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  1. Was sleety in Harrow. Didn't last long though
  2. Seems to be turning sleety in NW London. Still lots of snow / slush on the pavements. Can see a bigger risk of ice tomorrow morning!
  3. Possibly an extra couple of cm's tomorrow
  4. Yes pepping up here - may get a good dusting before it clears!
  5. Very light now - snow melting on the paths. Plenty more opportunities to come at least
  6. Yes getting a little heavier here. Can't see more than a cm or two though, which is still good.
  7. Same here, constant light snow. Funny as i wanted to stay up north yet they have a good few cm's down in Harrow!
  8. Yes, Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotherham still in the orange. Although it is really now down to radar watching. A reasonable covering for South Yorkshire, maybe a bit more than a dusting further north. For those that miss out, remember we are only on December 9th!
  9. Yes - was in response to posts on the EURO model. ECM has some big depths across the Midlands associated with Mondays low
  10. ECM is further south, there will be further minor changes! https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/2017120812/england/acc-precipitation-snow-total/20171210-2100z.html
  11. ECM further south, although still has decent accumulations for South Yorkshire https://weather.us/model-charts/euro/2017120812/england/acc-precipitation-snow-total/20171210-2100z.html
  12. Snow accumulation from the Euro4
  13. I have also ended up 'down south', although find myself in Sheffield this weekend. Very tempted to go back Monday rather than Sunday evening! Some back edge snow on Monday, though (London)!
  14. Do i stay up North (Sheffield) until Monday, or go back to London Sunday evening as planned? Then again will trains be running on Sunday evening...

  15. ? UK Outlook for Saturday 23 Dec 2017 to Saturday 6 Jan 2018: During the early part of this period we are likely to see a transition from spells of wet and windy weather moving across the UK towards more benign weather becoming established. This is likely to bring a mixture of colder, drier conditions and shorter lived milder, wetter and windier interludes. Snow is likely at times, especially in more northern and central parts of the UK. Temperatures will probably be below average overall. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcrp54pyc