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  1. I can do cool, rain and cloud, but i can't stand the wind. Nightmare for the garden (especially the hanging baskets! ? ) Looks like it may settle down as the week into following progresses.
  2. Slight upgrade on the 6z, ,if its sunshine and warmth you are after (especially the further SE you are). Strong chance of 20c being broken between Tuesday and Saturday. Good week for staying in the garden!
  3. And good riddance! Much prefer for something a little warmer as we head into April (especially as we are stuck in our houses!), which the GFS suggests towards the end of the run. ECM looks like it would deliver something similar
  4. Could have been tube delays. This was Baker Street albeit at 9am. You would still expect it to be quite busy
  5. I saw on the guardian that French sources had denied this. Not long until we find out!
  6. Well the holiday to Morocco is off! The FCO advice against all essential travel is growing by the day. I never thought I'd see the day that we advise against travel to the US, Spain and Italy!
  7. Benidorm now - must be quite scary!
  8. Good explanation of current strategy
  9. Supposed UK measures in the coming weeks the forced requisitioning of hotels and other buildings as temporary hospitals; the requisitioning of private hospitals as emergency hospitals; temporary closure of pubs, bars and restaurants - some time after next weekend's ban on mass gatherings; emergency manufacture by several companies of respirators that would be necessary to keep alive those who become acutely ill; the closure of schools for perhaps a few weeks, but with skeleton staff kept on to provide childcare for key workers in the NHS and police. Elderly could be quarantined for four months in 'wartime-style' mobilisation to combat coronavirus, writes Robert Peston WWW.ITV.COM People over 70 will be instructed by the government to stay in strict isolation at home or in care homes for four months, under a "wartime-style" mobilisation...
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