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  1. Morning All, a wall to wall start to the day the temperatures reflecting a cooler night with the current temp just above the overnight low of 10.7°C at: 04:59
  2. Morning All, with the overcast layer of cloud now breaking quickly, the temperatures reflecting a warm night with the current temp just above the overnight low of 15.6°C at: 04:37.
  3. In a gap between the rain bands and the sun has popped out for a brief spell. Channel looks choppy this morning, it's been calm for so long it seems odd to see white horses...
  4. Morning All, a breezy and for a change this month, a wet start to the day, with drizzle in abundance, Currently 16.1°C whilst the RH92 %, Humidex 20.0°C..
  5. Interesting effect the hills on the IOW have on the incoming low..forcing up the moisture...
  6. Interesting to note the track was originally a lot more across the south, it now seems to be veering NE, wondering how far along the south coast it will go?
  7. Morning All, back to seasonal temperatures overnight with an overnight low of 10.7°C at: 04:50. A bright sunny start to the week, one seemingly with some potential interest, with the clear liquid being mentioned over the next couple of days..
  8. Certainly have no complaints, temperature, humidity (slight lack of precip) but a good weekends' weather overall.
  9. A pleasant gardening day, the breeze making comfortable out there, with a maximum of 26.0°C at: 15:06 and only slightly below that currently
  10. Overnight low of 13.7°C having now crept up to 21.6°C with some patchy cloud around, RH59 %, Humidex 24.6°C
  11. I know it's long gone, but I was looking through the logs for the storm the other night, and picked this up on the lightning sensor. Not bad, it's been in place for a year and this is the first recording I've seen..
  12. Still cruising around the bottom 27°C mark, after a peak of 27.7°C at: 14:41 earlier, currently RH38 %, Humidex 29.5°C some darker clouds cruising through but nothing will happen from them..
  13. Safe trip guys, assuming you get to take off on time as Heathrow still seems dogged with heat issues..
  14. Still warm down there Mike.. Humidity was 23% yesterday...
  15. Well it tried and tried to reach the upper 20s, but.....it wasn't to happen with today maxing out @25.1°C at: 11:30 . Overcast for most of the day, however humidity levels have risen since yesterday with the current measure @70 %, Humidex 27.9°C Yet again wrong side of the line for any precip..
  16. With an overnight low of 18.2°C another warm night. Some light rain this morning, but not enough to be measured, not even left any marks as the ground is so warm it's all evaporated.
  17. Showers to the east of me ...showers to the west of me...here I am stuck in the middle with p**
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