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  1. Has anyone taken Envirromental Science at Uni?

    1. Mark Bayley

      Mark Bayley

      I'm debating wether to take that or Geography. The one i have seen (Sheffield) looks quite good!

    2. BornFromTheVoid


      I had the same choice for Uni actually, geography in Trinity Dublin or Enviro in UCC!

      Any idea what it is you want to specialise in?

    3. Mark Bayley

      Mark Bayley

      I'm not sure yet, something environmental. The course I have seen goes quite a bit into climate change, something that really interests me.

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  2. I've never actually used this feature, would link it to facebook, but that probably wouldn't be wise..! :L

    1. Isolated Frost

      Isolated Frost

      Hahaha agreed, my statuses are a bit too... explicit for here!

    2. Geordiesnow


      Now as your a 13 year old NSSB - i'm disgusted to hear that... but seeing as your a local(even though your a loserpool fan), i'll let you off!

    3. Mark Bayley

      Mark Bayley

      Yes, i doubt i would be on the forum much longer :L I miss the old days GS, those large msn group conversations :L

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