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  1. Lightning-tutorial.pdf Hi I have attached a tutorial I did a couple of years back, the principle still stand firm. It has a section on gear as well. Hope it is of some help :-)
  2. Love to say it was some camera magic, but rain was the order of the night. Started just as the first firework went up and finished after the last sparkle had died. left some interesting patterns though.
  3. davelp

    Horsham Fireworks

    A few images from my fireworks out at Horsham Sports Club on the 27th. Rain set in and left some interesting effects
  4. davelp

    Arizona 2012

    Images from the Arizona chase in September
  5. http://www.dp-outdoors.com/storm-chase/23-12-2012-sunset-boulevard/ Yesterdays blog entry for anyone interested
  6. http://www.dp-outdoo...er-the-rainbow/ Today's Blog entry and some pics enjoy
  7. Blog time again for those who are suffering withdrawal. First entry here. http://www.dp-outdoors.com/storm-chase/here-we-go-again/
  8. Looking forward to it. Will be doing my best to keep the photo junkies happy
  9. Such is life, just another of those minute jobs that take forever. :-)
  10. I can only see the failed processing screen. May need to try again Tom
  11. Here are a few images from the BBQ. Brucie came out to play with Chicken George and Jimbo cut some shapes.
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