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  1. Aha football season must have begun, Karlos is back, reinvigorated and prepared for the forays into the MAD thread... welcome back..
  2. First shower of the day recently cruised through Bournemouth, sending people scurrying...
  3. Pretty fair I would suspect, apart from Thursday which looks damp. Temps around low-mid 20's possibility still exists for showers today.
  4. Petty much par for the course, peak of Perseid shower means overcast and blocking the view, after a damp night, the cloud is still around, all be it broken now. An overnight low of 15.0°C at: 06:38 starts the day.
  5. Unless we are in for hours a deluge style rain, I think the models are way OFF kilter, as the rain moves rapidly away NNE we are not going to be under rainfall threat for much longer today.
  6. Morning All, an overnight low of 7.2C starts the day, not been that cool for many months. Looking forward to some more of the crystal liquid after the start yesterday which has perked the plants up a treat.
  7. More than us, but it was torrential there for a while, I was recording almost 1.5mm a minute for a while.
  8. It's the rainy season, some torrential rain at the mo.......oh so nice...
  9. Yep just a bit too far north for us to really appreciate it,.......again
  10. Yep it's just here at the moment..some interesting sounds right now.Current strike activity is to our north.
  11. Morning All a cooler morning greets us today, with an overnight low of 9C. Currently 10.1C and RH82% with patchy rain showers in the area.
  12. Back edge of low stratus is now clearing Bournemouth after some light rain..
  13. Back edge of the thicker cloud base is now over Poole and moving away to the NW.