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  1. A very different day to yesterday, with bright sunshine . Overnight low of -3.6°C.
  2. Welcome back Gibby, missed your input.. Oh and it’s -1.7C here
  3. Dandruff attack this morning, with a DP of -0.1C and an air temperature of 1.1C will be little more than that at the current rate,and no shampoo required. Time to go out and brave the elements...
  4. Me too, no sorry what I mean is yup 1C here with a DP of -0.9C
  5. Haha, DP has hit 0C and the precipitation has disappeared... classic..
  6. Yeah, as sure as heck it's been atypical Southern UK winters day, lots of rain, plenty of breeze and time to watch the rest of the Uk enjoy white precipitation.. Yep that's SW&SE definition of December..
  7. Yay way to go, get 'em learning young I say..,sounds like you're making good progress, I wish my kids or Grand kids were interested..
  8. The temperature is collapsing here, outside trying to put up missy lights in the pouring rain, and can feel its becoming colder, now down to 5.3C from a high of 8.7C....
  9. Amazing, hmmm no hang on that's why, it's upside down..
  10. It's tipping it down here, my fair weather animals reached the door and came back in.... Believe it or not, I am seeing a temperature reversal beginning in the atmosphere above Poole..
  11. Was just viewing Pooleyc and noted the same speed out in the harbour. Still raining but considerably lighter than overnight. You could still hit your 51mph yet as the pressure is still falling..