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  1. Looking at the radar for the time you mentioned it does appear that something created a decent area of rainfall near you, here's 6:25 Then look at 06:45 it had grown to this Watching the time loop there certainly was an west to east progression even down as far as the channel with a light shower. DP chart shows how Warminster sat with the 12C right over it..
  2. So what's likely to cause a sudden change in direction as suggested in the following forecast image. It seems severe by the look of that, understanding the nature of "right turn Clyde" nature of hurricanes..
  3. Some interesting rainfall amounts being suggested already United States...6 to 12 inches, isolated 18 inches.
  4. Breezy day, which kicked in around 8am, but still achieved 22.3°C at: 13:46 even though there's been a fair few cloudy spells during the day. Tomorrow afternoon looking a tad bit glum rather than damp for the airshow, cloud cover and a breezy afternoon on the beach for those making down to view the airshow methinks..
  5. Warming nicely 22.0°C at: 11:28 as the various aircraft begin to arrive in town for the airshow, with a couple just cruised in over the pier just now..
  6. A cool start with single digits 7.5°C at: 06:16 this morning along with some mist rolling off the heath..Whoa, that was a shock to the system.
  7. The fourth pic was actually a strong dust devil This shot taken by one of the guys , shows the double tornado we picked up (mine was a phone shot)..
  8. Thanks Mapantz, it was good, we were out to see the AZ monsoon which didn't happen, and in fact has been the worst year for a VERY long time. So at the agreement of all in the tour we upped stakes and went E then NE , initially into New Mexico, then into Texas. From there we then trekked up to Kansas near Topeka, with a few great days of classic Super-cell action, even a double tornadic storm, before heading back through Colorado, Utah (Monument Valley) and back in to Arizona. Adding 5 tornadoes to our total and some great sight seeing in Utah. Then we took off again in to New Mexico, but things really didn't want to play ball, and finally picked up a couple of Arizona monsoon storms way down SW Arizona with fires on the mountains kicked off by lightning strikes.. Fortunately kept ourselves out the way of the BIG hail (see pic) from a classic Kansas storms! A couple of piccies the last one the tornado is to the left of the electricity pole, but is was almost 20miles away, and taken before it had a double touchdown (which I have somewhere!).
  9. Whilst being overcast we have managed a mere 22.3°C at: 13:51, Oh and 8 drops of rain
  10. Was the same here, not even really worth a mention it was such a nothingness..
  11. Whoa bit of a shock today returning to the UK, as it was hot(31C) and humid at Heathrow when we arrived back from 3 weeks in temperatures of 48C and RH of 10%. A great NW tour bagging another 5 tornadoes, quite unexpected, considering we were supposed to be chasing the Az monsoon, which didn't happen. A passing shower has left things damp, but drying rapidly as the sub dries out the moisture. Seems like mother nature has been enjoying herself in my absence with a 14" butternut squash...
  12. Passing line of light rain has left surfaces damp, but nothing more than that, currently 16.9°C with a RH95 %, Humidex 21.6°C and overcast
  13. Average temps for you Mike..
  14. Morning All, a pleasant sunny start to the day after an overnight low of 13.9°C at: 05:39 the temperature is rising quickly, currently 17.2°C..
  15. So it would appear that the Monsoon Season has finally begun in Arizona, over the past couple of days, warnings for "blowing dust and flash floods" along with some good lightning coverage statewide. Temperatures keeping things volatile.. ,
  16. Morning All, a wall to wall start to the day the temperatures reflecting a cooler night with the current temp just above the overnight low of 10.7°C at: 04:59
  17. Morning All, with the overcast layer of cloud now breaking quickly, the temperatures reflecting a warm night with the current temp just above the overnight low of 15.6°C at: 04:37.
  18. In a gap between the rain bands and the sun has popped out for a brief spell. Channel looks choppy this morning, it's been calm for so long it seems odd to see white horses...
  19. Morning All, a breezy and for a change this month, a wet start to the day, with drizzle in abundance, Currently 16.1°C whilst the RH92 %, Humidex 20.0°C..
  20. Interesting effect the hills on the IOW have on the incoming low..forcing up the moisture...
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