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  1. Pressure still dropping away slowly, although the wind is dropping, after a gust of 28mph earlier this morning. Crossed Bincombe down, and its shrouded in mist this morning..
  2. Morning All, after a frosty night, which from the outset looked good, even with the mist forming, the cloud rolled in just after 4am to enable the temperatures to climb again. So from an overnight low of -2.0°C at: 02:43, it is now a balmy 1.0°C with the pressure bouncing nicely along around the 1023.4mb measure, and no breeze (hence the mist forming, that as since disappeared too)..
  3. Morning all, any chance of a frost disappeared with the cloud cover. Currently 2.8°C and dry. Interesting reading in the cold thread this morning as people implode.... <QUOTE> And just like that,poooff!!!. </QUOTE>
  4. No hard frost here, as the mid level cloud squashed it overnight, having been below zero before 10pm, hovering around the zero mark it is currently 0.2°C..
  5. I see the Daily Star is low on sales again, so is brandishing sensationalist headlines, where in their article they cite ”Ice and snow chaos is set to hit the country in a 40-day freezing blast that will see temperatures drop to -14C” “ Northern England and Scotland are bracing themselves for up to 40 days of snow and ice while the south can expect up to 20 days.”
  6. Morning All, looking festive this morning as the temperature drops as the sun rises, with the overnight minimum of -0.9°C at: 07:26. Suspect we’ll see some decent sub zero figures from around the region this morning.
  7. you must have clear skies, we are still plagued by cloud down here, so temperatures holding up right now @ 4.7°C
  8. Yeah, that's always an interesting debate...Do you walk into the wind initially and the walk away from it to warm up on the way back OR do you have the warmth to start with and then face the onslaught on the way back? I've done both along the seafront and I think I prefer the onslaught first, then a decent hot drink and then take the warmth on the way back...each to their own..
  9. I still like the best description I have seen of this up and coming winter from Gavin Partridge today on his winter forecast, a "SEE-SAW" winter. A great name that really covers the up and coming season, some cold, interspersed with some mild and then some cold and on and on we go..
  10. Morning All, still partly cloudy keeping the temperatures above freezing. Over night low was 2.4°C at: 07:20 and it’s just starting to increase slowly...
  11. An interesting day, watching the cloud movement. Peaked @ 9.5°C at: 12:32 and yet the cloud has remained all day, but it is thinning slowly, with a noticeable change in the wind direction to SE from an earlier E direction as the band of precipitation retreats. Currently 7.0°C with the windchill @5.1°C.. will the cloud clear and allow a frost...we shall see...
  12. Ah the raging cold brigade...yes I did read it, Ah well we appreciate your postings in here...
  13. Morning Knocker, good to see you back.. Cloudy here and has been all night which has kept the temperature up. A noticeable breeze, this morning, coming in from an easterly direction, temperature 5.2°C and noticeable windchill giving a cool 3.1°C .. Radar showing the feisty rain down in the SW approaches, just how far east might this go....
  14. Morning All, looking to the SE the cloud is heading away from us and some clearer skies follow. Temperature has fallen with the clearing and cooler air that is now over us. Currently 4.8°C...
  15. Well sure is lonely in here, the only person to post in the SW thread in 12 hours, that's a first for this time of year...summer often but now. Just holding it together until the weather returns and this thread goes crazy.... Oh and the weather, warmest today was 11.8°C at: 12:49..
  16. It's here.....no not December... blue sky. After a dull and dismal morning and the recent spell of rain, there is a good expanse of blue sky to be had..Temp 11.0°C
  17. Reports vary from around the Denver area of between 14" in N. Loveland to 17" in Superior. Updated from NWS More Snow is tapering off across north central & northeast CO. So far, 21 inches has been measured at the NWS office in Boulder with 1.61 inches of Snow Water Equivalent (water in the snow). For the latest snowfall reports, go to: https://www.weather.gov/source/crh/snowmap.html?sid=bou&fbclid=IwAR2B3pa69ZJ6U4ctXfg63Dqr6YKubR7XXNPHntNjq1Eck90oeGDn0zh_LLk Largest snowfall reported ESTES PARK, CO 31.7
  18. Balmy here too, with 14.3°C at: 12:46..although rain on off for most of the day in Bmth
  19. So.... let me see Rain...Tick Windy....Tick Mild.....Tick Right so it must be Tuesday then...given it's 10.3°C dark,wet & mild
  20. Fairly similar here temperature wise with 10.8°C, but we have light rain failing here.
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