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  1. Tied to the M4 railings I see...your right we shouldn't take it seriously, but I mean seriously??
  2. Morning All, some cloud beginning to move across the area, forcing temps up. Currently -0.3°C with a frost, so some scraping of the car windows was necessary this morning.
  3. There's always Icelandair....(great views of the snowfields...) Oh and Norwegian Air is another option at a good price...
  4. An overnight low of 1.4°C has led to a glorious day of pleasant sunshine, currently Temp: 4.4 °C & Dew Point: 1.4 °C
  5. Karlos, if you are looking for one, I have found one, on believe it or not Amazon, and it's only £2.80 postage....just here https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/B00BO0L522/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new
  6. Bit of blue stuff, with white bits here and there and a yellow thingy. Colourful day today..oh and it's 7.6C to boot..
  7. By George the SSW (Sudden Southern Warming) has occurred as we made it up to 10.6°C at: 13:16 today
  8. Does that include these bitz down 'ere on the sarf coast, where it has usually fizzled by the time it reaches 'ere... Does this suggest the SSW (Snow South of Winchester) might happen?
  9. Morning All, no need to panic today is the same as the one before and the ones before that, it's cloudy. Currently 7.1°C and has flat lined for most of the night on all the measures
  10. Morning All, another Groundhog Day in the making as the cloud persists. Currently Temp: 5.4 °C & Dew Point: 3.9 °C..
  11. Morning All, as I mentioned when I went awol on Thursday with all the cloud expected it would be cloudy on my return, and I’m not disappointed! With an overnight low of -2.8°C it is currently -0.0°C so things area bit white still.
  12. Two things come readily to mind, on your above suggestion. Firstly units that run in thee USA "often" use a different set of frequencies (if the unit is wireless, of course). These frequencies may cause RF interference within the UK and other nearby units, so worth checking before you buy, also if that is the case you will only be able to use offshore add ons to be compatible (again only an issue if the unit is of the wireless kind). Importing items from friends, can sometimes work, although the PO are a lot better at identifying these items these days! Firstly for insurance purposes the sender has to identify the value in case of loss. Saying something costs only $20 instead of $200 could be an issue if it's lost as you have a low value claim for compensation. Second the item is usually defined on the shipping label (and checks for batteries these days are becoming much more common). So if the label says wind sensor $20, the boys at Mt Pleasant will know their prices and determine something like that is worth much more than the stated price. Also you could until recently get items shipped as "gifts" but even those these days are prone to import duty. So unless you are lucky, you have the import duty to be prepared to pay, and also a standing PO charge of around £18 for the Post Office privilege to sting you as they handled your parcel. Just a couple of thoughts.... Regards Db
  13. Morning All, it's.....no let me confirm....yes it's cloudy today. As the temperature has flat-lined for most of the night, it is, as it has been for some time with the Temp: 3.0 °C & Dew Point: -0.6 °C, RH77% @ 1042.8mb
  14. Ha you have to really laugh when Nathan Rao is in full swing. From the Express today,he wrote....”Near unprecedented changes in the atmosphere above the North Pole will collude to create a perfect storm of brutal weather drivers, experts warn.” oh really... as he headlines his article ....Rare TRIPLE polar vortex to trigger HEAVY SNOW across UK in January.....
  15. Hmm, the forecasty thingy for here suggests gross forever.. I'll be going in to hospital tomorrow so a lot more to concern me than clouds right now....but at least when I do come home it will be.......cloudy...
  16. Any chance of a thread title update as it says ...Short range model discussion - into 2018 even if we don't go for a new thread?
  17. Reading the thread title, is it worth bringing it up to date at least even if a new thread isn't started...Stratosphere temperature watch 2017/18!
  18. Morning All, currently with the Temp: -0.7 °C & Dew Point: -2.1 °C, first frost of the year!
  19. Clearing skies might suggest the temperatures may fall away some more yet, as the night is but young. Currently Temp: 6.1 °C & Dew Point: 3.8 °C..
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