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  1. Morning All, a cool start this morning with the current temperature and overnight low of 4.9 °C.
  2. Ok, so lets take this a piece at a time. You say automatically, so that suggests unattended operation? You also say the data has been recorded, and you say on a working day basis. So, are you looking for something that will capture the information you require, i.e. measure daily rainfall and daily max and min temps. What about wind and humidity? Do you have something in mind that is capturing information within a self contained unit that a human interrogates and then provides the data, OR are you looking for something that posts out to a website for anybody to peruse? Your suggestion is that you have PC's but can they be adapted to capture/load & store the data you are seeking, if so there are quite few options. What is your budget option, and how accurate must the data be? Apologies for the questions, but your initial post didn't give us a lot to go on, if you can be a little specific, I'm sure as a group we can suggest something. Best Regards Db
  3. Morning All, an overnight low of 5.5 °C starts of a sunny morning. Currently 10.6 °C with a light breeze in from the N.
  4. Morning All, a starry sky greets the early risers (a bit different to yesterdays' gloom). Currently 10.0 °C, RH 97%, and damp from overnight rain.
  5. Morning All, light rain to start the day with 0.2mm having fallen, and a temperature of 13.0 °C RH 99%
  6. A very interesting thread, thanks to all who have posted, I look forward to some more interesting reading as the weeks roll forward.
  7. Still misty down here on the coast, currently 16.3 °C with a light breeze in from the WSW.
  8. Fog has lifted over night, now is just misty in places, Currently 12.4 °C, with RH 99% Updated 07:36 The mist has come back down again...
  9. Smaller trees maybe. I'm sure Mapantz will be along soon as his Acers change.
  10. To everything - turn, turn, turn There is a season - turn, turn, turn And a time to every purpose under heaven A time to be born, a time to die A time to plant, a time to reap Tiz Acer & Ginko time to change...
  11. Morning All, as expected the rain arrived (possibly a little earlier) and it’s been raining since 3am. So far we are up to 20mm in 6hrs of rainfall, but the forward speed , I.e. moving NNE, is reasonably quick. Temperature 11.6 °C.
  12. Not convinced about the duration, as it looks to move through quite quickly, so I'm not convinced of a day full of rain maybe part of the day.
  13. Morning All an overnight low of 17.0 °C, made me think we were still in July not mid October. Certainly not got the windy conditions others have experienced or the rain as it seems to all be stuck to the west of us.