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  1. It was particularly colourful tonight hitting the back edge of the front, perfect timing..
  2. Welcome to the South West thread, we are short of people from the Island so your presence will correct that. Often we envy the white winters that can happen there. Enjoy, we are a friendly bunch...
  3. As has been the case over the first half of the winter season, all over the place and so it continues for the last half. It seems a lack of confidence is not only in place the Brexit deal, the weather has also taken uncertainty to heart this year.
  4. Any reports yet on the replacement(s). Interesting to see you measured rainfall (albeit not a lot) last night and yet I measured nothing. Seems like the rainfall side of the units is still variable (to say the least).
  5. Morning All, at last some measurable rainfall this year! Currently light rain / drizzle and Temp: 8.4 °C with a Dew Point: 7.6 °C and RH95%
  6. Morning All, an overcast and drizzly start to the day, currently Temp: 6.9 °C & Dew Point: 4.6 °C, RH85%..
  7. The map seems to suggest it''ll die out as it gets within sight of the English Channel, hence the fawn colour along the coast down here...
  8. Beautiful sunrise this morning' classic orange & yellow. Currently Temp: 5.3 °C & Dew Point: 2.8 °C, RH84% and pressure 1022.7mb rising
  9. Having just done a quick run through on the MOD thread, it appears ti a throat slitting day, so left rapidly to avoid the negativity present. Tomorrow as they say will be a sunny day...and "D" day..
  10. Drizzle recently with a reasonable breeze, as the temperature hovers around Temp: 10.6 °C & Dew Point: 8.0 °C, pressure 1015.2mb steady.
  11. Morning All,an overcast start to Sunday with an almost flatlined night temperature wise. Currently Temp: 9.4 °C & Dew Point: 6.8 °C, with pressure 1018.5mb and steady.
  12. Relying on you @Mapantz Interesting the suggestion is that the colder air will hold until late Saturday. A good test all round, methinks.
  13. Matt.Can I suggest you visit the IOW, have a wander around cough and sneeze over a few folks and then a hot toddy on the trip back. Why? Why not, at least the germs will be far enough away until the wind turns in from the east.. We are still low on IOW members in here aren't we to suggest this
  14. Well being so dull it gave me the excuse to unpack and test next year's Christmas tree. Santa didn't deliver it UPS did, but I don't suppose I can blame them for delayed delivery. Wife wanted it left up, to which the response was "No!"...
  15. The morning started off reasonably sunny and has gone down hill rapidly into overcast conditions as the patchy light rain moves in from the NW. Currently 8.9°C with a light breeze in from the SW, pressure 1027.3mb and falling.
  16. Really, the radar suggestion is that it's only patchy light rain and is moving down towards us, so can';t see this lot lasting long.
  17. You have to love the beeb for its forecasting. Left image 3C and snow. Middle image 1C rain/whatever. Right image 3C and rain/whatever. That’s consistent...has all the options covered..
  18. I'm hoping that if anything turns in around the area some of the local webcams might turn up on this thread, in due course, as you suggested a further read of the MOD thread, I do like the term "sliders", which of course if they fail we can call "slugs"....
  19. Too far south of the M4 and too far East of the M6 and too far west of the M3 to get excited...OMG we we measure winter by the damn motorways. No wonder we are hosed down here, Dorset doesn't have one mile of motorway, no wonder the white stuff looses it's way...
  20. Morning All, situation normal again today, cloudy and calm, very light breeze. 1032.6mb & Temp 7.9°C
  21. By george it rained, I saw 6 spots in Branksome, but twas heavier over Poole around 15:40ish
  22. Tied to the M4 railings I see...your right we shouldn't take it seriously, but I mean seriously??
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