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  1. 2 minutes ago, Mapantz said:

    A nice drop of rain here. However, I noticed that my Davis gauge says 24mm. I checked the manual gauges, and they're both at 16mm, so I had to investigate.. I found a bunch of spiders using the rain tipper as a hammock and a huge network of webs connecting the tipper to the underside of the rain catchers. Needless to say, I handed them an eviction notice.

    Temp 13.4°C.

    I was wondering why you were so far ahead of me, considering we run the same equipment, and localisation the difference was quite large...

  2. 13 hours ago, Mapantz said:

    I have to say, the models have been very consistent regarding rainfall totals for parts of our region. 20 to 30mm possible on Friday.

    Oh good, some decent rainfall at last, my plants are in need of some good rainfall to bring them on. I still think looking at the suggested forecast that the forward speed of the two rain fronts, the first with the heavy rain, and the second with more showers (but potentially heavy) is going to be the keep. The speed of transition right now looks relatively quick, but of course the intensity will also determine the amount. I think the commute tomorrow morning is going to be a challenge for some, glad I'm working from home tomorrow. Of course I am talking about my location, others such as Devon & Cornwall could well experience longer periods of rainfall, based on the suggested forecast as the front "arches" forwards..

  3. On 08/05/2019 at 14:21, johnholmes said:


    Some on here, myself included, have used this very good source of high resolution satellite images over the years. To keep this going free it seems it needs money putting into it.

    Hopefully we can keep this data available if we help with what we can afford.

    many thanks




    Not looking good John, have to say, I have made a donation, but the numbers are very low, I think put off in part by the suggested goal of £1M. Right now it's around £8K of a suggested £65K goal, so a really long way short.

  4. Morning All, welcome to summer...for those on here that like water sports, I've put a collection of water sports and weather info together which can be found here, enjoy and spread the word. If I could add anything then let me know..


    Meanwhile, it's a sunny 20.2°C so if it stays clear temperatures look set fair to rise some more yet, some early cirrus has cleared, now.

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