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  1. http://www.tornadoalleymovie.com tornado time is coming
    1. duckeyh


      Going tp try and see it in Chicago. I can't wait ;0)

  2. Hi

    I was wondering if you add my WX to your Personal Weather Station Map.

    It located in Poole, Dorset.


    Many Thanks


  3. -1C down here on the sarf coast, where's the cold wheever gone?

  4. -31.8 °C in Finland this morning. Now that's COLD......brrrr

  5. -32.6 °C in Finland, now that's COLD

    1. disco-barry


      Balmy compared to Norilsk at -38 haha

  6. -40.3C this morning in KILPISJÄ (Finland) so there's some real cold air out there Brrr

    1. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      Lol thats just what I was going to post before I saw this!

  7. -6 in Wigan, snow at shap -10C in Lancashire, freezing rain in Scottish klowlands, and rain in Glasgow. There, I've seen a bit of everything this morning

  8. 24.2C and still plenty of time to climb higher

  9. 24.2C in wall to wall sunshine, who said bring on Autumn, good move so far...

  10. 25C down here, nice prep for next week

  11. 28.1C here and still time to climb

  12. 5.8C and 100% cloud cover, was all this "cold"talk about ;^(

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    2. Aaron


      I'm glad I do not live on the coast.

    3. lindy2017


      we had frost cold and sun last 3 days

    4. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      We're actually in a ftost hollow here that I've seen one of the coldest spots in the country more than once despite being a few miles from the S. coast in Devon. It doesn't work when there's cloud and a breeze though, 5.9C here

  13. 545 guests, wassa

  14. 545 guests, wassa

  15. 545 guests, waz that all about, come on in sign up, we don't bite (well most of us don't)

  16. 7.7mm of rain now bright sunshine and temps soaring

  17. A mind blowing 17.1C in Poole this afternoon, whilst I'm in the gloom in Manchester at 10.6C

  18. A swift pint in Oran Mor now out into the rain to do that last bit of shopping

  19. A very pleasant wall to wall & 14.6°C down here on the beach

  20. A visitor in my office from South Africa asked "Does it ever stop raining in the UK?" Of course they call that day summer :^)

  21. After the funeral just gone through a wake of 3 hours, sitting in the sun drinking Stoford Press, brain is now a tad haggled

  22. After this morning's deluge another hit us about an hour so ago, and to the west it still looks interesting. PS, please change the weather so the MO thread becomes intersting again. ;^(

  23. Ah, Manchester in the rain....how unusual ;^P

  24. Am I alone on this? I've lost my wife to a Kindle, and I blame only one person. IanM, I hold you entirely responsible. PS, it aint 'alf quite now :^)

    1. IanM


      Just think of all the shelf space now there are no books arriving - room for new gadgets?

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