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  1. This typically happens after an early start with February early warmth to blame. April turns out to be the most interesting month of them all with spectacular april showers of recent days and snow.
  2. Reached 22.4c here last april on the 19th. Some real hefty showers in now,did turn to rain this afternoon,but this shower turned to heavy hail and snow again,blue skies showing.
  3. Cold east winds on there way later next week as the april brings everything winter could not with a huge northern block.
  4. Theres may of been a pocket of slightly below 0c air as that chart,theres a good few hours in between. I`ve seen snowgrains from upper air above 0c with an easterly flow. Today upper air now -2c and still snowing and its april. We can certainly add this april to the list now.
  5. Some more overnight snow with a covering,then a dry slot min of 0.7c But heavy snow this morning up to 3 inches and everything including roads are white min of -1.0c now 1.7c East wind and even seen it drifting. Heaviest snowfall of the winter.
  6. Big hail showers yesterday and big hail at times too,soft hail aswell and snow mixed in and a dusting.
  7. Snow wasn`t heading very far east. Could turn out the heaviest snowfall of the winter yet again after record February warmth 100%
  8. Well well april is living up to its name of snow after a couple of warm spells February and late march. 2 inches of snow and 3.2c max only so far....snow showers all morning,longest lasting april snowcover since 2012,still got a covering. Its not over yet,got tonight.
  9. Quite a cool high this weeks,cool breeze NW still,ground frosts at night now we`re in the warmest part 12c
  10. Next big conspiracy.
  11. Easter is such a strange time of year,you don`t know the actual date changing from year to year doesn`t make any sense to me.
  12. Mossad spy ring 'unearthed because of Christchurch earthquake' 2011. The Israeli secret service Mossad has been accused of conducting an intelligence-gathering operation in New Zealand which was unearthed because of February's Christchurch earthquake. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/australiaandthepacific/newzealand/8649223/Mossad-spy-ring-unearthed-because-of-Christchurch-earthquake.html
  13. The 2000`s on the other hand was the most snowless decade not just in april which was extremely noticeably after the 90`s but all seasons in it did turn around in 2008 back to form though,and 2013 april was incredible for the snow lasting from that unprecidendent late march record snowfall and severe drifting and record drifts,makes the spring 1990`s look like winter 1988/89.
  14. late hail/sleet flakes of wet snow,still counts as small as it was.
  15. I rate these as 2 out of 3 the tunes of the year so far,sound very dancey on the radio. Earlier tune that really stood out was this year was this,didn`t even enter the chart. 90`s style trance second tune.
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