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  1. Snowyowl9

    Autumn 2018

    After last winter and spring I`ll believe anything will happen.
  2. Snowyowl9

    Autumn 2018

    This time last year it was (nothing to see here move along) until the middle of October when the highlight was the severe gales and yellow sky,red sun. First ground frost last year was October 30th at 0.5c
  3. Snowyowl9

    July to November 1993: cold

    1993 was the coldest November since 1985 but not much snow with just a slight covering at best. Bitterly cold though the second lowest November temps I`ve recorded that record was beaten in 2010 though with that exceptional cold end.
  4. First slight ground frost min of 3.6c coldest September night since 2007.
  5. Snowyowl9

    July to November 1993: cold

    July 11th was cold a min of 4c max of 11c.
  6. First ground frost 2012 September 22nd at 4.4c. So needs to get lower than that tonight challenge on,5.1c last night.
  7. Snowyowl9

    Least favourite weather events

    The 2010`s were much better overall than the 2000`s for summers,winters/springs especially that is for hugely disturbing destructive dramatic weather and much more snowfall and the kitchen sink.
  8. Snowyowl9

    Did you know.

    Did you know... Average Britons spends 26 days a year watching on-demand TV.. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/sep/23/average-briton-spends-26-days-a-year-watching-on-demand-tv-survey
  9. Snowyowl9

    Last Book You Read or Film You Watched?

    Well I havn`t even seen the first movie in this series let alone the fith,shows I don`t new many horror movies any more,or hardly any at all. http://www.sky.com/tv/channel/skycinema/gallery/coming-soon-to-sky-cinema-premiere
  10. Snowyowl9

    Least favourite weather events

    I didn`t know there was a name to that shocker of a storm,agreed that was just too much. Looking at the pretty relentless winter of 2013/14 have to agree as that was very disturbed and very wet too with plenty of flooding. December 2013... 2 days with snow falling. January 8 or 9 days snow falling,1 day with a flash of lightning,flooding end of the month. February severe gales more flooding.major wind storm on the 12th. Feb 13th was the best day of the whole winter for me well morning anyway with drifting snow from the west,and 2 inches of snow on the 11th.
  11. Snowyowl9

    Least favourite weather events

    Is that because you missed out on the snow or it was too cold,I`m thinking the first one,I don`t know what Ireland got that march.
  12. As theres not been a 10cet as I`ve had a quick glance,I`ll go for that every month since august has gone below what I went for so I`ll go a touch below average this time. There will be an indian summer snap.
  13. That would be bang on average for the 1971-00.