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  1. Morning all, overcast and damp from yesterday’s rainfall, currently 10.4C
  2. Well the warm air being pulled up by Ex Ophelia didn’t last long, down at 9.7C with rain since just after lunch.
  3. The naming of storms seems odd, given yesterday/today’s storm(ex Ophelia) wasn’t named in the uk sequence, but the one later this week might be. Anybody know why Ophelia wasn’t named?
  4. Yep certainly more concerned with the two later this week (from a IMBY) perspective, the second whilst looking fairly quick moving looks to hold some raw power...
  5. Hurricane Ophelia

    Mapantz good to see you around still. Yes it was most certainly a very interesting morning. I think for us, Thurs and Friday are looking interesting..
  6. Like most this morning has a yellow tinge, over the Harbour the wind is a very normal 15mph, and temperature is a balmy 19c..
  7. Hurricane Ophelia

    Interested in the possible rainfall figures with the current track, as Cumbria is already very soggy..
  8. Hurricane Ophelia

    Now that'll prove interesting...
  9. A crackin' day considering where we are in the calendar. Went to get my hair cut, sat outside with no T shirt on whilst the missus did the trim, very pleasant. Hopin' for a little different tomorrow and later in the week, something more seasonal, why well because I enjoy the seasons and the difference is important. Mind you today was a belter @ 20.0°C at: 14:10.....
  10. As Knocker reported, same here but temperature is now 17C.
  11. Overcast, breezy and a maximum of 17.6°C at: 13:58
  12. Simlar to Knockers post but the temperature is currently 16.5C, after some earlt morning drizzle.
  13. Hurricane Ophelia

    Well that's blow a few leprechauns off their toadstools, to be sure to be sure..
  14. Morning all, a cool night with a low of 6.4C, currently 7.3C and no breeze, and clear skies.