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  1. As my old school master used to say to me "Be specific boy, oranges, bananas or frogs", so .....-2. ❄❄ suggests minus two snowflakes...right?
  2. From an earlier satellite shot Recent satellite image
  3. Cooling nicely at the moment, although some patchy cloud may well hold the temperature up over night. Currently 4.9°C
  4. Morning All, a cool start to the morning and starry sky to the north with cloud to the south encroaching from a southerly direction. Current temperature is 5.2°C with some mist patches..
  5. Morning All, a clear starry sky start the day off, with an overnight low of 3.7°C at: 05:52 and currently 4.1°C
  6. Overcast skies have helped to hold the temperature up overnight, with a low of 8.2°C, currently 9.8°C
  7. Morning All, a cool start to the day after an overnight low of 3.1°C at: 05:12 now currently 5.3°C..
  8. The individual cells are getting smaller in the SW approaches as the heat slips away....
  9. Last night's boom shaker (thunder) that set off car alarms (I'm just right of the one white area (green dot). Lightning sensor suggests a distance of 6-8 miles from us. Wonder if Mapantz can give any reference direction? Interesting gust of wind the same time as the cells hit Lightning measure
  10. Decent rumble that set off car alarms, now that's a decent rumble at 11:15 last night. Distance measurement suggests between 6 & 8 miles from us. Will check radar in a while to try and pin it down.
  11. Is there any chance we can get Accuweather to sign up James Madden, putting those two together could be "interesting" being at completely different angles on the up and coming weather that each has forecasted ?
  12. Morning All, patchy cloud permitting the moon to just about shine through, after overnight showers, which looking to the SW seem the order of the day. Currently the RH is back at the top and the temperature is currently 7.9°C with a light breeze from the N
  13. A damp start this morning after the overnight / early morning rainfall, RH is back up to the ceiling again today whilst the temperature is 14.9°C.
  14. Amazing the humidity level is still around 97-98%, although here in Bournemouth the sun is trying its best to break through the cloud layer.
  15. Morning All, a foggy start this morning as yesterdays rainfall keeps the moisture levels high as temperatures hit the single digits 8.8°C and the RH 97%
  16. Rain, light, heavy, drizzle, and blustery winds, a classic autumn day...leading in to a seemingly wet weekend. Temperature 15.1°C
  17. Morning All, a clear starry start to the day, with temperature holding up @9.3°C
  18. Cor this takes me back years, when I'd planned to build the RIG receiver and download the images, but life's shortness had the better of me and it didn't progress far, and I sold everything. Really appreciate you sharing these with us, there's a certain something to the personal capture , that seems to set you free from the web.
  19. Morning All, a wet start to the day, with a fair few showers laready packing in to the West Country. Meanwhile temperature is 10.4°C and a light breeze in from the west.
  20. Can we possibly replace the "crappy" pattern with "seasonal' pattern which seems to be more of the flavour at this time?
  21. A crackin day with a peak of 18.7°C at: 15:57 , another classic season day..
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