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  1. The wonderful Met Office has me down for three hours of heavy snow from 7pm until 10pm. Do they know something that I can’t see on the radar? We’ve had a few flakes blowing in the wind all day but nothing of any note
  2. Yep, snowing in Hartshill, N Warwks. Nice surprise. Will it amount to anything?
  3. After many years of watching these forums I’ve learnt one thing in particular. If the ‘experts’ say it will be marginal, it will fall as rain.
  4. Here in North Warwks I am now under the darker pink on the radar having been under the light pink for 30 minutes or so. Not had a flake! Couldn’t make it up!
  5. I’m in Warwickshire too and it was snowing very lightly yesterday evening but nothing now. I’m expecting sleet/rain tbh. I’m optimistic for later in the month though once this incoming mild ‘snap’ is over
  6. HNY everyone! Light snow falling here! Very light but deffo snowing
  7. Snowing hard (ish) in Hartshill nr Atherstone. Settling too!
  8. Absolutely epic drive from Leicester to my house in Hartshill near Nuneaton. Had to abandon the car a mile short of home. All roads are lethal. Even the A5 is totally covered. The hill up to Hartshill was too much for my rear wheel drive automatic. Still tipping it down.
  9. Ah, thanks for the reply guys. I'm desperately trying to act in a manner that reflects my 51 years on earth rather than an excited 6 year old at the moment!
  10. This may be unrelated to model-watching (and will therefore probably be deleted) but, if the severity of the potential snow is as predicted, surely the Met Office should be upgrading their alerts. In my area they are forecasting light snow on Friday and nothing on Saturday
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