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  1. Stunned, I am, measurable rainfall today of 0.5mm, amazing. We are still short on our average monthly rainfall, so a drop more would be welcomed, as the trees round here are suffering badly as the leaves are already brown..
  2. Had a drop of rain, but wasn't measurable, an unexciting day weatherwise
  3. Ah, I wouldn't worry, this is Poole, the rain goes around us.. A short spell of Asperatus around 09:30 this morning has the the high spot of the day weather wise..
  4. Getting fed up of being too far east OR too far west of everything. Yet again too far east as the intense area of rain cruised over Weymouth/ Dorchester AND the steam fair..
  5. Is it me OR does the radar @Dean Hill, Salisbury seem to have developed a bad case of measles in it's scan?
  6. Well it didn't happen in my part of Dorset, we struggled to get rain, and topped out at 1mm, through the occasional shower, and nothing more. Weymouth managed some storm activity, and Pompey (as usual) seems to have been the place to be for storms last night, in the local area.
  7. Rain to the East of me, rain to the West of me, stuck in the middle like pooh...
  8. Defeat admitted for today, SE onshore breeze is tempering the heat today.
  9. You can on sky, I often flip it over from the south to west BBC for the weather as it definitely better.. Have we beaten your microclimate again today? We peaked @ 25.3°C just dropped back a tad right now by 0.5C..
  10. Dorset microclimate is letting you down. 22C here, now backed off to 21.4C. At least if the rain stays away the airshow wont make such a loss.
  11. Bit of aa non event here, really. Down in the harbour we are looking at 28mh gust, I'm seeing 5mph average 11mph gusts. It really has not been as expected. The low didn't appear to deepen as much as expected...
  12. Something nice heading towards Wincanton, you lucky people. Down here the crowds appear to have made the most of the weather to watch the air show, which you can watch on line @ and select the AIR FESTIVAL TV pull down...
  13. Ah finally a drop of rain, even the flowers have perked up this morning after the drop of liquid overnight.