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  1. Way short on the forecasted amount, a mere 7mm today, although as commented it is spinning over us so a small chance of a top up on that figure..
  2. From the local rag "THUNDERSTORMS could cause disruption across Dorset today, the Met Office has warned. A yellow weather comes into force for the whole of the county at 10am and ends at 8pm tonight. Some places in the South West could see as much as 30 to 40mm of rainfall within just a few hours. The Met Office says some flooding of a few homes and businesses is "likely" and there is a "good chance" driving conditions will be affected by spray. Delays to train services are also possible along with short term loss of power and possibly damage to a few buildings from lightning strikes. The Chief Forecaster said: "An area of heavy rain will turn more showery later this morning, with a risk of thunderstorms developing, which may be slow-moving in some places."
  3. Patchy cloud after some longer sunny spells earlier today reaching a high of 21.2°C at: 12:06 . Seems like I'm out watering the garden tonight as we are lacking rainfall.
  4. Noticeable the pressure remains high over the Azores, a sign to come for the winter...maybe?
  5. What looked earlier this week as a wash out friday is now looking like fizzled out Friday as the band of rain appears to weaken progressively and is almost out of rain drops by the time it makes the south coast..
  6. Latest update: 1:00 AM EDT Thu Sep 5 Location: 31.3°N 79.6°W Moving: N at 7 mph Min pressure: 957 mb Max sustained: 115 mph
  7. South Carolina - https://www.sciway.net/ccr/webcams.html North Carolina - https://www.wral.com/north_carolina_webcams/10997074/
  8. Latest update 1:00 AM EDT Wed Sep 4 Location: 28.7°N 79.1°W Moving: NNW at 7 mph Min pressure: 961 mb Max sustained: 110 mph
  9. A nice drop of clear liquid this morning to start the day, with a light breeze. Rain has stopped now overcast .
  10. As expected the rain was patchy this afternoon, just 2 miles from us a down pour whilst here, it wasn't even measurable. Will have to get out and water the tomatoes tonight as they look a tad limp! This up and coming week has all the making of being dry again, so back into the watering regime methinks..
  11. Was just out in the garden as the Lancaster on its own flew over, nice to see at close range, even though I saw it in the WW2 flyby on Thursday
  12. Back edge (as quite usual) is beginning to break up around the coastal fringe, so looking less likely to bring much more rain than we've just seen (which wasn't a lot)
  13. Likely to see a clearance of rain sooner than that, as it's just arriving west of Poole now, and it's forward speed looks to be around 35mph.. Rain is here in Poole @13:02
  14. I like the look of the back edge, that seems be a little more likely to provide us with some rainfall, the front edge seems to be breaking up, and the breeze certainly is making the see choppy today..enjoy
  15. Looking at the radar for the time you mentioned it does appear that something created a decent area of rainfall near you, here's 6:25 Then look at 06:45 it had grown to this Watching the time loop there certainly was an west to east progression even down as far as the channel with a light shower. DP chart shows how Warminster sat with the 12C right over it..
  16. So what's likely to cause a sudden change in direction as suggested in the following forecast image. It seems severe by the look of that, understanding the nature of "right turn Clyde" nature of hurricanes..
  17. Some interesting rainfall amounts being suggested already United States...6 to 12 inches, isolated 18 inches.
  18. Breezy day, which kicked in around 8am, but still achieved 22.3°C at: 13:46 even though there's been a fair few cloudy spells during the day. Tomorrow afternoon looking a tad bit glum rather than damp for the airshow, cloud cover and a breezy afternoon on the beach for those making down to view the airshow methinks..
  19. Warming nicely 22.0°C at: 11:28 as the various aircraft begin to arrive in town for the airshow, with a couple just cruised in over the pier just now..
  20. A cool start with single digits 7.5°C at: 06:16 this morning along with some mist rolling off the heath..Whoa, that was a shock to the system.
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