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  1. Is this the US part of the Canadian tour? Looks like the devil, p'd on his tower in the shot you posted..Nice cell though & looks like your in the right area for today's events..With some tilt to the Jet stream on Saturday, is that likely to be enough to kick things off at the border?

  2. 8 minutes ago, CheesepuffScott said:

    I did get an alert for drizzle at 2am but I looked out and nothing seemed to be falling, not that it would've accounted to much anyways.

    Blue sky overhead now, wondering how long it will take to cloud over again. 18.5°C

    Probably not long...


    Looking out to the west from my vantage point in Bournemouth, I can see the clouds building already...

  3. 32 minutes ago, Andy Bown said:

    The fax charts on Friday and yesterday showed the front lingering along the South coast and by all accounts above that has happened.

    We had early drizzle then misty low cloud which began clearing to Altocumulus mid morning and has been followed by a glorious, warm and sunny afternoon. 23.8c at the moment.

    Just looked at the apps, Friday afternoon anyone?


    I'd like to believe, but....ROFL..


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