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  1. Summers coming, up to 7.4°C, with overcast conditions, suggests with a bit of sun it could have been a real mild one..
  2. Night Shift Cookie....?
  3. Morning All, after an overnight low of -1.2°C at: 02:07 the cloud appeared and sent temperatures skywards, to -0.8°C right now, with a light frost, so the screen cover paid off for my early start sometime ago.
  4. Will you guys stop winding me up, rushing out to take the cover off, now back out to put it back on....based on the fact it's -0.2°C here, it's staying on..
  5. Right that does it I'm off out to stick the cover on the windscreen, an early start so prefer a clear screen.. Clearly worth doing as there is a layer of ice on the car roof already
  6. Thanks for the update, saves me messing around and putting the screen cover on..
  7. Morning All, a tricky start to the morning as the roads are like a skating rink and even the bus route has not been gritted. Decent view of the moon this morning (typical 2 days late!), with Venus & Jupiter in the SE sky chasing one another. Meanwhile currently Temp: 0.3 °C & Dew Point: -0.4 °C RH95% and light SSW breeze which will soon push temps up..
  8. Come on people ONLY 5 weeks to Spring, let's not be glum...we just have to get all this weather indecision nonsense out the way and a fresh season, with fresh flowers, fruit, vegetables, mosquito's, bee's and tourists will soon begin..
  9. Absolute blizzard going on here at the moment, clear snow globules by the bucket load falling Well as good as it'll get I figure...
  10. Morning All, a wet and chilly start to the day, with clear skies allowing the temperature to fall after last nights balmy episode. Currently Temp: 0.2 °C & Dew Point: -0.4 °C.
  11. If it's anything like right now it's raining and 5.2°C, it would have to drop a fair few degrees to do anything different down here..(Apologies for the IMBY comment)
  12. Ii reckon @Mapantz forecast from Wxsim is looking about right down here for tonight and tomorrow
  13. After screwing up the eclipse, the cloud is now burning back as the sun blazes across the English Channel....typical..
  14. Totally overcast and can't see a thing..down here on the south coast..
  15. Well unless I looked in the wrong direction, I can't see any moon, got up early to view the blood moon and all I can see is blood(y) cloud So back on the ground it's Temp: 1.8 °C & Dew Point: 1.2 °C with mist patches
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