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  1. What a sight to wake up to, streamer has set up nicely. Unexpected
  2. This band has some real intensity to it, typical it’s rain
  3. You’ve got to say the metoffice warnings look to be bang on at the moment
  4. Amber warnings for 10-20cm over the NE now. nothing further south
  5. Maybe the stuff that’s over the NE at the moment?
  6. Even though this band has missed us, still got a nice little half covering from the light stuff yesterday evening. It was never anything more than light snow for an hour or 2 tbh. But just shows that you don’t really need much of an ‘event’ to give a decent covering if the conditions are right, altitude helps too of course.
  7. Original metoffice warnings make sense now, completely missing most of us
  8. Most of this band looks to be heading for Shropshire/Wales IMO
  9. Coming down steady here too, helping to recover some of the slight thaw from yesterday. Nice
  10. Is that true? Pretty crazy if so . I’m just down from sedgley
  11. Got to be a good 5-6cm out there already, nice surprise, doesn’t look like stopping for a while
  12. Some areas of upstate New York got over 3ft of snow in yesterday’s snowstorm.. madness https://www.syracuse.com/weather/2020/12/binghamton-buried-under-more-than-3-feet-of-snow-a-new-record-see-photos.html?outputType=amp
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