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  1. Wow, you were lucky, as it passed over Poole is faded into just a few drops, with a spell of drizzle later, leaving us with 0.2mm, just enough to prove the front had passed.. Looks like some folks west of Salisbury are seeing something more substantial right now, with a narrow and short length intense area of rain passing through..
  2. Wow blitzing St Catherine's Point on the IOW who own up to only 1mm this month. So close yet so different to our reading on the mainland and the IOW does well in rainfall usually, mind you it on the South side, i.e. the less rainy side..
  3. A single cell just passed over us, first rain in a wee while..aha 0.5mm well that's better than a kick in the crutch I guess..
  4. Watching a lonely show, sorry ONLY shower in Dorset head into Hampshire. It looks so lonely....
  5. Is that an active cell just passed over Billingshurst or a radar glitch. If it's a cell it looks potent and extremely photogenic!
  6. Radar still looking hopeful for a sprinkle or two this evening. Might even dampen the first fireworks of the season..
  7. Just watched a shower cloud head up the English Channel and head directly for the IOW, damn lucky fellows..
  8. Cooler night than recent, however need some breeze to shift the air around. 14.1C OUTSIDE 24.7C INSIDE Ahh the same as it is in the office.. Damn give me air movement to shift this inside heat..
  9. Yup Bournemouth airport currently 30C.
  10. Overnight low 18.8C and 25.3Cindoors. I knew I should have slept in the doghouse last night it was so much cooler
  11. Me too, just hit the mark BIG 30, now the disappointment, no storms before the cool down, oh well maybe next time..
  12. The first lightning traces have appeared off the Brest peninsular, so things are on the move..
  13. Radar in the SW approaches starting to display some precipitation...
  14. I wouldn't worry the temp is already beginning to drop here.. Oops no make that Bmth Airport is now @31C