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  1. grit grit my kingdom for grit

  2. did it snow yesterday? You wouldn't think so looking around here

    1. butler_son


      You would looking here. =]

  3. Anybody prepared to take bets on my drive from Poole to Glasgow on Christmas morning being possible :^)

    1. R.P. McMurphy

      R.P. McMurphy

      Easy. Don't you own a hover craft?

  4. The cold air in Finland seems to be leaking, now -0.2C @ KILPISJÄ which was -30C a few days ago

  5. -1C down here on the sarf coast, where's the cold wheever gone?

  6. close but not close enough, over the channel it stays, and flirts with the Isle of Purbeck.

  7. snowdome still in place over southern dorset

  8. Local B&Q sold out of bags of grit. Hah, sales are 1600% yes 1600% up, due to the THREAT of snow down here. Ho Ho Ho

  9. -32.6 °C in Finland, now that's COLD

    1. disco-barry


      Balmy compared to Norilsk at -38 haha

  10. -31.8 °C in Finland this morning. Now that's COLD......brrrr

  11. It went 1-2-3 and Arsene went "Oh F..!"

  12. Thunderstorm last night in Poole, and I missed it :^(

    1. Stormyking


      Had a Thudnerstorm on the IOW too last night

    2. butler_son


      Heard a rumble in Verwood!

    3. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman

      Damn Your Luck is bad Quentin - Pat has put a curse on you Lol

  13. It is November right? 14C at 6am seems more like July weather. Confused, somebody is..

  14. Winter's comin', just replaced my batteries in my remote sensing unit in preparation

  15. Grand daughter is home today from hospital, had to pop round (wifey woda killed othrwise). All looking well and fit, good news



      Ta for reply re PWS link. Congratulations and glad u r enjoying a few sherbs!!!

  16. SO I've become a Grandad for the second time. This time with a lovely Gran daughter, and I'm still wetting the baby's head

    1. Somerset Squall
    2. Paul


      Congratulations Quentin!

    3. duckeyh


      congratulations ;0)

  17. Can you believe it, August Bank Holiday, and what a day, fantastic Cirrus cloud formations around

  18. A visitor in my office from South Africa asked "Does it ever stop raining in the UK?" Of course they call that day summer :^)

  19. ANybody for a wet grockel, there's farsands of them on Bmth beach this arvy, hoping the rain would stop, and the cloud lift. Did it? Did it heck :^P

  20. Tiz dark, had to turn the lights on this morning, sure sign August is coming to an end

  21. OK, where's summer I've paid my fees until the until of August

  22. Crackin' down pour in a recent shower, reminds me of April. It is still Spring, right?

  23. That "feature" over NE England would serve us proud for some welcomed rain. Mr Postman stick it in your sack and deliver it to us tomorrow morning please.....

  24. Ok so question of the day. Are ladybirds know to be blood suckers, as I watched two ladybirds today bite the [email protected] otta me and have good time, that was before the finger of god flicked them off. Usual, or not?

    1. coldfingers


      We once had a swarm of ladybirds down south here and they were biting people then. Usually I think it is a sign they are hungry and try anything that moves! There has been a great increase in the red ones in the last week. before was mainly the harlequin ladybird.

    2. Nick L

      Nick L

      I was in Norfolk last year when they had the ladybird swarms, for someone who doesn't like flying insects (me!) it was horrific.

    3. Dorsetbred


      Interesting as for years I have considered them the gardeners friend, now the little bugg3rs are biting the gardener. Godamnit

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  25. Folks on next years Stormchasing trip, best get your ESTA's sorted QUICK, check out http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-10899968

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman


      I thought th ESTA Forms we filled out this year last 2 years ?? That way next year should not be a problem for the returning folks

    2. Dorsetbred


      Correct, but anytbody who did it two years ago needs to renew before September or cough up.

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