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  1. Lovely early spring like weather the next few days . Rolll on spring proper
  2. Coming down nicely, hopefully doesn’t weaken too much and stalls for a few hours Just look at the intensity of that system in the Irish Sea! What a waste lol
  3. Doesn’t seem to be making much progress further north and east now unfortunately :/
  4. Somewhere further south west is going to get absolutely buried from this system
  5. The Leicester snow shield working as well as always i see lol right in the middle of 2 very hefty snow showers
  6. Not sure how much exactly but has to be approaching a foot in untouched parts. Best snow event in some time, didn't disappoint.
  7. Yes, was probably the best snow event I can remember. Think we got around 8inches here
  8. Hi all Good few cm here atm and coming down nicely. More to come looking at the radar, nice streamer setup. Sunday currently looking very good for us, 15cm +
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