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  1. A partly cloudy start to the day and breezy in from the SE, quite noticeable. Anyway to go with that it's a warm 7.7°C as the rain in the southwest seems to have stalled there, at least for now, but will tomorrow bring a deluge or not...?
  2. It's good to see something back on the more here and now. As you have suggested the rainfall figures look quite large over the west country. I wonder if this will slow in it's transition across the country, bringing some heavy rainfall again across some areas.
  3. And it does make you wonder if this is indeed one of the key facts in play here, that the usual growth of ice and the cooling trend are behind the mark this year. Maybe, just maybe life returns to normal in a few weeks and all the possibilities just fizzle. Maybe..
  4. Morning All, after an overnight low of -1.2°C at: 00:22 the cloud has rolled in and the temperature is above freezing as the frost rapidly disappears. Well it's dry at least.
  5. A warm day here 10.6°C at: 12:44 but the temperatures are falling away now @3.7°C
  6. After a peak of 10.4°C at: 13:14 the cloud decided to roll in and nailed the little bit of sunshine that we had earlier today. Ah well mustn't complain, a good day out in the garden to get the last of the Autumn jobs done.
  7. Morning All, partly cloudy starts the day after an overnight ground frost and a minimum of -1.0°C at: 06:03 which is now on the rise at 0.1°C..
  8. I expected to see the thread in meltdown given the differing precipitation yesterday, maybe hibernation is not over yet (fully)..
  9. Morning All, a clear starry start to the day. Reach the car & then doh! Doors frozen door handles frozen, windows all frozen, no surprise as it was -0.7°C at: 06:20 and then it was a case of trying to clear frozen rain drops from the windscreen. Roads seemingly not gritted (even though I live on a bus route), so a couple of icy patches found. Oh you got to love it, winter.... nice to see you again (Ok even though it is still late Autumn).
  10. Red line is rainfall, green line is temperature, certainly dropped rapidly here too.Currently 6.2°C
  11. Meanwhile as the cloud clears and the mist lifts, the sun begins its daily trek. Some early morning cloud out over the Channel..
  12. Morning All, overcast this morning with the moon occasionally managing to show. After an overnight low of 2.3°C at: 05:15 it's currently 3.7°C
  13. Morning All, another wet night, and with the wind veering round from SW to NW a little cooler after the rainfall. A clear starry start this morning, with a light breeze, currently 6.3°C
  14. A good day for some last minute Autumn gardening tidy up, light breeze so not biting with the temperature peaking @10.6°C at: 12:44 and dry all day.
  15. Morning All, nice and white this morning on the ground after an overnight low of 1.9°C at: 05:52 which has now risen to 1.4°C as the sun warms the air. What was a sunny start now has faded quickly as the approaching front makes its presence felt.
  16. Air frost Began here some 2 hrs ago, currently 0.4°C (32.7°F), Apparent temp -1.3°C, holding steady at the moment.
  17. Mornin All, as many I'm sure will comment today, had our first air frost of the season last night, with an overnight low of 1.3°C at: 02:19 and not much above that present @ 1.6°C
  18. Morning All, a clear starry morning to start the day, has allowed the ground to dry after last nights rainfall, and permit the temperatures to fall to probably their lowest for the overnight at 4.8°C at: 06:23
  19. I sit between the pair of you with a value of 9mm. Didn't you do well to pick that lot up!
  20. Morning All, a dry and cool start to the day, as the cloud pulls away to the east, it's just dropped the temperature down to 4.6°C
  21. Morning All, a wet start after overnight rain around 3:30, which has pushed the temperatures up as it's overcast, currently 8.2°C
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