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  1. Don`t believe that for a second.
  2. Planes trails lots today polluting the sky and making it much cloudier high cloud to what it should be. Anyway 22.4c and the warmest april day since 2003.
  3. Bring on summer 2007 again crazy year.
  4. Classic old skool spring this year.
  5. Which Piece of Music Would You Want to Go Out to?

    Full throttle.
  6. Heavy rain earlier still got 1 decent size snowdrift left.
  7. Did you know.

    Did you know that.. Pro-EU Sainsbury’s Justifies Purging ‘Easter’ From ‘Chocolate Egg’ Range. The move follows a similar controversy at Christmas, when rival supermarket Tesco ran a Christmas advertising campaign branded ‘#EveryonesWelcome' which featured a gay couple with a child, men in Sikh dress pulling Christmas crackers, and even a family of pious hijab-wearing Muslims who practiced child veiling - but no visibly Christian characters or symbols. The country gets more demented each year. http://www.breitbart.com/london/2018/03/26/pro-eu-sainsburys-drop-easter-chocolate-egg-range/
  8. Did you know.

    It must be sunday.
  9. Late feb drifts somewhat protected from last weeks easterly drifts. Will definitely last until april now,with the next cold snap end of the month. A nice cool dry calm day today.
  10. Yes indeed,the older snow is much more dirty now,can certainly spot the difference.
  11. Double drifts left still the late feb one now showing up again. Snowcover 2 days again.
  12. Big thaw today,now ample snow drifts left once again a min of -1c max 7.5c with a much lighter wind now NWly,cloudy and sunny intervals.
  13. Not as cold as 2013 then,but as cold as 1996.
  14. A min of -3.1c with an extra covering of snow drifting continued all night. Today cloudy start odd flurry general drifting until about 10am that stopped beside one place from a long stretch of fields that stopped by about midday as the sun was pretty strong. About 80% cover now max 3.2c icy in the shade though,very windy from the NE this afternoon.