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  1. Morning all, currently a clear sunny start with wall to wall blue after an overnight low of -1.8C, now at 0.9C. Light breeze from the east encouraging some windchill.
  2. What a fabulous day weather wise, 8C bright sunshine, lovely if you are out of the cool easterly breeze, great stuff..
  3. OK, do who spilt the bean's to the general public, own up. You have this to answer for...
  4. Morning all after a cloudy night we have some clearing permitting the sun to shine and present a good start to the day. As the cloud kept the temperature up an overnight low of -2.6C is now rising rapidly currently -0.5C.
  5. What a crackin day, yea OK a bit of nip in the wind but wall to wall sunshine and 7C, fantastic stuff, makes a change from cloudy and wet, that's for sure. As to the MAD thread who cares, (and will stay away from here until after next week) purely to avoid peoples' high & lows. It is what it is let's enjoy it, it's great, let's not get hung up on will it or wont it, who cares, if it doesn't that's the weather and b*gger all you can do to change it., just enjoy the experience..
  6. Morning all, a dry, clear and frosty start to the day with a current temperature of -2C, and DP of -4C.
  7. PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE, can I PLEASE remind you that this is a public viewable thread, which given that openness a degree of decorum and strength should be displayed at ALL TIMES. Wimpy talk about rushing out and panic buying personal items and stocking up on excessive amounts of daily items will only go to cause mayhem and panic amongst the general populous. I'd also like to remind members that all heretic talk of beginning threads and blogs in opportunistic environments is totally frowned upon and will bring you a sticker (and a warning) saying "I'm a traitor I deserted the NW South West thread in their time of need". PLEASE BE STRONG, maintain the strong British Upper Lip, display the strength of the British citizen for all to see, be resolute, panic buy next week along with everybody else, don't rush off to the petrol stations before the prices rocket and most importantly buy gallons of screenwash for everybody living in your street and demonstrate that great British tradition of comradeship. Me, I'm off down the road to tell the dumb suckers that park on the bend in my hill, they could come out and find their vehicles severely mangled next week if they leave them parked where they are currently. This is a public service message..... Oh and so I remain on topic some thin cloud holding up the temperature, currently 5.2C, with a DP of -0.8C. Thank You
  8. Rubs eyes, checks again, temperature half of what it was 2 days ago..currently 5.3C in bright sunshine..
  9. And the NW s n o w forecast for the same date, shows this..... Which all goes to prove, never trust a Channel Low until it's knocking on the door...
  10. Morning All, the myth called the "Channel low" has happened over the eons of time, I have seen them magically appear, and their result, so often clear precipitation, where those bearing white soft goods are rare like the green wisp on the sun as it sets in the west, a sight to behold... In the here and now world however we have a low this morning of 0.6C and currently 2.2C due to cloud cover. It had all the makings of a cold night, twas clear and the temperature fell away nicely, but the cloud prevented the drop into the freezing zone. For another night maybe..
  11. Wow it's going to be that cold that GAS freezes...really?