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  1. With more to come....from Knockers' analysis:

    "Through Saturday the fading front stalls in the south so remaining cloudy here with some patchy rain but sunnier to the north..

    A similar scenario pertains over Saturday night and Sunday with the front loitering in the Channel area so still cloudy in the south and sunnier elsewhere."

    I think I'll go back into hibernation until Spring weather really does return...chow

  2. 3 minutes ago, karlos1983 said:

    GEM IS GOD!!!


    or if god offends, add another o , it’s good! 🥰

    If it was 20miles further south if might be marginally better for us coasties...sorry imbyism I know, but these events are becoming rare, unless of course you live in central USA, and there it seems an annual event to have a once in a lifetime freezer event. I remember the last one, so that's at least twice in my lifetime!

  3. 1 minute ago, karlos1983 said:

    Well I had some snow this morning up in Lytchett Matravers, which is still hanging around. The kids were made up, especially the smaller ones, got to walk to school in the falling snow. 

    Tomorrow looking really good for our region. I’m ignoring the Cold Thread and have done for a couple of days @Jayfromcardiff as I can imagine conflicting reports as it becomes an IMBY contest!  South Wales looking to do particularly well imo.

    fingers crossed we all fair well ❄️⛄

    How did I know you would come in and rock the Sarf Coast boat. I trust tomorrow you will be prepared to shovel bucket load into your car and rush off to TESCO @ Fleetsbridge to sell it to those not so fortunate (i.e those at lower levels)..:whistling:

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  4. 13 minutes ago, divadee said:

    Apparently it should be snowing now....... It's not. Temp of 0.8 and DP of -0.5 

    Screenshot_20190130-061555_Met Office.jpg

    Nothing to get excited about as the cold air just isn't cold enough for us down here. Sat in an office in Bmth having driven in with the temperatures down to -1.8°C and it's raining, yes it's raining. SW incursions really do not bring much else but rain here unless the cold air has been around for a while. As for tomorrow, have to say at the moment I'm sticking with @Mapantz WXSIM prediction (below). Look at the wind direction off the channel, that will kill most things with no entrenched cold air present..


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