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    Guitar,weather ,Art ( Computer graphics), ghost hunting, walking and snow.
  1. needs some sunblock

  2. hey again Andy thats cool man:) hey u should check out a site called infinate guitar its a cool site with amazing lessons :) the bands I mainly listen to are progressive bands like dreamtheater and symphony x and artists like joe satriani and steve vai etc...:)and nothing wrong with playing acoustic guitar my friend:)

  3. Wow thats awesome mate, I play guitar but only have an Acoustic at the moment, i'm pretty much a beginner and havn't had any lessons or anything!

  4. Hey andy yep i play guitar a lotttttttt lol :) anyway i love soundgarden and yep i have heard Alter Bridge they are a great band!! i have been playing guitar for about 16 years... i play a musicman and an esp I take it u play the guitar too?

  5. Hey dude, I see you like to play guitar... and i'm guessing you like Soundgarden too. Have you heard of a band called Alter Bridge before? Some of the guitaring in that band is immense and people compare the singer to Chris Cornell.

  6. BlackHoleSun

    weather etc..

    various photos of weather etc..
  7. anyway nice to see other guitarist

  8. This is me a few weeks ago playing a gig outdoors...
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