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  1. Morning All, another wet night, and with the wind veering round from SW to NW a little cooler after the rainfall. A clear starry start this morning, with a light breeze, currently 6.3°C
  2. A good day for some last minute Autumn gardening tidy up, light breeze so not biting with the temperature peaking @10.6°C at: 12:44 and dry all day.
  3. Morning All, nice and white this morning on the ground after an overnight low of 1.9°C at: 05:52 which has now risen to 1.4°C as the sun warms the air. What was a sunny start now has faded quickly as the approaching front makes its presence felt.
  4. Air frost Began here some 2 hrs ago, currently 0.4°C (32.7°F), Apparent temp -1.3°C, holding steady at the moment.
  5. Mornin All, as many I'm sure will comment today, had our first air frost of the season last night, with an overnight low of 1.3°C at: 02:19 and not much above that present @ 1.6°C
  6. Morning All, a clear starry morning to start the day, has allowed the ground to dry after last nights rainfall, and permit the temperatures to fall to probably their lowest for the overnight at 4.8°C at: 06:23
  7. I sit between the pair of you with a value of 9mm. Didn't you do well to pick that lot up!
  8. Morning All, a dry and cool start to the day, as the cloud pulls away to the east, it's just dropped the temperature down to 4.6°C
  9. Morning All, a wet start after overnight rain around 3:30, which has pushed the temperatures up as it's overcast, currently 8.2°C
  10. Whilst perusing the Big Sky Resort camera's I happened across this wee beastie, out on their daily sojourn...
  11. Mornin All, a showery morning sets the scene down here on the coast, a quick scan sees the neighbours' shed wrecked after the gusts yesterday, one more good puff, and I think it'll fall down. Anyway, so light showers and 11.8°C..
  12. So may the Met Office might wake up now, with a reported death, as commented in the report "At the time of the incident, severe weather conditions swept across Dorset, with heavy rain showers and high winds." Woman killed after tree falls on car in East Dorset WWW.BOURNEMOUTHECHO.CO.UK A WOMAN was killed in an East Dorset car crash after a tree fell on the vehicle she was driving.
  13. The whole thing should be about the impact to life.. Consider a tornado warning, if it doesn't come off then fine, but NOT to issue a warning is ignoring the potential for loss of human life. In this instance the potential, however time restricted for impact to life existed, and yet no warnings were issued. Consider weeks before yellow warnings were issued and there was no immediate impact. These guys have millions of £'s worth of gear, but still they play with people's lives. Personally naming storms is ridiculous anyway, but not warning people to me is a crime, even local road signs down here yesterday had warnings posted for potential damage today, but the folks in Exeter figured "Nah, it's moving so fast nobody will notice it". These guys should be held to account.
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