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  1. The water's always like that , as a nipper I must have had mercury in my veins, as I would go swimming March to October, damn not these days. Just back from 2 days in Norwich where it was overcast for most of the time, twas nice to head back into the area for a blast of warmth and sunshine..
  2. Pleasing drop of rain during the night..30.7mm.
  3. Now clouded over so it appears temp has peaked @ 23.7°C and RH is 75%. Patiently waiting for the reason for the Met Office warnings...
  4. Down @ Durlston this PM, well cloudy until we left then the cloud cleared and out came the sun...typical..
  5. Decent CG from this mornings storm..looking out over the harbour to the east of Swanage.
  6. Kelvin Helmholz, undulates and now a good ol rumbling storm. Down side the Lightning is CC and no CG.
  7. Ok, how much do you want place on the table that we are "too far east?" per the latest convectiveweather charts..
  8. Some early rain caught the early risers (me included) not lasting long but dampening the surfaces (and me). Currently 20.7°C so a bit cooler than the past few days..
  9. And so the warmth continues..
  10. Aha pipped you today, with 24C, currently a humidex of 29.6°C
  11. Spider breeding season is underway. First crawler up the wall last night, and that's just the beginning..
  12. Well, the radar might be fooled (well cant see it actually) but it's been drizzling here all evening,,
  13. Presently a Humidex of 28.0°C.... Sticky like toffee..
  14. Tad bit blustery day down on Hengistbury head, and now the rain comes in, in time to clear through for Monday, and so the warmth has another go this week. Yesterday's 12mm was welcomed that's for sure..
  15. Just arrived it..48mm/hr at the moment..