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  1. Well THAT was a waste of time 0.7mm the best it could give us, and it looked promising. Blah...time wasted watching..
  2. Undulatus to our SE, as the area of rainfall approaches
  3. Yes me too, just turned around and checked the sky. Time for a break, looking interesting..
  4. I'm hoping the NW SR prediction is wrong because it currently suggests we are too far East for any storm activity later this PM. Even the Arpege model suggests major rainfall goes to the west over Cornwall & Devon.
  5. Glad to see there's a Dorset presence again, I had it covered last year. Enjoy...just watch out for the initiation Paul makes newbies succumb to!
  6. Check the stuff kicking off in Missouri....
  7. Plenty of cape to play with in eastern OK. Not sure where you are in relation to this, could be a long drive? Some interesting DP's around in OK today! GEOS 16 shows a nice area of development heading into OK today.
  8. You just love Colorado magic, don't you??
  9. Interesting how localized it is. We watched the intense area pass over you, and we have picked up a mere 0.3mm of rainfall. Won't say it "missed" us but the active area seemed to be around us.
  10. Pressure and temperature both risen as the front goes by. No measured rainfall, and it looks to have gone over us now.
  11. Has little rain on it, the road is mainly dry. Very much IC lightning, so a fair amount of electricity in it, as the Lightning is white/white blue in colour. Wind picked up briefly but has died off now.