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  1. A tad bit lower BUT a pleasant afternoon pulling the 2021 garden growth in readiness for next year with a warm 17.8°C at: 12:14..
  2. A good synopsis, and interesting possible outcome. Do you propose to come back in 168hrs with an update?
  3. Morning all a clear no wind start to the day, after an overnight low of 7.7°C at: 07:19, which is the current temperature, although as the sun rises it looks as though the low temperature is still to happen. Current RH93%, and pressure is steady @ 1019.9 mb.
  4. Methinks, it'll take it's revenge on us next week, as far as dryness is concerned. I boked the week off to get the garden straight for winter, it looks very much like those plans could well be scuppered, electric hedge trimmers don't function well in rain!
  5. Still feel this is heading more towards the "new norm"...
  6. Interesting when looking back to see the different opinions of it being a front end loaded winter!
  7. Front is breaking up, the sun has returned and the temperatures are starting to rise again.
  8. Opposite here as the fading front arrived it's really cloudy and the temperature has fallen back
  9. Morning All, a cloudy start to the day, after an overnight low of 7.1°C at: 01:56, currently 10.7°C with RH96 % and no breeze The loneliness of the solitary calm sea boarder.. As the sat image shows this morning a fading front possibly bringing some more cloud
  10. Based on the CFS suggestion of somewhat cooler air across the Uk, I think I'll wait 71days before I really consider if they are going to be anywhere near accurate..
  11. Managed a warm 17.5°C at: 14:08, possibly a few more days to squeeze out the last dregs of October warmth, although looking cloudy tomorrow down here, but weekend has some positive vibes, to allow more clear up time in the garden..
  12. Knocker will confirm I'm sure, but Altostratus undulatus as a starter, by definition: It is the way the winds vary with altitude that tends to cause these formations. When blowing at different speeds above and below the cloud layer, the wind can cause the cloud to bunch up into ridges, which curve, join and divide, like the lines on your finger. Of course, the shearing winds that cause undulatus clouds are never visible.
  13. Well the overnight low dropped further down to 5.8°C at: 07:54, currently 6.6°C RH93% and the sun is lifting the fog from overnight. Meanwhile to the seaward side of the estate, out over the channel looking "interesting" Meanwhile the sat image showing that most of the area is cloud free
  14. The cold and snow has pushed way south, here's Telluride after the recent snow fall, with the temperature way down..
  15. A nice evening view under the cloud that has persisted thi afternoon, at one stage shedding some tear drops..
  16. Cloud has moved in now and the temperature has dropped away currently 14.8°C
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