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  1. 10 hours ago, matty40s said:

    Cheers Mike, very disappointed in coverage of Tour 1 on here - especially after last years pointers and discussions to the organisers of this forums importance in raising awareness of tour chasing and information sharing to people who either don't do facebook/twatter or are limited in data use.

    Im not going to bang on about it, and have tried to get a bit of interest on here on chase nights like the forum used to have, it would be great to see the actual NWchasing footage or stills on here too.

    We  might be lucky and see some more coverage on Tour 2 (hopefully) given it's forecasted activity. I suspect that the cost of streaming and the fact it would drop a fair bit might have swayed it's use this year. Agree that streaming was a great way to sell the tours (as long as you know about NW and it's tours as a starting point), but with so many people streaming out there now, you could consider in some instances you are streaming the same as other people at a cost, who knows.

  2. 22 hours ago, Nick L said:

    I'm in the Baymont so have no idea! I'll probably just get an Uber. My experience of hotel shuttle buses is that you can often be left in arrivals for an eternity, worth a few bucks just to get an Uber with minimal wait.

    Hope it works out, as last time I did that journey, the taxi driver refused to take as he said it wasn't far enough trip for him. So he was told by the guy at the airport organizing taxi, to get the heck outta there, so he took me and moaned all the way, (however short the journey)

  3. 13 hours ago, Paul Sherman said:

    12Z GFS Run is an absolute wet dream of a run for Tour 2

    If it plays out like it is showing then there will be multiple Severe Events over the Plains starting around the 17th to the 27th May

    This really could be another 2016 setting up here

    See you next week Guys

    SPC onboard already ?

    "In either case, the threat for severe weather is likely to increase on Fri/D6 into Sat/D7, and 15% probabilities have been introduced for Fri/D6. Increasing flow aloft with a substantial low-level jet and moisture should support supercells along the dryline Fri afternoon and evening..."

  4. 38 minutes ago, TQWX said:

    Reached 18C here just before 3pm and is currently 17C. UV must have been strong as meto predicted UV6 for here and the station reported UV9 which may be innacurate but it has to have been very strong to get that kind of reading. We've had mostly blue skies and plenty of fair weather clouds.

    Picked up 19.0°C at: 16:47 &  UV6.6 here today, as the strength of the sun increases, still hovering around 16.4°C

  5. 7 minutes ago, Lucas said:

    Hi guys,

    I'm not going on any tours this year so if this thread is only for people on tours feel free to tell me where I could post. I was following you last year almost every chase from the UK on my computer and had a few late nights watching radar and your live stream:-) I really like the fact I could see your live video and your live position together with the radar, feels like I was there with you, but obviously I'd love to try the real thing. I just want to ask if you don't mind, do you know about any publicly available radar (free of charge) that would show storm rotation (the storm relative Doppler winds)? I assume there is no way in your map with the position of your vehicle to show this. The best radar I found is: https://www.weatherradioapp.com/imap-weather

    It shows if a storm rotates, but it's just a computer generated symbol that shows where a rotation was detected, but no actual Doppler Radar.

    I'd also love to join you next year if all goes well, the main problem for me in the last years was Uni and the fact that exams coincide with tornadoes, but I'm finishing this year (hopefully) so should be fine timewise for the next. Finances was other thing, but I'm making a savings plan for going stormchasing so want to ask how soon I'd have to book if I wanted to go next year and when is the deadline for full payment? Also, other than flights, ESTA, etc. are there any other costs while in the US and would $500 cash with me be enough to have for food, downdays, etc. or would you recommend more? (feel free to direct me to some FAQ page, etc. if this is all explained somewhere).

    I'm hoping to follow you online again this year. The only thing was that I'm having trouble loading your live stream. When I went to the live stream page (even at times when I thought you were chasing) it says "Event Has Been Deleted". I could see your posts, but no live video and your position is showing up in SW Kansas where I think you finished last year. Do I need to reset my browser somehow or is it just that you haven't been streaming this year?

    Anyway, fingers crossed for you and I hope you get many successful days and see loads of tornadoes!

    Lucas, there is no live stream this year. As to a lot of your other questions concerning how...check out weatherholidays.com as a starting point for the tour schedule. Start there to begin with as it has a faq and contact email. As to radar app, a lot of people use RadarScope. Others will add more I am sure but being in a specific tour thread might mean your questions may not be seem the best place. There is a thread running on “What do I take...” and that is a really useful thread this year, drop in and ask....Good luck, it’s a great thing to do, you will enjoy...and want to go back for more!


  6. After a maximum of 15.3°C at: 12:52 , it's clouded over and that was it for the day. Oh well summer might be here...sometime down the road. A drop of rain would be nice too, just to get things going in the garden as water from the mains isn't like good ol rain water...fingers crossed for this week🌧️

    Mean while back to web watching the USA midwest for the storms..Go team Netweather..

  7. 1 hour ago, nsrobins said:

    Wasn’t Sunday the first official day of T1?

    Is there a stream and/or thread this year?

    No there is no stream this year, at the moment relying upon FB postings to see what's happened overnight as this thread doesn't have any updates either.

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