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  1. The view east from the Mapantz mansion, as it sat over us. Still cracking away now..
  2. We are a rumbling and a rocking. . And a good sign we have mammatus. .
  3. Your lucky we've had 33 spots of rain, and that's it so far, BUT the radar shows interest... Matt you gonna get nailed with that cell that came up north of Southampton it's on it's way down..
  4. An overnight low of 7.7C has quickly disappeared as we are at 13.3C. Some early mist out over the channel blocked the view of Old Harry, but it now appears to be emerging from the mist..
  5. Morning All, after an overnight low of 5.9C temperatures begin to climb as we are in wall to wall blue skies again after the cloudy and damp afternoon yesterday, which was localised to southern Dorset (a channel creeper!), even Matt missed out. Channel looks fresh and inviting this morning, although the temperature probably isn't
  6. Temperature down and around the expected mark of 13.6C as the cooler air started to invade the area around 11:15, and progressively cooled off as the air mixed over the area and generated a welcomed 1mm of rainfall.
  7. Morning All, the cloud has returned, although temperatures held up in double figures overnight, currently 13.6C.
  8. A double digit low last night for the first time in a few nights, suggests today will warm nicely, before we get back to reality tomorrow,,
  9. Currently 22.3C in the late afternoon sunshine, after a very pleasant day weatherwise
  10. Dorsetbred

    Tour 2 2018

    Tom, even in the land of BIG, LARGE and excessive, a 10kg pot of sunscreen would last you.......a lifetime
  11. Morning all after an overnight low of 7.5C, we have wall to wall blue skies, always amazes me the weather knows when the weekend occurs and dumps the cloud, come the working week the sun returns in anger...(well apart from last weekend which was most unusual) Channel is sparkling this morning...
  12. Currently 18.5C in the late afternoon sunshine, after a very pleasant day once the cloud lifted just that bit.