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  1. Cold zonality returns

    I`d rate this spell 3 out of 10. The north looks like 10 out of 10.
  2. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Showers now turned to snow again,light snow flurry here 1.9c
  3. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Our neighbour now has an unexpected pheasant hut blown across the field into his and its upsidedown looks like its damaged another one blown into a tree wrapping all over the place,these huts are not that small either. Stormy night,dead spruce tree uprooted and fell on the fence here,more damage.
  4. Severe gales last night 48mph gusting to 76 below. https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/observation/gcms1hjef Shawbury upto 59mph.
  5. Just about got an air frost last night at -0.2c Still got Friday. http://weather.unisys.com/gfs/gfs.php?inv=0&plot=850&region=eu&t=60h
  6. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Yesterday was cold with 2.9c max. Well mixed fortunes from this westerly got a slight covering and it had drifted overnight on a couple of fields I see. I didn`t witness any drifting today though even though there was a decent snow shower,it was just too damp or wet to blow on the ground this morning. Still got Friday yet.
  7. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    Ireland is hogging all the heaviest snow showers.
  8. Only this winter it is,it also use to be the infamous telford sleet.
  9. Cold zonality working well in Scotland,I`ve got a friend who lives in southern Scotland.plenty of snow where they live.
  10. Winter 1979/80

    I remember that song then much more that the whole winter combined which was about zilch.
  11. In Memoriam

    She will linger in the music memories forever,she`s slightly younger than me.
  12. Wind picking up now, all we need now is snow showers all night and drifting to see tomorrow morning and this will be a success,got a good dusting now,a good covering will do. Great spell for the north of the country westerlies a good few inches up there.
  13. Wales/Cymru Regional Weather Discussion

    90% hail showers today 10% snow,doesn`t feel like soft hail though. West wind is not the best.
  14. I`ll rate this cold zonal snap by tomorrow morning,nothing to see yet to make it anything worth watching yet.
  15. Cold zonality returns

    The northern half does much better in today`s setup,drifting snow and blizzards forecast by the bbc earlier.