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  1. Morning all, after the dire day yesterday, the sun has returned, at least for a while before the next session of rain. Currently Temp: 3.4 °C & Dew Point: 2.7 °C.
  2. Morning All as expected a wet start to the day, with almost 5mm fallen so far, and temperature of 4.2C.
  3. Morning all, a tad breezy out there this morning, partly cloudy and pretty much a flat lined night with Temp: 6.0 °C & Dew Point: 0.3 °C.
  4. Am I allowed to pick charts in here?IF so, then the "So near, yet so far..." chart below says it all:
  5. Here's the formula to help with the conversion: At a given point, snow depth (hs) is related to SWE by the local bulk density (ρb : where depth is measured in centimeters, density in grams per centimeters cubed, ρw is the density of water (1 g cm−3), and SWE is measured in centimeters of water. It depends on many factors and does therefore change according to temperature and snow density(i.e. type), suggesting it can vary anything between 15:1 down to 5:1. Simple way to calculate it wwwit http://www.csgnetwork.com/snowraincvt.html
  6. After a sunny start the day progressed rapidly downhill, peaking @ 8.9C, currently Temp: 7.1 °C & Dew Point: 2.4 °C
  7. Really? With a 10% chance of rain AND a suggested total of 0.2mm, with a snowfall symbol, that sounds like a single snowflake for that sort of depth..
  8. Morning All, a partly cloudy start with a brisk SE breeze this morning and dry, with today's starting Temp: 8.2 °C & Dew Point: 4.4 °C
  9. Morning All after an overnight low of 2.2C currently warmed up to 4.5C, clear and dry.
  10. Classic SUN newspaper headline this morning."Snow and FIVE-DAY freeze from Iceland will batter Britain warns Met Office with 60mph storms and fog from today" So let me get this right 60mph winds and FOG at the same time? Then they go on to say And while temperatures should rise again on Thursday, "disruptive snowfall" then threatens to cause road and rail chaos. How does that make a 5 day FREEZE from today, unless there's a new way of counting, I've not heard of!. An of course we then have to face DISRUPTIVE SNOWFALL... OMG HOW ON EARTH did they resolve all of that when they cite "Met Office forecaster Marco Petagna said: “It turns colder on Sunday with air from Iceland, and it certainly looks cold until midweek in the East."?
  11. Morning All, a clear starry sky with Venus shining brightly, currently Temp: 4.5 °C & Dew Point: 3.0 °C, should I mention it is also dry
  12. Dorsetbred

    Weather Flow Smart station

    I suspect it's more about manufacturing the items, as it seems on sale for the USA, but in Europe we are driven to use a different frequency band for the transmitters so I suspect that as with the first batch of devices they produce the EU ones after they produce the USA ones. One problem I think is the USA trade wars as the manufacturing is done in China (correct me if I am wrong @Mapantz) so of course getting the sensors could prove a challenge..
  13. Dorsetbred

    Weather Flow Smart station

    I’d agree with @Mapantz whilst not perfect yet, they are working hard to get it right. Just one concern that at some point you need to sell lots of kit to make money. Right now whilst still selling I see a point whereby the ongoing rectication of matters might slow their income down, however if these updates are just code releases then the cost is low. If as in the case of the rain sensor it ends up as replacement cycle it could be costly for both them and us. Ongoing development as asked by owners into the addition of the battery charging unit, would need a replacement cycle for owners to get such functionality unless it becomes an add-on at a cost. I’m hanging in there right now as the Davis is just outside of my household spending justification
  14. Morning All, some more rain during the night to top the monthly level up. Breezy this morning, currently 8.9C.