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  1. The yellow warning that was a waste of time and hasn't been updated by the Met Office. The Met Office updated their Yellow warning yesterday morning @09:54, and haven't bothered with it since. Clearly they post yellow warnings and can no longer be bothered to adjust their track or overlays, or possible effects. Makes you wonder if they can be @rsed if they don't get to name the storm it's like "Yeah whatever...".

  2. 1 hour ago, Mapantz said:

    Sunny and 13.8°C. It did make it to 14.5°C.

    The warning for wind should be removed from some parts as the strength of the gusts have been downgraded by quite a way since a few days ago. Several hours of low 40's gusts does not constitute a yellow warning.

    Well i's good to the Met Office have it under their effective warning system, which hasn't been upgraded for 8 hours...finger on the pulse aye?

  3. With April charging towards its exit, I've found some interesting Dorset (Weather Book)weather items worth a mention:

    "April has the face of a monk but the claws of cat" (relating to how the temperature varies widely in April)

    1933 22nd April -Overnight low of -6C was recorded @ Maiden Newton.

    1938 April no rain at all was measured in Poole, with only 1" (25.4mm) measured from Feb 1st to April 30th 

  4. 2 hours ago, Andy Bown said:

    Well the balloon flight got cancelled due to the wind! You never can win with British weather, sunny and 21c but too windy!! Expect we’ll rebook and it will be calm but wet!

    Anyway, lots of outdoor jobs to do in the sunshine today.

    It was breezy here earlier this morning around 7ish but that has dropped away now....bummer, you cant win at times with the British weather can you?

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