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  1. This looks it will top up the water butts quite nicely, a fair few hours of rainfall by the look of it.Currently 16.4°C
  2. I spent my August in Arizona @48C, nice slightly on the warm side but still nice. Sad that the Monsoon didn't arrive whilst I was there, but August was still "warm"... as for July no complaints some slightly warm temperatures, but that seems to be the way we are going these days. Not that I I agree with the lack of resolution from major powers.
  3. Temperature is climbing as the warm air approaches for the SW, peaked @ 18.6°C at: 16:42 RH 80 %, Humidex 19.7°C
  4. A little welcomed relief for the garden, as the front passes through, we approach the back edge and the rain turning showery in nature until later. Now to consider the best way to tackle a leaking gutter on a house (when I'm banned from climbing ladders!). Hmm, have to get my thinkin ed on. So far we've had 11.6mm of rainfall since this began last night..
  5. Finally some decent rainfall at the leading edge, it’s pouring down, whilst it looks to fade quickly into showers. Bad thing is from this, I now find my gutters blocked and in need of some clearance
  6. Yes same here noticed through the afternoon, and now beginning to block the sunlight...here we go...
  7. Another crackin day to get jobs done before the season changes gear, a peak of 23.4°C at: 12:22..
  8. Cooling slightly over the week, today whilst clear has shown a slight drop in temperature @21.8°C at: 12:08 Now seeking the rain, as watering the plants is becoming a boring task..
  9. There have been times in the past when the central area has been split out from the south west. The problem is, that at times, such as now when things are quiet the thread had almost no posts. Of course it would pick up at seasonal times (i.e. snowfall) but would remain quiet for the rest of the season. That's why we are part of the south west, as I've always felt that Southampton would have been the south east vs south west division point, but historically Portsmouth & Fareham have posted in here..were pleased to have you in the team though..
  10. Mornin All, another fine & clear start to the day, currently hovering around the overnight minimum...7.6°C at: 06:32
  11. Trying to fly south before the next Air Traffic controllers strike grounds all flights!
  12. Mornin All, a clear fresh morning, a classic for the time of year, with the current temperature still very close to the overnight low of 6.9°C at: 06:45
  13. Cant disagree, after a gloriously sunny day reaching 26.8°C at: 15:16 it's still full on sun, nice..
  14. A quick re-read was necessary there as it shows imperial rather than metric, at least some hope for the clear liquid over the up and coming period.How "accurate" is EPS with respect to rainfall figures, over the longer period?
  15. Do they really call that "forecasting", it look s more like a wild guess? More concerned on the rainfall charts, but they look all over the place too.
  16. Morning All, off to a sunny start after a cool night, with the overnight low of 7.1°C at: 06:59
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