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  1. Very interested to hear that gray wolf, I didn’t realise China had cleaned up its act with regard to atmospheric air pollution or that there was less dimming over there. Have only lived in Oz 7 years but this is the driest and warmest I’ve seen it and every year we seem to break records, it really seems like the climate is drying in south eastern Australia.
  2. It’s astonishing the level and rate at which heat records are being smashed at the moment. genuinely scary and it just makes you wonder what the future holds and how quickly things seem to be developing. hot weather in Aus = not a surprise BUT these extreme days and widespread, extended nature of the heat and constant record breaking is unusual and alarming. loads and loads of records smashed this year and not just by a fraction of a degree here and there.
  3. Sure has been a warm autumn so far. April 2016 was as warm as March 2015 and around 3 degrees above average .
  4. 13 days over 20 degrees in a row in Melbourne. Beating the former record for May which was 10 days. Could be several more, too before we are done.
  5. Very interesting post. It would appear there are indications of a wet spring in Southern Australia, we shall see. At the moment more traditional late winters synoptics in place with cool/cold outbreaks , frequent fronts and rain over the last week. Pretty cool and wet in Melbourne today, we struggled to reach double figures for much of the day and it felt pretty cold in the strong winds. However there have been less than a handful of such days this winter and tomorrow it will be milder again. Towards the end of the month temperatures may start to rise (already are doing so inland Au
  6. After the all time July record of 23 degrees on Thursday, the cooldown has been major. Top of just over 9 degrees in Melbourne today, Saturday, with it hovering around 7 for the majority of daylight hours. Probably the coldest winters day in Melbourne for several years. A cold and wet day with sleet and snow falling above around 700 m. Another cold one tomorrow, with a slow warm up thereafter. Maybe today will have been the coldest day of the winter.
  7. Hot night yesterday in Melbourne - hottest December night for 9 years. It was still 30 degrees at 10 pm and only fell to around 24 degrees at dawn. Now back up to 34 at lunchtime! Thundery breakdown perhaps on the cards for fri-sat.
  8. Already 26 degrees here at 0830 today..... low of 22 last night. blustery hot northerly wind getting up - perhaps we could reach 38 today.
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