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  1. Morning All, a wet start to the day, with a fair few showers laready packing in to the West Country. Meanwhile temperature is 10.4°C and a light breeze in from the west.
  2. Can we possibly replace the "crappy" pattern with "seasonal' pattern which seems to be more of the flavour at this time?
  3. A crackin day with a peak of 18.7°C at: 15:57 , another classic season day..
  4. Morning All, a foggy start to the day and temperature in double digits @10.8°C
  5. Just goes to show how it broke up and fell apart as the heavier rainfall was to he east of us, as Wareham captured the same 0.2mm of rainfall, with Corfe Mullen achieving 0.6mm, so you were certainly in the heavier patch of rain.
  6. So just what was all this hype about Lorenzo? We managed 0.2mm of rain and a 10mph gust from it as it died a failing death crossing us..Just shows hows forecasting has "some" way to go yet..
  7. After clear starry spells last night the cloud rolled back in holding the temperatures up. Currently 12.4°C and partly cloudy with only a very light breeze
  8. Mornin All, an overcast start to the day, which had it been clear for longer would most certainly have resulted in a colder night, however currently 6.3°C
  9. Morning All, a wet start to the day, after some more rain. Wind has dropped back, so feels quite warm, yet only 15.3°C... (only he says!)
  10. Morning All a cooler start to the day @ 9.8°C..start of a I tersting weather week?
  11. As Shaky Stevens would sing " Snow is falling..." looking around the various Montana webcams, early season snowfall is the flavour of the day.. https://bigskyresort.com/webcams
  12. In between the showers or more like heavy drizzle, garden time...Last of the seasons spuds lifted, chaffer grub nematodes watered in. Green bin is full, not bad for 50/50 weekend. Tomatoes are still trying their best to form but with the shortening daylight hours and drop in the suns effect they are nearing their end... Prep for winter begins big time...Currently 17.0°C
  13. Looks gloomy this morning although the rain has stopped, breeze seemed gusty overnight but has backed off now. Oh and it’s mild @ 16.2°C..
  14. talking of rain as I was previously, classic image now showing us sitting in the middle of two rain cells and both pass either side of us (red dot)...typical Look to my right and I see the southern cell and to my left I can the northern cell..
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