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  1. Yeah, point taken, and appreciate you highlighting the options open as the data becomes available, ..
  2. Some slight movement to wind shifting from the SSW to W / NW, as the front slips further eastwards and the cooler air begins to dig in
  3. To summarise, (firstly) not sure about the maths aspect of this but...what you are saying cold rain for folks south of the A303, well that's been the order of the winter so that's pretty much par for the course....
  4. Yep, just another 3-4degrees and we would be in for a shout, but they are too warm..
  5. Well, I was going to ask my son to do it for me, as my wife wont let me near a ladder after my last fall. Suggested it today and it was like "NAH", so for now I might just have to compromise. Do have a nice roof / wall where it could sit, but I'd have to get a remote transmitter for the anemometer as it will be too far from the base unit without it. Given it's a west facing wall I cant mount the whole davis unit there as there will be too much radiation heating. So for now until I can convince my wife to let my son up on the roof I'll stick with 18ft pole.
  6. Been outside all afternoon shifting the DAVIS station to a new position, whilst it rained, blew and tried it's best to dissuade me. Figure a 24ft pole just lurches around too much in the strong wind so had to back off to 18ft. Off course living in a built up area is always a compromise in getting the best results. Not seen 37mph but have seen gusts @ 25mph so relatively Ok (ish). Time to move house methinks for better results..Maybe I should move to KARLOS country..
  7. Ha, memory jerker I use to have one of those, it was a LaCrosse system. I recently, I.e. a month again decommissioned it and placed into local care(dustbin). Had it for many years, and yes it was functional. Had to replace the anemometer as it wore out and the second one finally sized after many years of service. It can’t be used to capture data it is a here now system,with the periodic updates for the wind means it doesn’t read gusts, just averages. Classic was the rain gauge was up on a pole which I recently took down, to find it clogged with anything and everything, shows how I hadn’t Looked at the console for a very long time!
  8. In prep for the weekend wild spell https://www.bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/17385406.met-office-issues-weather-warning-for-strong-winds/
  9. Noted a little more upbeat tonight over in the models and banter thread, suggesting something a little more seasonal ..
  10. Summers coming, up to 7.4°C, with overcast conditions, suggests with a bit of sun it could have been a real mild one..
  11. Night Shift Cookie....?
  12. Morning All, after an overnight low of -1.2°C at: 02:07 the cloud appeared and sent temperatures skywards, to -0.8°C right now, with a light frost, so the screen cover paid off for my early start sometime ago.
  13. Will you guys stop winding me up, rushing out to take the cover off, now back out to put it back on....based on the fact it's -0.2°C here, it's staying on..
  14. Right that does it I'm off out to stick the cover on the windscreen, an early start so prefer a clear screen.. Clearly worth doing as there is a layer of ice on the car roof already
  15. Thanks for the update, saves me messing around and putting the screen cover on..
  16. Morning All, a tricky start to the morning as the roads are like a skating rink and even the bus route has not been gritted. Decent view of the moon this morning (typical 2 days late!), with Venus & Jupiter in the SE sky chasing one another. Meanwhile currently Temp: 0.3 °C & Dew Point: -0.4 °C RH95% and light SSW breeze which will soon push temps up..
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