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  1. I share the thoughts of other members. A couple of days of hot weather is fine by me, but certainly don't want it to last long. Living in London the heat can be pretty horrible in the evenings (and when travelling).
  2. Same here, huge rain drops though. Shame about the lack of electrical activity!
  3. Awful morning. Cloudy, light rain, chiller of late. Hopefully the rain clears soon! Potentially some brighter spells later this afternoon. We shall see. For those that have missed out on any storms, potential for tomorrow still looks good!
  4. So judging by the radar my garden has certainly had a good watering. Heavy rain for the last 3 hours, only just clearing. Sadly couldn't witness any thunder / lightening as been stuck in Nottingham. Potentially more storms overnight and into tomorrow however (take a look at the latest euro radar..). I imagine they'll be some impressive rainfall totals come COP tomorrow.
  5. Yes - am wanting it to water the garden. Seems like it's either going north or south of NW London or just fizzling out!
  6. Cloudy also, hopefully the sun is out soon. Feels rather nice outside (in the breeze)
  7. Yes defo moving South. Can see it doing so from harrow. Amazing lightning show. Constant cloud to cloud fork
  8. Amazing lightning show from the storm over chesham. No thunder but constant lightning
  9. Currently cloudy although the sun is trying to poke through. Hopefully a more more storms during today and later this evening!
  10. Yes. Really exploding on the radar.. can still see the lightning from the last storm. Can see distant flashes from the next one
  11. Good. The only disappointing aspect of this storm is the lack of thunder!
  12. Anyone under the second beast? Looks like a direct hit for Harrow. It's like strobe lighting outside still!!
  13. Well i was wrong. Constant lightning, intermittent heavy rain. Thunder not as loud as expected. But increasing
  14. Lots of faint rumbles, although have a feeling that I'll be just to far NE for the main action