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  1. You see its it's even effecting my grammar. The respite looks a couple of days now. Then a return to something much warmer in the middle of week. The never ending summer continues!
  2. Given how awful tonight is we could certainly do with a mini rest bite!
  3. The first uncomfortable night of this hot period. Should hopefully be a little fresher this evening and the rest of this week, before warming a little at the weakend. Bar a bit more cloud Wednesday to Friday (but I'd expect long sunny intervals) it looks another glorious week and weekend.
  4. Mark Bayley

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    Another fantastic GFS. Yet again warm to very warm but not uncomfortably humid. Long may it continue
  5. Another fantastic day - what has been so great about this spell is the lack of humidity and cool nights. Sunday night has the potential to be a little sticker but thereafter nights look relatively comfortable.
  6. Whilst looking hot next week, i'm glad it has toned down over subsequent runs. Always gets to warm overnight in London, but at least it is looking manageable. Nothing worse than 30 to 32c heat and hot and sticky nights!
  7. Mark Bayley

    Model Moans, Ramps and Banter

    I share the thoughts of other members. A couple of days of hot weather is fine by me, but certainly don't want it to last long. Living in London the heat can be pretty horrible in the evenings (and when travelling).
  8. Same here, huge rain drops though. Shame about the lack of electrical activity!
  9. Awful morning. Cloudy, light rain, chiller of late. Hopefully the rain clears soon! Potentially some brighter spells later this afternoon. We shall see. For those that have missed out on any storms, potential for tomorrow still looks good!