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  1. Finally got my Davis weather station. Didn't bother with the data logger as im moving about these next few years. However, given that we pay 200-£300 for the weather station it seems pretty ridiculous that why want another £100-£150 to simply transfer data to a computer!

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    2. Mark Bayley

      Mark Bayley

      Yeah, i've got the vantage vue. I just feel given the progression of technology that it could be inbuilt, even if it did add a small amount to the price. I do intend to get the pro one day, although im moving around a lot now with my last year of uni and jobs so data logging would have been a bit of a waste!

    3. Mapantz


      It is expensive but your La Crosse couldn't hold 800 days of data.

    4. Cakie


      I gave up with my weather station for the same reason. It was like going back to the dark ages trying to get data off it. All I wanted was to put it into Excel then I could manipulate it to my hearts content but no chance.

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