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  1. Well we had half of a hot sunny day, I suspect by next Thursday we'll be looking forward to something cooler.....
  2. Maxed out at 31.6°C at: 12:29, now down to 27.8°C, and the cloudy skies must be p*$$ing the beachgoers off....look a tad ominous there...
  3. Well the cloud is certainly not far away And there is definately a NE component in this surge now.. I hope it does cool down I have a plasterer due to arrive to start the ceiling this afternoon, with a current 31.1°C, in the conservatory it will be very warm... First cloud has now come onshore, so wont be long now, taking the edge off the sunshine..
  4. Almost there...29.8°C no breeze, looking out over the Channel shows some cloud beginning to build. Meanwhile down in the channel, it looks like this..
  5. I did see the convection to the west when I went out this morning at 6:15, here's the current vis satellite image so it does look even on UKV that the cloud cover will kick in later.. (3pm cover)
  6. Phew a warm one last night with the overnight low of 13.7°C at: 06:34 currently 25.1°C indoors Of we jolly well go then currently 19.9°C, although looking to the SW it does look like cloud might well take some of the sunshine out later, so that may not please the beachgoers, talking of which, its going to be a busy one this weekend, starting today...
  7. An interesting day, overcast mizzle and rain, flat lined temperature overnight, then all hell broke loose as the graph shows, wall to wall blue skies after 3pm...
  8. Well...how flat lined can a graph be, overnight it looked this way So an overnight low of 17.5°C at: 04:49 has climbed rapidly to the current temperature of 17.7°C ! Light rain in the area after some patchy rain overnight, with the humidity now 96 % and overcast skies, shown nicely on the beach cam this morning..
  9. Well a few drops and it was gone, not even enough to wet the ground, and it's already past us, so little hope of rain this side of the weekend, it looks..
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