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  1. Exactly Its always biased for the SE.
  2. GFS is showing a blink and miss S-ly plume. Monday looks hotter.
  3. Wettest day since june 6th and that was half an inch at night,not that far off this time,that should now make the grass grow,thats all there wants.
  4. Tuesday looks cooler again blip,may even get some patchy rain as Friday/Friday night best chance for a week for showery rain,maybe enough to soak the dust this time,not just dampen it.
  5. Snowyowl9

    Did you know.

    Did you know.... The Magic Of Novichok - Deadly Agent Found In Perfume Bottle. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-44839805
  6. Much more comfortable today 14.1c after a sharp shower 17c max so far perfect.
  7. Probably end up 18.6c atlantic flow is looking a little more prolonged currently.
  8. Snowyowl9

    Drought - Summer - 2018?

    Drought has a hell of along way to reach this one..as we had a very wet spring. The period September 1975 - August 1976 was the driest 12 month period on record. A Minister for Drought was appointed this year. http://www.trevorharley.com/weather_web_pages/1976_weather.htm
  9. Cold front coming from the west Monday,havn`t seen thundery showers from the west in awhile.
  10. Snowyowl9

    Summer Of 1976. 30th Anniversary

    Not according to what I heard today by our resident neighbour,I`m talking about fields not lawns. I expect it was still lush and green then here.
  11. Snowyowl9

    Summer Of 1976. 30th Anniversary

    August was the best or depends on your view worst month of 1976 that's when everywhere turned brown.
  12. 1976 a noticeably chilly NWly,not much sign of that on current charts.
  13. 38.1mm so far here this summer,that torrential thunderstorm downpour was just west of here the other day typical.
  14. I can`t see nothing fantistic in the models at all stuck in a rut but this week a sort of relief,need much more rainfall than what we`re getting though or else we`re in trouble,never thought I`d say that.
  15. Snowyowl9

    2018 Tennis Thread

    That epic extreme long match the other night watched the end of that,hope the giant wins now from south Africa.