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  1. Still warm down there Mike.. Humidity was 23% yesterday...
  2. Well it tried and tried to reach the upper 20s, but.....it wasn't to happen with today maxing out @25.1°C at: 11:30 . Overcast for most of the day, however humidity levels have risen since yesterday with the current measure @70 %, Humidex 27.9°C Yet again wrong side of the line for any precip..
  3. With an overnight low of 18.2°C another warm night. Some light rain this morning, but not enough to be measured, not even left any marks as the ground is so warm it's all evaporated.
  4. Showers to the east of me ...showers to the west of me...here I am stuck in the middle with p**
  5. Morning All, some mist out over the channel begins the morning, after an overnight low of 15.9°C at: 06:04. The sky is wall to wall blue, so things could warm today, we shall see. Currently 15.9°C with the RH90 %, Humidex 19.5°C
  6. Any last minute quick catches possible before the tour comes to a close??
  7. Hmm, well we have to be thankful for what was provided, with a high based storm before midnight, but a mere 1.6mm of rain so nothing to write home about as severe by any means. Certainly seems the further north you were the more intense the storms were, but that was a given anyway I think. Current the same as the overnight low of 17.9°C at: 06:20 with a RH92 %..
  8. Can we take bets where the cell on the lower left is going to go, it has enough oomph to now show nicely on the European lightning sites..
  9. And then later in the week to the west and then to the east, with a smidgen of rainfall here, possibly Friday...possibly..
  10. Which warning will command more notice, the Met Office or the announcement of the next PM. Apologies for being O/T. It is an interesting time, especially waking up in July to thick fog (which has now been burnt away) and trying to see where these storms might track, seems to be still open to variance, but will firm up over the next few hours I hope. Still waiting for a good plume here in the central south coast.
  11. Bournemouth Airport is reading: Temperature 15°C Humidity 100% Pressure 1019 hPa
  12. Morning All, yes tiz foggy this morning, thicker over where I live in Poole than in Bournemouth, and the view out over the channel is...not there. Nice sight with the sun peering through. Currently 13.9°C and the RH is as expected, HIGH, currently @ 97 %, Humidex 16.9°C
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