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  1. And then later in the week to the west and then to the east, with a smidgen of rainfall here, possibly Friday...possibly..
  2. Which warning will command more notice, the Met Office or the announcement of the next PM. Apologies for being O/T. It is an interesting time, especially waking up in July to thick fog (which has now been burnt away) and trying to see where these storms might track, seems to be still open to variance, but will firm up over the next few hours I hope. Still waiting for a good plume here in the central south coast.
  3. Bournemouth Airport is reading: Temperature 15°C Humidity 100% Pressure 1019 hPa
  4. Morning All, yes tiz foggy this morning, thicker over where I live in Poole than in Bournemouth, and the view out over the channel is...not there. Nice sight with the sun peering through. Currently 13.9°C and the RH is as expected, HIGH, currently @ 97 %, Humidex 16.9°C
  5. Maybe...just maybe our turn has come, but as Mapantz commented on the fax chart the north bound front seems to get it's act together just off the south coast rather than being a fully developed ""Oh hell yeah" type front as it crosses us! BUT, all to play for..
  6. And don't forget the SPECS camera's are now live... Meanwhile back on the topic of discussion..as the skies are clearing and the sun has broken through.. Currently RH79 %, Humidex 29.3°C
  7. Noticeable that the humidity levels have shot up since yesterday, currently 87%, compared to yesterday 59%..
  8. By 'eck George, looking at the map, one suggested route show a 1000miles from your current position back to the airport... Interested to see the mileage count on this tour....
  9. Seems to the story of our lives...too far west...too far east....the storm shield has been strong for many months..
  10. Similar conditions here with 22.3°C at: 13:38 . Fingers crossed for some storm action Tuesday night, maybe ..just maybe....it's our turn..
  11. ...we had some of that, a little while ago, must be blobs of high humidity falling...
  12. It's a long way back Chicken George..
  13. Nice catch, Tom looking good, even if it didn't pan out, a nice leading edge shot. There stormy things seem really fickle, don't you think?
  14. Very pleasant out here with the breeze, which feels to be dropping now, a peak of 23.8°C at: 15:12 , but with the sun at its current high position its easy to burn. Anyway, ignoring the sun cream factor lets move...Oh of course last night rainfall well appreciated at least by the garden, as for anything thundery, unless you were prepared to drive to Kent, it wasn't going to happen..The SE seems flavour of the year this year, with SW-NE excursions. Let's hope we get a genuine plum that just travels Northwards and ignores the SE for a change.
  15. Wait until you try to get home, the Purbeck slow lane will take it's toll especially as the Ferry is out of order..Could consider the dive west at Corfe and then go around..
  16. Ah Sturgis, I remember the Knuckle saloon now, there were a decent couple of American hot rods there when we visited previously, great place..looking like a good position for today
  17. Very scenic, would make a great place to shot a sci-fi movie, what with that piece of rock and those clouds..
  18. Is this the US part of the Canadian tour? Looks like the devil, p'd on his tower in the shot you posted..Nice cell though & looks like your in the right area for today's events..With some tilt to the Jet stream on Saturday, is that likely to be enough to kick things off at the border?
  19. Patchy light rain starts the day, somewhat refreshing to say the least, after the recent days and warm days. Currently 17.2°C after a warm night with the overnight low of 16.0°C at: 00:33
  20. Ah no I think you'll find the lighter blue is the front edge, the darker shading has been around the south coast all day, and is eluded to being ants The bigger picture makes it clearer
  21. Front edge of the band of rain has passed over us, and guess what not a drop of rain, as it just faded away...
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