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  1. Bright warm susnhine down here on the coast, mmm ice cream time

    1. Eugene


      Yes its very mild indeed, seem its been for months now

  2. Some early morning hail, mmmmm nice

  3. We have hail and thunder down on the coast, that's more like the October weather we know & luv

    1. wimblettben


      No thunder here yet as expected.

  4. What is it with funerals. I laid my mother to rest this afternoon, and yet again for the nnnnth time at a funeral the sun was shining, no rain to yuck the affair.RIP

    1. Lancashire Lass

      Lancashire Lass

      My condolences. It was the same at my dad's funeral. Beautiful sunshine in amongst 2 days of rain.

    2. wimblettben


      It was raining really heavily on my nans funeral.

    3. Upgrade


      my mum's "funeral weather" was astonishing. We went into the service in church in bright sunshine, and came out to a snowstorm and inches grew on the ground during the burial . very atmospheric and somehow appropriate.

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  5. WTF, where did all that rain come from? Now bright sunshine in prep for the next deluge. Supa bring it on, it's great to see such deluges...

  6. 24.2C in wall to wall sunshine, who said bring on Autumn, good move so far...

  7. Pilot dies at Bmth airshow crash, thoughts go out to the family of the pilot

  8. Wow, it's only taken until 5pm for the sun to finally break through the mirk

  9. hmm what's this rain all about?

  10. Overall not a bad day not quite July as one might associate but not bad

    1. Milhouse


      Certainly. I played a full cricket match today with only minor interruptions. But then again we do tend to play through the rain if its not too heavy. But still i guess it could have been a total washout, which it wasnt.

  11. 7.7mm of rain now bright sunshine and temps soaring

  12. Why is it all good rain activity & snowfall is ALWAYS east of the IOW. Check the radar, I rest my case :^(

    1. slb97


      I know exactly what you mean, I'm in Southampton and can see the dark skies to my east - gutted!

  13. I say rather warm isn't it chaps?

  14. And the rain cruised by missing us completely!!

    1. Paul Sherman

      Paul Sherman


    2. sunny scunny

      sunny scunny

      That usually happens in my area lol

  15. what a great drop of the crystal clear liquid over the past 2 hours. It was a welcome sight to see

  16. I could really do with a UK GRLevel3, could somebody set one up?

  17. WHY, is it that troughs always split across were I live? We are right in the gap on the current one crossing the south, with sod all precip to note

  18. My veggies are standing to attention after a day of slow and "wet" rain that has made them soooo happy. Thank you OH rain gods for your donation

  19. Damn, there I go again, missing something important. Did the world end without me??

  20. Up to 25.4C down here, sitting outside drinking Stowfords for three hours, slightly burnt now

  21. After the funeral just gone through a wake of 3 hours, sitting in the sun drinking Stoford Press, brain is now a tad haggled

  22. 25C down here, nice prep for next week

  23. Brrrr, now down to 8.8C and dropping. Who ordered winter to return. Brrrrr

    1. Eugene


      lol must be the mildest winter weather ive ever seen then

  24. Some light drizzle/sleet now turning to heavy snow, wow that's unexpected

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