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  1. Roses are starting to shoot plus daffodils are coming up nicely. More generally the perrenials haven't fully died back. No doubt a cold spring beckons!
  2. -0.2c last night. First time since 12 December the temp got below freezing.. (and even that was -0.2c!)
  3. Daffs growing here too. Also, the roses are starting to shoot. My last air frost (a paltry -0.3c) was on the 12 December. Could probably count the number of grass frosts on one hand. Knowing our luck a cold spring beckons!
  4. Hideous nights sleep, not dropping below 30c to very early morning. However, a very refreshing 19c outside with frequent light showers.
  5. 34.7c, so close. Horrible night though. Still 28c in the room. 21c outside.
  6. After a decent start it turned rather miserable from late morning. However, the sun is now out, the breeze is light, and it actually feels rather pleasant. Should slowly start getting milder from Monday, with increasing amounts of sunshine as we head towards week end. And potentially rather warm if the models are to be believed!
  7. The record goes! Still an hour or so of heating. A chance of 21c?
  8. I've been under the heavier band for a couple of hours now. Has left nothing with the temp stuck at 1.3c and a dew point of 1c
  9. Light snow, although not sticking with a temp of 1.6c. Suspect what is left of last nights covering will be gone in the morning
  10. Alternating between drizzle and wet snow in Harrow. Too far north for the heavier precipitation (thankfully?)
  11. Is drizzle here with a dewpoint of 1c, although suspect its wet snow under the heavier busts (further north and west you are the better)
  12. Snowy scenes on Harrow on the Hill. About 5-7cm. Slow thaw kicking in. temp 0.8c dew 1c
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