of Killamarsh going over Rotherham saw some huge lightning bolts on my way through Chesterfield to Halfway.
  12. Some of them were near on golf ball sized was absolutely unbelievable never seen hail like it here.
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