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  1. 6cm here in the NW, but agree we have not done as well as further north. Still pretty good for the time of year though. GFS sticks with the wintry Easter, ECM suggesting something a bit more spring like. Wouldn't mind a white Easter. But after that id really like some warmer weather!
  2. Happy Easter Support for another a cold spell from some of the ensembles too, one to watch.
  3. Had an additional 2cm since late afternoon. Its all but stopped now, although further flurries over the next couple of hours seem likely. Total on the top of the bin is 6cm. Paths and road are covered, however a slow thaw is evident (ground temp as opposed to air). Shouldn't be much of a thaw elsewhere until tomorrow, although i suspect out of the sun snow will stick around until Tuesday.
  4. Correct, remains around to just below average, with some suggestion of another cold snap over easter. No signs of any 'warmer weather' yet!
  5. Managed 4cm here in NW London, with more in the (small) drifts. Some melt on the pavements, bit still plenty on the grass. Hoping for a cm on existing cover from this emerging 'blob'. Will spring finally arrive? Not until Easter Monday if the GFS is in anyway correct
  6. Light snow throughout the day here, a little bit heavier now. I'd estimate a couple of cms on the bins.
  7. I think the Met Office called this pretty well. May have underestimated the depths lower down in west Yorkshire, but most seem to have got up to 10cm which was in the warning!
  8. Nothing in Sheffield City centre, although to be expected. Always interesting seeing the transition from Fulwood down. Rain / snow stopped now.
  9. A thaw now in s10, albeit slow. Still coming down lightly. A nice surprise, now must make it to Leeds... trains appears fine at least
  10. A covering in s10, reckon it will melt pretty quickly though
  11. That's why I love this countries weather so much. So much variability! I too am looking forward to Spring. Only 4 weeks and we'll be looking for our first 20c. Focus will then turn to summer storms before the madness returns in December. Only 9 months
  12. All but stoppd now. I think that's our lot in NW London. I don't expect a thaw to kick in until tomorrow morning, so will have a good few hours to enjoy the last of it!
  13. Yes seems to be strengthening a little across north London. Small grains but coming down relatively heavy. Certainly got more than a couple of cms now. Not sure how long it will last
  14. Last bit of snow pushing through before it all clears. I wouldn't expect a thaw to kick in until tomorrow morning. In any case it was fun while it lasted. Not amazing (at least in NW London) but will still be memorable.
  15. Stopping NW London. Can see another hour of light snow before it finally clears away. Was good while it lasted - I think i'll have managed 2cm which isn't bad.