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  1. 15 minutes ago, Rapodo said:

    Quite liked the BBC forecast had the Storms quite central moving north over Dorset and developing far enough South.

    Maybe...just maybe our turn has come, but as Mapantz commented on the fax chart the north bound front seems to get it's act together just off the south coast rather than being a fully developed ""Oh hell yeah" type front as it crosses us!

    BUT, all to play for..

  2. 50 minutes ago, CheesepuffScott said:

    I am planning a venture to the coast tomorrow, hopefully that forecasted mist and low cloud doesn't hang around too long. Also plan on avoiding the A338 as I bet it'll be heathing.

    And don't forget the SPECS camera's are now live...

    Meanwhile back on the topic of discussion..as the skies are clearing and the sun has broken through..

    Currently RH79 %, Humidex 29.3°C

  3. 4 hours ago, Tom Lynch said:

    You are correct there Quentin i.e. a long way back.  Never the less here is the update for Sunday 21 July - got up in Sergis , South Dakota. Travelled down through the Black Hills of South Dakota, raced towards through  Wyoming into Colorado but our target storm fell apart. So we sat watching storms trying to develop but to no avail. So we ate in Cheyenne and set off for a 70 mile trip to Wheatlands, Wyoming and bed. Early start tomorrow Montana bound. Then making our way to wards the border as storms are hopefully forecast for Canada. watch this space.

    By 'eck George, looking at the map, one suggested route show a 1000miles from your current position back to the airport...


    Interested to see the mileage count on this tour....

  4. Very pleasant out here with the breeze, which feels to be dropping now, a peak of 23.8°C at: 15:12 , but with the sun at its current high position its easy to burn. Anyway, ignoring the sun cream factor lets move...Oh of course last night rainfall well appreciated at least by the garden, as for anything thundery, unless you were prepared to drive to Kent, it wasn't going to happen..The SE seems flavour of the year this year, with SW-NE excursions. Let's hope we get a genuine plum that just travels Northwards and ignores the SE for a change.


  5. 2 hours ago, Tom Lynch said:

    Started today in Spearfish, SD, had dinner in Sturgis SD , took a trip to Mount Rushmore and then took a 370 mile trek to Sioux Falls SD across the Great Missouri River. Great storm potential for tomorrow.

    Ah Sturgis, I remember the Knuckle saloon now, there were a decent couple of American hot rods there when we visited previously, great place..looking like a good position for today

  6. 8 minutes ago, CheesepuffScott said:

    I did get an alert for drizzle at 2am but I looked out and nothing seemed to be falling, not that it would've accounted to much anyways.

    Blue sky overhead now, wondering how long it will take to cloud over again. 18.5°C

    Probably not long...


    Looking out to the west from my vantage point in Bournemouth, I can see the clouds building already...

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