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  1. This is the strongest earthquake in the world since M8.2 off the coast of Fiji on August 19, 2018. At almost the same time as the 8+ mag going off in Alaska a 6.9 mag went off in the N. Atlantic - some 95miles from Plymouth UK. I thought it was pertinent to the whole scenario as to what is going on in this tug. The near Plymouth quake can only be found on Raspberry Shake EQ site, This massive quake south of Alaska and on the border of the N American Plate carries great meaning, as can be shown from the buoy activity in the Atlantic as well as the Pacific. The N American Plate was not affected internally, but almost all borders were loosened by this lurch. From the far western point above Japan, along the coast of British Columbia, to the N American Plate footing east of the Caribbean Plate, at the Seaway exit, and across the North Atlantic where it caused a lurch in the UK islands. The buoys were set to throbbing and bobbing.
  2. Makes a change the SE getting all the floods and wet. Still pretty dry here,just about dampened the dust after a pretty short but heavy shower with hail even. Been a very long dry spell here. Huge thundery showers to the north before that.
  3. These supermoons are certainly new and weird another new term.. Three Supermoons in a Row July 10, 2014 Page Not Found | Science Mission Directorate SCIENCE.NASA.GOV 'Supermoon' Science: Why Saturday's Full Moon is Biggest of 2012 | Space WWW.SPACE.COM
  4. The man in the moon.... Last year the moon was further north than I ve ever seen through a window that I ve never seen before it so the evidence is clear. And so far south this year its crazy. The man in the moon is on his side.
  5. Moon watching can give a lot of clues that the orbit of the Earth and Venus and our Moon are not normal in the last decade. This has been noted in the past, in 2005, when the Moon took on a distinct tilt in its orbit. At Full and New Moon, the Moon is usually found where expected, but in between it was too far north or too far south. Little old ladies who had lived in their home since girlhood would comment that "the Moon never shown in that window", and those savvy to the skies certainly noticed. The Moon's orbit should tilt no more the 5 degrees from the Earth's middle but was found, and photographed, at extremes. Another indication of this tilted orbit is the rotation of the face of the Man in the Moon. This too should only rotate 7 degrees or so when viewed from any given latitude, but was found to be rotating up to 90 degrees over hours as it drifted from a higher latitude to a lower latitude, or vice versa.
  6. Massive explosion from a mud volcano? In the Caspian sea. [and from another] Is this explosion somehow related to the African plate roll? [and from another] Video: Massive Explosion Seen in Caspian Sea, Linked to 'Volcano Eruption' July 4, 20021 https://sputniknews.com/asia/202107041083307419-video-massive-explosion-seen-in-caspian-sea-linked-to-volcano-eruption/ While the official cause of the explosion remains to be determined, Azerbaijan's Ecology Ministry said that the blast may have been caused by a volcanic eruption. A massive explosion was spotted in the Caspian Sea on Sunday, with some reports initially suggesting that it could have been connected with a nearby coastal oil platform. This, however, was later debunked by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), which released a statement saying that there had been no accidents registered on offshore platforms. [and from another] Romanian Black Sea Refinery Blast kills One, Injures Five July 2, 2021 https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/blast-occurs-romanias-petromidia-refinery-black-sea-2021-07-02/ A blast and fire at Romania's biggest crude oil refinery killed one person and injured five others. Rompetrol Rafinare (RORRC.BX), part of KMG International Group, said the explosion was inside the diesel hydrotreating unit Mexico’s Pemex offshore gas field erupted with a subaquatic fire on July 2. A day later on July 3 Romania had an unexplained refinery explosion. And this was followed yet another day later on July 4 with another subaquatic gas explosion in the Caspian Sea. All three explosions are either in a stretch zone or on a plate border on the move. Fire under the sea very strange. Exploding refineries are nothing new, but gas fields exploding and burning under the water are unusual.
  7. I ve never seen these,very badly placed here north is a huge hill and woods,but these are getting more common. I have a space books and last is 1997 and no mention of this phenomina anywhere.
  8. Another torrential thundery slid north again today turned into a thunderstorm much more lightning seen today from a distance good to very good,stonking stuff.
  9. Frequent thunder west earlier then died out with 1 bang. Then very quick developing shower south turned into an extreme band of torrential rain then it was quickly turned into a thunderstorm overhead dramatic stuff. 4 to 5.20pm thundery showers or thunderstorm.
  10. The Crop Circle design laid the day before at Mud Lane pointed the public to look for the Planet of the Crossing just outside the area assumed by the Sun and Moon.
  11. Is this double dutch speak...Sorry but I don t understand that sentence. Anyway this sinkhole is growing massively to what it was. Caused by earth stetch zones. Meanwhile, the sinkholes continues to grow, and has even developed waves generated from some activity deep within. Experts are stumped, but the one factor they are not considering is the stress from the North American bow.
  12. Food shortages I think are going to become a big problem,locusts swarms and now this along with crazy weather patterns.
  13. Now cannibal mice are swarming Australian farms and homes – Rodents threatening to invade Sydney for winter. The biggest plague of mice in decades continues to sweep across southeast Australian states in biblical proportions. And now that no more food is left, they start cannibalizing… Now cannibal mice are swarming Australian farms and homes in videos - Strange Sounds STRANGESOUNDS.ORG Now cannibal mice are swarming Australian farms and homes and threatening to invade Sydney for winter... Be prepared for the mouse apocalypse.
  14. Huge sinkhole appears in central Mexico WWW.SOTT.NET A giant sinkhole that was expanding by dozens of meters each day has alarmed residents in a rural area of central Mexico where it was threatening to swallow a house. When the Sanchez family heard a loud... A giant sinkhole that was expanding by dozens of meters each day has alarmed residents in a rural area of central Mexico where it was threatening to swallow a house. When the Sanchez family heard a loud crash on Saturday they first thought that it was a lightning strike. But they soon discovered that the ground had collapsed just meters from their home in a field in Santa Maria Zacatepec in the state of Puebla. The hole, which is full of water, was about 30 meters (nearly 100 feet) wide by Sunday. It rapidly grew to 60 meters on Monday and around 80 meters on Tuesday, the authorities said, coming perilously close to the house of the Sanchez family, who fear they will be left homeless.
  15. Its a strange topic I ve chosen but the pictures are great. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Headless_men Various species of mythical headless men were rumoured, in antiquity and later, to inhabit remote parts of the world. They are variously known as akephaloi or Blemmyes and described as lacking a head, with their facial features on their chest. These were at first described as inhabitants of ancient Libya or the Nile system. Later traditions confined their habitat to a particular island in the Brisone River, or shifted it to India. Was there a race of headless men, with eyes on their chests or shoulders and a mouth in the middle of their belly? Various legends exist, from Libya to Egypt to Greece and over to India.As with Bigfoot, who likewise seems to be lacking a neck, there are no bodies to examine. But photos of Bigfoot show his clavicle running up to the back of his head, and human/Bigfoot hybrids likewise have this characteristic. The human body is known to have a long neck or short, almost seemingly missing. Some humans have an extra vertebrae, known as being long-waisted. Mutations are a fact of life and occur continually in all species. What would be the appearance of a human if the neck vertebrae were to disappear entirely? It is not that the face is located in the chest, but that the face drops in front of the chest. This mutation was accompanied by genetics for a tall strong body so was passed on for a time, but eventually died out.
  16. Forget lord of the rings and Leon and all the star wars sequels. This is the ultimate space adventure,it is outstanding. I have t seen this for 40 years that is a smash record breaking second showing gap. Wow this is the biggest surprise movie in I m speechless. All star cast too,its got everything.
  17. 13.4c today may aswell stay low now we ve gone this far in the month,a few cold nights to come to compensate for the warmer days coming up,which I ll believe it when I see it.
  18. Explain this then. Theres been 2 big earthquakes in chine yesterday,different.
  19. The I-40 bridge has been shut down indefinitely. The bridge is closed because of a structural infrastructure crack in the bridge. The crack was found in the “bottom side of the bridge truss” or support beam. I-40 Span over Mississippi River Shut after Crack Found May 11, 2021 https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/40-span-mississippi-river-shut-crack-found-77632637 The Arkansas Department of Transportation tweeted that it found the crack during a routine inspection of the bridge over the Mississippi River into Memphis, Tennessee. River traffic was also shut down until further notice. https://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/40-span-mississippi-river-shut-crack-found-77632637 It is no coincidence that the I-40 was forced to close just 3 days after the Colonial Pipeline was forced to close,The metal and concrete in bridges and pipelines cannot tolerate this before snapping or leaking, thus the Colonial was closed where it crosses at Alabama. Not 3 days later the I-40 at Memphis and Arkansas was cracking.
  20. Been light rain all day,then got much weirder as heard a loud boom,then more distant thunder as what looked like a normal dreary wet day,turned pretty dramatic with huge cumulus,black clouds,showers and stronger north winds.12.9c.
  21. The trees are going to be very late coming out this year on par with 1996.
  22. Chilly thunderstorm very impressive 7.9c with massive hail bouncing off the fields.
  23. Even gave a chilly impressive thunderstorm today,very impressive hail only and a dusting. The lop sided jet and very persistant Greenland high.
  24. They don`t make them like this anymore either a blast from the past yes its the 3rd which went mainstream but it looked epic in the series. Cult movie. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0104409/?ref_=tt_urv
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