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  1. I picked up 1044mb in 2016 so yes it could well push a new record show it come off.
  2. I don't think it relates to "Having a clue" it is what is, with warming around the globe, our winter season will change (one way OR the other), the MetO take their best stab at it using the available data. Seasons are subject to short (and long term) change, seemingly unless we see a SSW our winters are heading towards milder conditions with less cold.
  3. Is that more to do with the shift in the weather patterns as the storm season "appears" to be more inclined to resolve itself a bit further north as a starting point? Ya cant beat the Denver cyclone....... Love Denver it's great place to be, even for the earlier tours some snow, some weather some beer...
  4. You've been in the HFC thread again haven't you? Always amazes me how data can be interpreted in so many different ways, but heyho all data can tell you what you want to believe...the Hunt for cold continues...(so does the dross)
  5. Morning All a dry start to the day and clear and Temp: 9.0 °C - Dew Point: 7.9 °C.
  6. So close yet so far.. Seen all the weather types today...cloudy overnight, woke this morning to a clear blue sky, woke second time to thick fog, then we had a glorious spell of sunshine, now it's gone cloudy again. So for us the Met Office fog warning was defo spot on..
  7. Morning All, a cloudy night kept the temperatures up, with the clearing this morning allowing the temperatures to fall to their lowest values of Temp: 2.7 °C & Dew Point: 1.8 °C. Looking pleasant as the sun begins to creep upwards..
  8. Morning All, a clearing sky has allowed the temperatures to drop overnight, currently Temp: 3.6 °C & Dew Point: 2.7 °C.
  9. Interesting outputs, will watch keenly to see how it performs. Is the 3in1 output having a problem?
  10. Not quite true. Family meet @ Alum Chine with our hounds and a walk along to the Pier and back, with a hot Chocolate stop on the way back, and time for the grand kids to play @ Alum Chine. Peregrine Falcon hovering over the cliff between Durley Chine & the Pier attracting a lot of attention.A lot of good things going on, oh an some brave folks swimming in the sea (quickly I might add!) Boxing Day constitutional in the warm sun, always welcomed after Christmas Day, and didn't disappoint this year..
  11. Any update on the performance of the replacement item?
  12. Morning All, I think it might finally have stopped raining, currently 9.1C, RH96%.
  13. And still it rains here, somewhat lighter now for the most part...now a measured 0.8mm not a lot considering it been drizzling/ raining for most of the day from around 6am and not really stopped just eased..
  14. And so the drizzle, now turning to light rain continues with 0.3mm in the last hour, as mist begins to appear in the area. At least it wont make it to freezing fog...
  15. Drizzling here as it has been on and off all morning, so rather than look at the window at the dross weather, I've been watching the webcam in Jackson, Wyoming for a snow fix. Such a festive start to the day...
  16. Morning All, a partly cloudy start to the day, with the temperature of 8.9C and RH91%. But, it’s not raining so that’s a plus.. Oh yes, of course festive salutations to all in this thread, may your day be one of festive enjoyment...
  17. Tas bin rainin 'ere on/off, and havin peaked @8.5C tiz on the way down again, but not too far as tiz awful cloudy..
  18. Morning All, a single digit start to the festive season with the current temperature of 6.3C and RH96%. Overcast and damp after last night’s rainfall.
  19. This is the ONLY time I'm pleased to see the M4 is the dividing line between the [email protected] and the dry. You can keep although I do know deep down we will get it later tonight...the [email protected] weather that is..Kinda hoping the heavier rain doesn't make it this far south as my son has a leaking roof, so heavy rain right now is not welcomed..
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