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  1. Morning All, I was noting a comment made by the Met Office concerning yesterdays temperatures across the UK compared to Dec 21st last year, and how yesterday was colder than Dec21st. So I checked my data and have this: Dec 21st 2020 Peak temperature 12.9°C on day 21 at time 22:53 June 21st 2021 Peak temperature 13.8°C on day 21 at time 00:03 Not a whole lot of difference really!.. Anyway early rain has moved away, and the sun is back, with a reasonable breeze in from the ENE..my plants are loving this weather..
  2. Morning All, as expected the start to a wet day….currently 10.9°C at: 05:27 and 1.2mm of rain so far this morning..
  3. Knocker the suggestion is that it'll be more of a pain in @rs3 day rather that heavy rain..
  4. You've got to love the British weather, coz if you don't I can imagine it would get you down.. Last weekend sun, heat and beaches rammed with folks enjoying the sun.. This weekend rain. mist and a few folks braving it with jackets on..
  5. If you've not got it bookmarked already and I think most people have, a useful link for summer Spanish & French plume migration watching.. Meteociel - Radar zoom carte dynamique WWW.METEOCIEL.FR Meteociel propose le radar français de Méteo-France sous forme de cartes avec zoom dynamique.
  6. Morning All, overcast after early morning showers, adding 2.6mm to the rainfall total. Currently 13.0°C and RH97%.
  7. Well it seems that I have sorted out my pluvometer, having taken it down and tipped out the water in the bowl, remove the debris filter, I found a beetle the size of the hole in cone, blocking the exit to the tipping spoon. I wonder how long that's been there, kinda explains why when it rained lightly it would work, but not in heavy rain!
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