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  1. Eyes down look in day 2 here we go.20.8°C at: 09:49... with folks bathing already and volley ball folks chasin' around, could be a busy one today
  2. Very similar number here now..but a great April day... the beach whilst busier some brave folks hitting the water with sea temps of 10.0 °C you have to be brave to want to hit that water!
  3. well that's the 25C bubble burst today, onwards to the 30C next......25.4°C at: 14:06.
  4. It was breezy here earlier this morning around 7ish but that has dropped away now....bummer, you cant win at times with the British weather can you?
  5. The channel looks serene this morning, quite surprised the local webcams don't show an infestation of grockles ....yet... Warming nicely 20.5°C at: 10:28
  6. Interestingly different, looks fine on a laptop and if connected to wifi then the content download is OK. But what about on mobile, it seems to have a lot of graphics to scroll before you might reach the place you want to be. As I pay for my data (I know one of the few) does this content consume a fair degree for a page update( date wise)?
  7. Why have I been inside all day, and missed this...22.3°C at: 15:53 .... I really don't know why?
  8. A good ol' ice scraping session this morning with clear skies the temperature dropped last night...
  9. An interesting cloud evening with sun dogs, castelanus and some decent cirrus to go with it. A twist of cloud through the weather stations...
  10. After a warming 11.3°C at: 15:16 it's now beginning to cool, down to 6.0°C, a noticeable difference....
  11. Same hail shower as my colleague described above, now that is more seasonal. April showers with white stuff and a noticeable drop in temperature in excess of 7C... that's much better.
  12. Not to be scoffed at, some welcomed warmth and blue skies, enabling a restful spell sitting in the garden enjoying the rays and a nice 15.8C, with a very light breeze every now & again. Bring it on, a welcomed reprieve from a dross spell, now to enjoy..
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