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  1. I've been under the heavier band for a couple of hours now. Has left nothing with the temp stuck at 1.3c and a dew point of 1c
  2. Light snow, although not sticking with a temp of 1.6c. Suspect what is left of last nights covering will be gone in the morning
  3. Heavy sploge of precipitation inbound. Rain, sleet or snow..?
  4. Alternating between drizzle and wet snow in Harrow. Too far north for the heavier precipitation (thankfully?)
  5. Is drizzle here with a dewpoint of 1c, although suspect its wet snow under the heavier busts (further north and west you are the better)
  6. Snowy scenes on Harrow on the Hill. About 5-7cm. Slow thaw kicking in. temp 0.8c dew 1c
  7. Beautiful scenes in Harrow on the Hill. About 7-8cm in places. Currently snizzling
  8. Average depth is just under 5cm. Snow coming down heavy again, but should clear within the hour. The slow thaw will then kick in!
  9. Quite a decent night here (Harrow). Would guess close to 5cm. Still snowing, albeit lightly. Temp 0.4c and dew point 0c. Reckon the London heat zone will kill a lot of the snow by evening, but should manage to keep some (I hope!)
  10. Still coming down moderately. The heaviest snow remaining close to the Thames. Front still slowly progressing north
  11. Starting to get heavier. Close to 2cm now in harrow. Precipitation really prepping up across London
  12. Coming down nicely now. Over a cm. Seems to be pepping up once it hits the M25 / Thames
  13. Yes, looks good for a few cm's in our neck of the woods. HIRLAM suggests closer to 10, but is probably over done...
  14. Moderate snow now, albeit small flakes. Good dusting already. Looks like i'll be too far west for the heavy stuff, although it does seem to reinvigorating as it hits the m25. Better than nothing!