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  1. The "Rig" begins to emerge in the early morning sea mist....
  2. Refusing to be draw in to any will it or wont it, as I had my thoughts yesterday and... So currently maximum 4.7°C at: 11:10 and overcast..
  3. Great night for some astronomy, the sky is crystal clear, no haziness. Perfect viewing conditions..
  4. Friday looking interesting given the wind direction and speed / temperatures, some quite nippy windchill's look to be the order of the day..
  5. Oh yes we on a roll, now I wonder if we can get WXSIM to jump on board?
  6. If it was 20miles further south if might be marginally better for us coasties...sorry imbyism I know, but these events are becoming rare, unless of course you live in central USA, and there it seems an annual event to have a once in a lifetime freezer event. I remember the last one, so that's at least twice in my lifetime!
  7. Check the post 4 above yours which shows the HIRLAM prediction, notice the grey bits round the edge..
  8. Apart from a damp start, today has shown favour, with some good wintry sunshine raising temperatures to a warm 6C, suspect with clear skies it might well drop a tad lower than last night.
  9. Came past our gritting depot, the guys are all having a smoke, and the solitary snowplough is parked at the back of the yard...🤔
  10. Meanwhile WXSIM is playing safe for down here...
  11. How did I know you would come in and rock the Sarf Coast boat. I trust tomorrow you will be prepared to shovel bucket load into your car and rush off to TESCO @ Fleetsbridge to sell it to those not so fortunate (i.e those at lower levels)..
  12. Cautious approach from NW snow risk charts currently, given those heights, it still suggests WXSIM is holding good..
  13. Somebody better wake @Mapantz up before he gets snowed in!
  14. Really, you must either be very lucky or living further away from the coast or higher altitude than me as at -1.8°C the only thing fallen on a very iced up car was rain!
  15. Nothing to get excited about as the cold air just isn't cold enough for us down here. Sat in an office in Bmth having driven in with the temperatures down to -1.8°C and it's raining, yes it's raining. SW incursions really do not bring much else but rain here unless the cold air has been around for a while. As for tomorrow, have to say at the moment I'm sticking with @Mapantz WXSIM prediction (below). Look at the wind direction off the channel, that will kill most things with no entrenched cold air present..